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Gender segregation at faith schools: Lady Justice Gloster’s dissenting opinion | Faith Schoolers Anonymous

“Segregation or no segregation, why on earth should we accept the right of a school in the UK, state-funded no less, to espouse this kind of ethos to begin with?” Last week the court of appeal ruled that a Muslim state school in Birmingham has been acting unlawfully by segregating boys and girls in all areas of school life. The decision came after Ofsted condemned such segregation as unlawful discrimination, and overturns a previous decision by the High Court which found in favour of the school. The court’s ruling is an interesting and complicated one, primarily because it establishes that…

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More so than in combat the first casualty in education is the plan. | paul martin

More so than in combat the first casualty in education is the plan. There may be a strategy but seldom is it consistently appreciated (?) in public sector enterprise. Here in Scotland the problem is not just upper political interference but getting it from all angles, particularly since it is impossible to:shut out interference (that door is only closed for so long)ignore bean countersmuddle thru without failure/fatigue/…
As we say in these parts …. Best of British

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Webinar series: How will Ofsted inspect apprenticeship standards delivery and how do I prepare? (starting 10 Nov) | Louise Doyle

If you are currently preparing to deliver apprenticeship standards, chances are you are making significant changes to your systems, processes, curriculum and employer relationships. But what if Ofsted come to call? How will they inspect the delivery of apprenticeship standards, and how can you prepare?

This two-part webinar series will give you an insight into the inspection of apprenticeship standards delivery, provide early examples of good practice, and help you to prepare and build this into your delivery plans and quality arrangements.

The series will be led by Carolyn Brownsea – an…

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Ministers plan fines for universities which fail to uphold free speech | admin

New Office for Students set to receive powers to crack down on ‘safe spaces’ and bans on controversial speakers

Universities will be told that they must uphold free speech and clamp down on student unions that “no platform” controversial speakers, the government is to announce.

Jo Johnson, the universities minister, set out plans to challenge the culture of so-called safe spaces in universities, which could allow the newly created Office for Students (OfS) to fine, suspend or register universities that fail to protect freedom of speech on campuses.

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