* NEW * محمد علي كلاي | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

يحتوي هذا البوربوينت على معلومات هامة حول بطل الملاكمة العظيم محمد علي كلاي، منشأه، حياته، مهنته، سنواته الأخيرة

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* NEW * Comprensión lectora: Refugiado – Relatos para hacer inferencias | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

Esta comprensión lectora contiene un relato dividido en dos partes. Se trata de la historia de un niño cuyo pueblo es atacado y debe abandonar su lugar de origen. Los textos contienen vocabulario y recursos narrativos. La mayoría de las preguntas son abiertas y están orientadas a que los niños aprendan a inferir sus respuestas.

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* NEW * Under the Lights Inferring Character Feelings PowerPoint | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

Use this helpful PowerPoint to talk your children through building a response to an inference question. Invites children to read an extract, choose an adjective to describe the character’s feelings, find evidence from within the text, and write a full response. Extracts from the Twinkl Originals KS2 story ‘Under the Lights’ are included but no story knowledge is needed to complete the activity.

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* NEW * Under the Lights eBook | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

“The music galloped along, and any second, I would have to start singing. But the lights were too bright and the crowd was too big.” Ash is in year six. He loves costumes, lights and smoke machines, and standing centre stage with all eyes on him. However, on the opening night of the school play, it all becomes a little too much and his courage fails him. Everyone gets nervous sometimes, and Ash is determined to make amends. Soon, though, his year six exams are on top of him and he’s convinced that he’s going to fail. Feeling alone and under pressure, Ash reaches out to his friends and family….

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* NEW * KS1 Football Themed Tell The Time Differentiated Activity Sheet | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

In these differentiated activity sheets, a football player has been having a very busy day! The children write the given times shown and draw the hands on analogue clocks. The activity sheets are differentiated so that the times start on the hour, progress to fifteen minutes and finish with time to five minutes.
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* NEW * KS1 The Mystery of the Missing Trophy Football Themed Maths Mystery Game | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

Solve the mystery of the missing trophy, using this football-themed maths mystery game. The game includes a range of Y1 and Y2 numeracy curriculum aims: solve problems with addition and subtraction, applying their increasing knowledge of mental and written methods, recall and use addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently, and derive and use related facts up to 100, add and subtract numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representations, and mentally, including:
-a two-digit number and ones;
-a two-digit number and tens;
-2 two-digit numbers;
-adding 3 one-digit numbers.
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