CHICK LIT        Well, it’s that time of the year again when it behoves me, Boadicea, wisest… | Brian Moses


Well, it’s that time of the year again when it behoves me, Boadicea, wisest and eldest of hens, to report on what’s been happening in the hen house over the past 12 months. I am, of course, heading towards a mention in the Guinness Book of Chickens for my great longevity and indeed, never let it be forgot that I, Boadicea, took the great trek down the A1 when I was nowt but a chick. Tough Yorkshire stock I come from, not like these Sussex namby-pambys that I’m forced to live with!
      The year started badly with another February flood. Fortunately we didn’t have to suffer…

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Fallen Star When the conversation falters and no one know what to say next, that’s when I reach… | Brian Moses

Fallen Star

When the conversation faltersand no one know what to say next,that’s when I reach into my pocketand bring out my fallen star.
Then everybody oohs and aahslike they do at firework displays.
“Where did you get it?”they ask.“How did you get it?”they question.
But like a journalistwho never reveals his sources,I keep the location to myself.I don’t want everyone finding fallen stars,I don’t want everyone stealing my secret.
It’s the envy of everyone,and for me, the answer to everything.
It’s the hope pulled from hopelessness,the light beyond darkness,the joy after sadness.
My fallen…

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Escape school: Top 7 holiday locations for tech lovers | Interactive Schools Blog

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

It’s here! The summer holidays are finally here! Time to wind down and leave the hectic school day behind.
To help you on your way, we’ve picked out some awesome locations found across the world. But they all have a twist; they all involve technology in some innovative and fascinating way. So, to recharge your cells, here are our 7 top places to visit for tech lovers.Bionic Bar | Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
Instead of taking a flight, how about going by boat? Travel with Royal Caribbean and you’re…

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