Improve Your Students’ Listening and Speaking Skills with SmallTalk | Nik Peachey

SmallTalk has to be one of the easiest ways of creating and sharing audio and voice communications with your students.

It’s a simple plugin for the Chrome browser that allows you to record directly into your Gmail messages. Simply open a new message and click on the icon in the bottom right. Click the tick when you have finished speaking and then just send the message off to your students.
Students who receive the message don’t have to be Gmail users. They receive your email message with a link to the audio file that they can play directly from the message or they can download and play the…

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Advent Activities (11th December) | LaughterAndLearning

Happy Monday! As I mentioned – yesterday I put up my Christmas tree! It’s a special one because this is the last Christmas that the husband and I will be spending as a couple (before baby comes along!), so in celebration, he actually relented and allowed me to get a real tree!     Moving … Continue reading Advent Activities (11th December)

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Some children need different settings to succeed in | Ross Mountney


It can be very hard for some youngsters to settle into the hubbub of a school. And to stand it long term. For some, the stressful climate, noise, constant interaction and sensory bombardment is not the best place for them to learn and achieve.

This is especially true of young people on the autistic spectrum like those with Asperger’s Syndrome for example.

Chris Packham, a television presenter we mostly associate with the programme ‘Springwatch’ has recently made a very revealing documentary about living with Asperger’s Syndrome and how he manages.

In it he discusses how difficult…

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‘In the Bleak Midwinter’: surviving the last days to Christmas at school. | Healthy Toolkit

The longest term; it always was, is and forever will be thus.

Workload, deadlines, tracking; all juggled with Nativities, Carol Services, Christmas lunches, parties. Add to the mix the traditional festive coughs and sniffles and, if you are really unlucky as one of us can attest to at Healthy Toolkit HQ, a spectacular outbreak of norovirus during a Christmas performance.

We have carried out a Twitter poll but could probably have written the results before publishing this piece. Over three quarters of respondents are drained or dead on their feet already, and some have a full two weeks to…

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explain your terms – writing a journal article | pat thomson

That picky reviewer. They’ve questioned your words. Asked you to clarify. Suggested that you have things wrong. What’s that about?

Reviewers often take issue with the ways in which writers use particular terminology. They may politely suggest that some clarification would be helpful. The much less generous reviewer assumes that the writer does not know their field and/or isn’t sufficiently critical and reflexive – they demand more extensive changes.

You just have to grin and do what’s asked. But, particularly in a journal article, there often isn’t much room to go into all of the caveats,…

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