DocsPlus – a personalised approach to writing |

<p><strong>Victoria Crivelli, who has been a specialist Dyslexia teacher for over 30 years, explores the support our new secondary writing tool, DocsPlus, offers learners with dyslexia:</strong></p>
<p>Many Dyslexics use and rely on Assistive Technology to help overcome their barriers to writing, including planning, editing, spelling and creating quality written information.</p>
<p>Technology can level the playing field, create an independent environment and help reflect their true ability – rather than what they can recall and spell of their…

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Task with a hidden message | Anna Taylor

Earlier this week we were given a task that would really open our eyes to the way we think. We were split into 4 groups and the task was to design and present a resource we will make that we would give to a new student starting uni. We were also given an envelope containing […] Continue reading →

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Stereotypes that are associated with teaching | Georgia Fullarton

Being a teacher comes with a stigma. The majority of everyone’s childhood is spent confined between the four walls of a classroom; this paints an image in our heads of what a teacher should be like. Whether you have been out of education for over 40 years or have just finished Primary Four, people seem … Continue reading Stereotypes that are associated with teaching → Continue reading →

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Behaviour | dodiscimus

This is Part 3 of three quick posts for trainee teachers, about keeping the main thing the main thing, in the midst of all the complexity of learning to teach.

You’re going to get masses of, occasionally conflicting, advice on each of these themes, so I’m not going to say much – just a few observations from seeing a lot of trainee teachers at work.

This one is about Behaviour (TS3).

If you’re typical of someone starting a career in teaching, behaviour is your biggest concern. I’m not sure whether it’s unnerving or reassuring to know that you may well be overestimating your subject…

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Bury Council motion supporting local schools and meaningful academy consultation | AAA office

Motion passed on 12th September 2018

This Council Notes:-
Bury schools have demonstrated a good track record of delivering education within the local authority and have not chosen or moved to the Academy model or alternative forms of governance at the rate of other Local Authority areas.
An increasingly high volume of schools in Bury previously judged by Ofsted as good or outstanding several years go under a different inspection framework are now being downgraded in their new inspection. There are a high proportion of such ‘legacy’ schools, and a number at significant risk of being judged…

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Into the twilight zone -when school statistics cease to make sense. Go figure! | jameswilding

I am an avid listener of the Radio 4 statistics programme, More or Less, in which its presenter Tim Harford challenges broad sweeping statements made on the media that might not actually be true. Last week (14 Sept) was entitled “Male suicide, School ratings, Are female tennis players treated unfairly by umpires?” You can find the broadcast here, and the section I ask you particularly listen to is from 6m50s, when Tim turns his attention to the claim of the chairman of the Conservative party, Brandon Lewis this August that “Since 2010 the number of…

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