The Pukur and thoughts on the Rohingya situation | D K Powell

As a few of you know, last month I began a new book project using the Patreon site. I’m publishing the first (official) drafts of my novel set in Bangladesh – ‘The Pukur’ – one chapter per month to subscribers … Continue reading →

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Who’s minding the train? | tristramshepard

One of the oldest riddles All Change Please! can remember from its dim and distant childhood was: ‘What’s the difference between a train driver and a teacher?’ The answer of course is that one minds the train and the other trains the mind.

The idea of a teacher ‘training the mind’ always quite appealed to All Change Please! in that it suggested something more than just the endless diet of recall and repeat in the essays that blighted its childhood. But of course the word ‘training’ also carries with it a negative connotation of the acquisition of just a single specific skill that can be…

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Review Soundpeats D3 headphone | Lingotastic

We have a review of Soundpeats D3 from our official tech reviewer Josh.

The packaging for the Soundpeats D3 has a stylish yet quite minimal design on the packaging. The packaging itself is nothing special but is good quality for the price. Inside the box is another smaller box containing the D3 and the accessories that come with it. I found the micro USB cable which comes pre-packaged in the box with the D3 to be too short and found it awkward to plug in as it is so short. Also in the box with the D3 was two other ear tips for the D3 which are for people who need slightly larger ear tips or…

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The Personal Side of Evidence-Based Practice | Marc

My classroom after laying Post-Its to track where I went and who I monitored.
“Evidence based”. It’s so trendy, it’s science-tastic, you the forensic teacher in CSI (Classroom Sciencey Instruction). How many research papers we have found Open Access, through Sci Hub or requests hashtagging #ICanHazPDF!

It’s not all about reading research. Sometimes it’s more about doing very small-scale research to see what happens. Sometimes using recording media, sometimes just paper and pens.


A lot has been written about Action Research by much better brains than me. Anyway, this is a guide to what…

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Teaching brilliance through benchmarks | classteaching

This week’s teaching forum shines a light on how the art and design department at Durrington have used the brilliance of past GCSE students to inform the teaching and learning of their current cohorts.  In simple terms it is about taking the very best examples, displaying them beautifully and then using them to direct students towards similarly excellent work.

Director of art and design Gail Christie started out with a vision to create a mini-art college feel within the department.  This included exhibition style displays of the very best student work, regularly changed and organised in…

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From A level Photography student to Freelance filmmaker |

Parky from Maria Hanlon on Vimeo.This is a guest blog post by filmmaker Maria Hanlon.  Maria recently produced ‘Parky” a short documentary following the life of a Brighton-based street artist. Below she reflects on her journey from A level to present day, and how photography has given her the confidence to seek out new stories.
I chose to study photography as one of my A-levels and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The course was so diverse and you had so much freedom. I remember making a project about dogs and their owners called ‘Dog Waste Only’, and then I made a video about the…

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