Marching for Europe | n-gauge

Along with somewhere between 80 and 100,000 other people of all ages, shapes, sizes, creeds, colours and origins, I spent the day in London yesterday, marching from Hyde Park Corner to Parliament Square. I felt a powerful urge to exercise my democratic right to call into question the course of action set in motion since last September’s Referendum (a ballot called by a since-discredited Prime Minister to placate right-wingers in his own party, which had instead seen the country duped into “cutting off its legs because its thumb hurts”, to quote a placard seen on the route).

The March itself…

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Doublespeak | nancy

It’s been a long time since I read Orwell’s 1984.  My friend Allie, who used to have room 101 at college, had a quote from it photocopied and stuck to her door (I had a Jacky Fleming one and a the obligatory sheet of paper for my friends to leave the obligatory ‘I came to see you and you were out’ message on) and, at the time, I smiled, but I didn’t really know what she was talking about.  I had had Animal Farm read to me as a class story when I was in Year 6, but that was about as far as my knowledge of Orwell went at the time.  I was more of a Jane Austen kind of girl.

I did read it…

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Subtle leadership and blowing the heads off dandelions… | Tony Parkin

Sharing best practice. Sharing next practice. Glib phrases that roll off the tongue. But sometimes at CPD events it is difficult to share some of the nuances of subtler leadership strategies that you get to observe, and see disseminated. So here goes a retrospective attempt to describe blowing the heads off dandelions…

I once worked on a national DfE-funded project (though when DfE was called something else, a while back) which involved regularly visiting a small number of struggling secondary schools. They had been identified as being in some difficulties, and it was thought they would…

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NQT101 ft. Twinkl Resources | EVH

Hi everybody!

Just a quick one from me today with more to follow hopefully by the end of the week! Phew, nearly half term! I thought this one would never end! It’s a strange one though for me, as it’s my first year as a KS4 teacher solely responsible for a class so I’m feeling a bit nervy about not seeing my year 10s for all that time. I’ve been worried about creating revision material for them which isn’t too time consuming for me, but detailed enough to help them at home. Well… My prayers have been answered!

Last week was really exciting for me as I was asked by the wonderful team at…

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