Teaching Assistants – are you losing your jobs due to funding cuts? Be like Bob (or Wendy!) | Emily Marbaix

Wendy helps Bob get a job
This is Bob

Bob is a Teaching Assistant who has just been told by the school he works for that they can no longer afford to keep him on due to funding cuts. Bob is sad )o:

Bob has bills to pay and needs to find another job ASAP.

Bob gets a phone call from a friend called Wendy. Wendy has recently registered with Axcis and has been offered lots of work in schools near her. She tells Bob that he should register with Axcis, too. When he gets work, she will even get a referral bonus of shopping vouchers which she can buy lots of lovely things with! She might…

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Thermoplastic Playground Markings at a Primary School in London | first4playgrounds

Playground Markings in London

first4playgrounds have just completed an installation at a Primary School in London. This was a wide range of bright and colourful markings. The work done really excited the teachers and students. They were keen for more markings to be on the playground.

Mirror Me in London

Mirror Me in London

Firstly, the team installed this Mirror Me. The Mirror Me game is played by two children. Each child stands on a pair of feet and copy’s the others colour co-ordinated footsteps.

The Mirror Me is a very Popular addition to many school Playgrounds and it is loved…

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Childcare Expo Manchester 2017 | SarahNeville

Are you going to the Childcare Expo at Event City in Manchester this year? The dates are Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June.

We try to go every year – we used to travel down to Coventry and we were delighted when it was announced that the Expo was returning to Manchester!

We go to meet colleagues and catch up with the latest gossip and we go to find the most up-to-date information and advice from early years suppliers. We always get lots of inspiration from talking to the stallholders and looking through the displays – it is easy to feel isolated in our job as childminders and Expo gives…

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3 months abroad and how the UK changed my mind | Francis

One year ago, the idea of going abroad to a Research Internship was just a wish. Now, I have had an experience working with Pam Woolner, at CfLaT in Newcastle University, that helped me grow as a person and researcher.

My first school visit while in Newcastle was to Churchill Community College, accompanied by Alan Strachan and later helped by Wayne Daley, who were keen to make sure I got all the information I needed for my study. The school was built in the 1960s and renovated about 12 years ago, and visiting it opened my eyes to what the British curriculum has to offer with all the…

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Primary Maths Resources | Gary Hall

These Primary Maths Resources, which are based on the current UK National Curriculum Year Group objectves, are fully searchable and sorted into different categories, including number and place value, the four operations, fractions, measurements, properties of shapes, position and direction, statistics, ratio and proportion, and algebra. It is a useful companion to my other APP maths objective planning tool.

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