Grammar 101: Untangling Clauses & Phrases | Jason

“Anarchy is as detestable in grammar as it is in society.” Maurice Druon   If there’s one aspect of key stage 2 grammar I see being taught incorrectly more often than anything else, it’s the difference between phrases and clauses. There seems to be a lot of confusion and…

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Learning, Assessment and Boundary-Crossing in Teacher Education (LAB-Ted): New research project | Viv Ellis

I recently tweeted about the successful outcome to a research funding application that will bring together a group of researchers to carry out an intervention study in the teacher education setting in Norway (a study we’re calling ‘LAB-Ted’). Here is some more information about the study, its background and the funding.


Reforms of teacher education in Norway from 2010 have emphasized the development of methodological competence for student teachers when working on research and development (R&D) assignments designed to improve their own practice. Subsequently, from autumn…

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Blah Blah Brexit – Five ways to push change | paulwalsh

  Blah Blah Brexit  … same same different day … it’s all a bit much. In the world of ELT nothing seems to change much either. Pedagogy’s still stuck going round a commercial roundabout. Learner styles are still in people’s minds, and in syllabuses, the pedagogical equivalent of the medicinal leech. Coursebooks are still mostly pap. […]

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The Power of Conscious Leadership | tracy seed

Leadership and Power

What images or thoughts come to mind when you hear the term leadership? Firstly, I imagine that you are thinking about people in positions of power. Notably, ‘leaders’ of political parties, countries, organisations or big projects.

Throughout this blog though, I invite you to consider leadership in a wider context, keeping in mind how you lead in your personal life, family, friendship groups and communities.

Leadership is for all.

Do you believe that anyone can become a leader? Or maybe you think leadership is only for those who are born with a certain…

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Test scores and poverty 2: parents’ education | reclaimschools

The mountains of data which overwhelm schools are next to useless, because the categories they use don’t measure up to reality. A major reason is that the categories ‘Free School Meals’ and ‘disadvantaged’ don’t reflect the serious burden of poverty that many children face. They don’t show either the length or the severity of that poverty. There’s no such thing as a standard FSM child. (see our previous post)

On top of that, many children don’t match the criteria for claiming free school meals but are still experiencing serious hardship. There is no such thing as a standard’ non-FSM child….

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