Love Island: Is The Island All About Love? | Hollie Anderton

Just how innocent is the television show that is taking the U.K. by storm? We all love a TV show

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Educational Fads: The Silver Bullet Of Textbooks | John Dabell

Are you a fan of using textbooks? Schools minsiter Nick Gibb loves textbooks. In fact, he is so obsessed with textbooks

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7 ways to help the bottom third | James Murphy

It’s the time of year when we farewell Year 11 students, with a mixture of relief, anticipation, and sometimes a tinge of regret. For some, the promise of what they will do with their lives is so beautiful it almost intoxicating. For others, not so much: those students who strove, who struggled, who despaired, and sometimes gave up; the ones whom we instinctively feel should have done better, but we know are likely to end up with grades at 3 or even below. And it‘s at this time that we most wonder – could we have done something different?

There are many potential reasons why students…

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What makes GAIN…? (GAIN XI 2018) | NickHillCoaching

Having just landed back home after another amazing professional development week during GAIN XI at Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA, I’d thought I would share with you, through photos, snippets of what goes on during a typical week at GAIN and what makes GAIN…

GAIN 2018 went beyond expectations! AGAIN. Having been to previous GAINs (GAIN VIII, GAIN IX and GAIN X) you know what to expect waiting in anticipation for what is yet to come… Each time though when you are waiting at the airport terminal for your flight back home at the end of the week you sit back and reflect on what has…

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Talking Heads #36: Helena Brothwell | The Hopeful Headteacher

Leadership Biography

Name: Helena Brothwell

Phase: Secondary

Sector: Public

Region: East Mids

Years Served in Education: 13 years

Years Served as a Headteacher: almost 2 years

Leadership Journey:

Deputy head for 5 years, then moved trusts for a role in their education directorate, then put into a takeover school as Principal.

Twitter Handle: @educurious2015
 Leadership Reflections

Why did your role/ school appeal to you?

I visited Queen Elizabeth’s Academy as part of the due diligence when it was re-brokered to our trust, and I fell in love with it then and there.  The…

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Criticising learning styles is not sexist | Greg Ashman

The current scientific consensus on the idea of learning styles is clear: People often express a preference for learning in a particular way, they may even have distinct ways of thinking, but the notion of differentiating teaching to match students’ learning styles is one that lacks supporting evidence. We can have a semantic argument about … Continue reading Criticising learning styles is not sexist →

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Ending the Reading Wars: Reading Acquisition From Novice to Expert; A note on the first part of the paper. | John Bald

This important paper, from Professors Anne Castle (Macquarie), Kathleen Rastle (Royal Holloway) and Kate Nation (Oxford) seeks to end the verbal war that has raged over the teaching of reading in English for  over two centuries. It covers all stages of learning to read, from the beginning to the attainment  of adult fluency, and it would not be possible to discuss the whole of it without writing something of comparable length and depth. This note will concentrate on the early stages of reading, and what immediately follows, and I recommend careful study of the remainder.

I stumbled into the…

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