Results trends 2018: A Levels |

A quick summary of this year’s A Level results trends.

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Children, care and boarding schools | Peter Inson

In two items earlier this year The Times reported concerns that some children are too readily taken into care and reminded readers about the benefits of boarding school for vulnerable children. I have known three men who benefitted from time … Continue reading →

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More Popular Than Gmail, Facebook and Instagram: The Education App That Hit #1 on the iOS Chart | Tony Wan

Gmail. Instagram. YouTube. Chances are you’ve opened up one of those apps today on your phone (and perhaps spent more time on them than you might like to admit).
But earlier this week, one educational app reigned over all in the endless galaxy of apps. According to both Apple and App Annie, a website that tracks the popularity of mobile apps by number of new downloads, Remind, a school communications platform, took the #1 spot on the chart of free iOS apps.
It’s a rare feat for an educational tool to best the social and entertainment apps that absorb so much of our attention. “Every time you…

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HN Review meeting | Bobby

Regular readers will know that we’ve commenced the review of several Higher National qualifications and that we were looking for people to “scope” the required changes. We got several volunteers and selected four people (all practising lecturers) to lead on each qualification. The “scoping team” met for the first time yesterday in Glasgow.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the process for scoping qualifications and to agree tasks and timescales. It was a good meeting. The first stage in scoping is for each person to carry out qualitative research into the required changes. That…

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Education in the Media: Friday 17 August 2018 | Media Officer


Today’s Education in the media blog looks at coverage of yesterday’s A Level results day, and the number of students going on to study at university.

A Level Results

Yesterday, Thursday 16 August, this year’s A Level results were revealed. The results were covered widely by media, with a number of aspects getting picked up.

The most common angle focused on Modern Foreign Language subjects, in particular A Level Chinese Mandarin overtaking German in popularity. This was covered by the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Times, the Sun, the Mail and the i.


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The Death of the Academic Author: why we should focus less on the writer | PsychBrief

A recent article exploring the relationship between exercise and mental health (Chekroud et al., 2018) has stirred a lot debate. It was an interesting study and gained a lot of traction, with over 2500 retweets of the original summary thread by Adam Chekroud and multiple articles by various news outlets e.g. the BBC, Time. There was some level-headed criticism that I believe furthered the discussion and our understanding of the topic. But I also feel there was some unhelpful points raised which did not. These points also reveal a broader problem in the way we view the academic author and…

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