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Just now one of the great maths based pages I follow shared this:

So naturally I figured I would have a go. I thoughts just get stuck in with the algebra and see what happens, normally a good approach to these things.

My first thought was that if I use 2n – 3, 2n -1, 2n + 1 and 2n +3 then tgere would be less to simplify later. I know that (2n + 1)(2n – 1) = 4n^2 – 1 and (2n – 3)(2n + 3) = 4n^2 – 9 so I multiples these together.

(4n^2 – 1)(4n^2 -9) = 16n^4 – 40n^2 + 9

I thought the best next move would be to complete the square:

(4n^2 – 5)^2 – 16

This shows me that the product of…

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“Showing Too Much Thigh”: Sexual Harassment in Schools | Kate Bowen-Viner

My 14 year-old niece’s school recently instructed her and her classmates to ensure the lengths of their skirts were in line with uniform regulations. This was premised on the need to avoid “compromising male staff and students” by “showing too much thigh” while “walking upstairs or even just sitting down”. A similarly worded email was …

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TimePlan at Royal Ascot | James MccMorrow

  Hi Everyone, Thanks for coming with us to Ascot on Saturday. We hope you enjoyed yourself and made some new TimePlan friends. I am sorry if I didn’t get to speak with you on the day. Once we got into the course it was difficult locating the Timeplan groups amongst the crowd. However from […]

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Another letter to Jeremy …. | dannymurphyvso

Dear Jeremy

Subsequent to my previous letters to you on the subject, I am writing to say I have been pleasantly surprised by how much things have moved on.

Although, as I thought might happen, we did not manage to win against one of the weakest and most inept Tory governments in recent years under Mrs May’s excruciating leadership, we had a strong manifesto and your passion and ideals undoubtedly played a role in increasing the vote, particularly among the young – Glastonbury has given an additional edge to that!!   However for all the feelgood of increasing the vote beyond…

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Creating the conditions for CPD to flourish | joannemilesconsulting

In schools and colleges there are many real and complex challenges in offering CPD opportunities that both motivate staff to get involved and meet their varied needs and preferences. In my freelance consultancy and training role, here are some of the attitudes I have heard which highlight the challenges involved:

CPD is not for me; it’s generic and part of a management tick box exercise to cover the hot topics of the moment!

I meet many teachers who feel disengaged from the current CPD offer in their workplace and cynical about the compliance with sector agendas that they feel are more…

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Running and volunteering… #juneathon #run1000miles #parkrun #samaritans | Phil Lengthorn



The day started at Rutland Water Parkrun for my first ever bit of Parkrun volunteering. I’ve been meaning to do my bit for a while and today I finally managed it, I was a marshall with a camera at the 1km and 4km point. 

It was a great morning – I really enjoyed it – parkrun has such a great community feel – it was good to be involved as a non-runner. 


Juneathon Day 24.

Not doing parkrun this morning meant that the run would have to fit in a bit later in the day. So after watching the F1 qualifying and putting in a bit of time up the allotment it…

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Teaching music through rhymes | Collins Primary

Thank you to Get Set! Piano author Karen Marshall for the below guest post.

Teaching music through rhymes

One of the most successful ways to teach rhythm is through rhyme and if the rhyme has silly words – even better. How often is a tricky rhythm corrected once words are added? Here is one of the most successful rhymes I have used with children, with ideas on how to use it. It was first introduced to me on a Kodály course – do check them out on the British Kodály Academy website.

Teddy Bear – foundation up to the end of key stage 1

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around

Teddy Bear…

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