An open letter to Nick Gibb MP, Schools Standard Minister | Olivia Palmer

Dear Nick Gibb MP

Your recent claims in the Daily Telegraph about the success of the Year 1 phonics check reveal a startling lack of understanding of effective early literacy teaching. Phonics has always been part of the repertoire of teachers, who understand the value of linking sounds to letters, but they realise that this is not enough. English is a complex language, and many of our most common words are not spelt regularly: phonics does not help with “was” or “once”, nor with “soup”, “out”, “could” and “soul”, nor does it distinguish between the present and past tenses of “read”. As…

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Love Where You Live Campaign | Amy Louise

On Saturday the 6th October we took to the streets of Birmingham with a group of volunteers to take part in a Love Where You Live clean up event, organised by McDonald’s. 
Leading up to the event, we asked you to vote for an area of Birmingham that was in need of a clean-up. Votes came in over the course of a week and Temple Row was voted as the location of focus. 

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On solutions, not problems | Sarah

I am not much of a fan of TED talks. Too often they’re full of cliches and parading for an audience, however well-meaning they are, and a general waste of time. There’s one that I watched a few years ago, however, that’s really stuck with me. Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s talk, ‘How to fix a broken school? Lead fearlessly, love hard’ has a pretty naff title, but don’t let that put you off watching it.

There’s one phrase in particular that stands out to me: so what, now what? 

The education landscape today is filled with data. We are drowning in statistics and information about our students and…

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Apprenticeship 2019 – KPMG360 | Mick Burns

At KPMG you’ll join a talented team of inspiring colleagues who bring new ideas and a natural curiosity to the work they do each day. Right from the start, you’ll experience working with a variety of interesting projects and client organisations, whilst receiving the support you need to thrive. Our KPMG360° Apprenticeship programmes offer a practical way to build an exciting career, earn a salary, gain valuable work experience and be supported to achieve a professional qualification – providing the opportunity to not only build skills and confidence, but an exceptional future too.


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Make Your Own Costume Party | rightfromthestart

With a birthday just before Hallowe’en, a make your own costume party was the perfect choice for my daughter’s 10th birthday.  The idea was that the kids would make a costume and take it home to use for Hallowe’en.

Materials to Collect

We collected materials from thrift stores, dollar stores and our local buy nothing group to inspire their imagination. Shopping was part of the fun. We chose items costing under $10, that could be customised to make a costume of their own design.

drapes and sheets $3.99 each from Goodwill were perfect for creating dresses and cloaks A…

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Filling learning gaps… | timjumpclarke

As a school we have discussed how we support learners who don’t make ARE at the end of a school year. How do we help them to undertake further practice / learning to get a more secure understanding of some of the key objectives from the previous year, whilst also learning the new year’s curriculum with their peers?
As a school we use our own Assessment Journeys to assess learning within each year group.
This year we are trialling new KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Trackers for those individuals who did not master the previous year’s curriculum. These have been created our SENDCO…

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