5 Gold Rings in Class | Primary Ideas

Have you been watching ITV’s new quiz show, ‘5 Gold Rings’? It’s great, we really like it. Watched the first episode, shouted at the TV, discussed (little left, bit down, bit more up…) and decided we’d watch again. Then, second episode, we discovered the app – we could play too while watching the contestants! Then, of course (like we do), we thought of a way to get it into class…
The uses are endless. Here’s how it works: there’s a picture of something with part missing or covered up. The person playing the game has a ring and needs to predict where something is. For example, finding the…

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Things I learnt in Torun today | Sandy Millin

Today I had the pleasure of attending the annual International House Torun Teacher Training Day, which consisted of pizza, twenty small workshops divided into four slots of five sessions each, a break with more pizza and some yummy Torun gingerbread, a walk to a local hotel, a plenary with Adrian Underhill, and a Q&A session with various experts, of which I am now apparently one 😉

Here are some of the things I learnt:
Growth mindset should be influencing the feedback I give students and trainees, by focussing on effort and process/strategy, rather than natural talent and results….

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The trouble with sheep and goats- behaviour, curriculum and assessment | J Gray

With a new behaviour report launched on Friday, the focus of the education media is on recommendations for change.  All 76 pages of the report deserve attention as it is very well-written and gives a good account of the evidence-base.  

When reflecting on trends in behaviour it is important to consider the wider context of education. Current moves to a cheaper system of education are in danger of separating children at a young age and damning a significant proportion of each cohort to an early life of failing and being punished.

With a narrowing curriculum, driven by budget cuts and high…

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Get set for Lent 2017 – never give up on Maths! Topical Maths [8] |

Use these Lent-based maths activities to bring purpose and context to Key Stage 2 Maths investigations at primary; number 8 in a series of blogs linking classroom KS2 Maths lessons and resources to topical, calendar-based events.

It has been a long ride, but finally our topical, calendar-based Maths activities are coming to an end with Lent (don’t worry, though as a Summer-term Topical Maths series is next up!). Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends approximately six weeks later, before Easter Sunday. This year that’s 1st March – 13th April.

Lent is the period of 40 days which comes…

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As #education #budget #cuts hit #Bedford, your child needs you to stand up to defend your #local #school. | bedfordburrow

The current slogan is a “Country that works for everyone”, or something similar. It’s bullshit. The government is in the process of cutting school funding so drastically that there can only be one outcome. And it is your local school that will be hit.

It’s not going to happen to someone else. It’s going to happen to your child’s school, here in Bedford… In fact it’s already started.

Heads in Bedford have, or are the process of, preparing budgets and looking ahead to 2020. And what they are seeing are massive deficits. Those deficits have to be faced, and dealt with. And many schools will…

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