Festival of Education 2017 | Robin Chu

Last week, Team CoachBright headed down to the annual Festival of Education and Festival of Skills this year hosted at Wellington College.
The festival provides a welcome opportunity for education practitioners to improve and reflect on their craft.
Here are some overviews of the fantastic sessions we attended:
 On ThursdayGlenn Whitman, Are you a Neuroteacher yet… (@gwhitmancttl)
Glenn is a Director at the Centre for Transformative Learning and Teaching and a History teacher at St Andrew’s Episcocpal school in the United States.
During the session, he spoke about the journey St Andrew’s…

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Another letter to Jeremy …. | dannymurphyvso

Dear Jeremy

Subsequent to my previous letters to you on the subject, I am writing to say I have been pleasantly surprised by how much things have moved on.

Although, as I thought might happen, we did not manage to win against one of the weakest and most inept Tory governments in recent years under Mrs May’s excruciating leadership, we had a strong manifesto and your passion and ideals undoubtedly played a role in increasing the vote, particularly among the young – Glastonbury has given an additional edge to that!!   However for all the feelgood of increasing the vote beyond…

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Recent research in cultural differences in the development of mathematics self-efficacy | Steven Watson

6 min read
Self-efficacy is a conceptualisation of self-belief, developed by Albert Bandura . It is the belief an individual has in their capacity to be successful in a domain. It is a self-assessment of skills, knowledge and dispositions in a context. It is domain specific in that self-efficacy is contextualised, with demanding but related sets of challenges. The activities cannot be so trivial that the action required is relatively routine or straightforward. We are talking about problem solving in contexts, where there are complex decisions which may have multiple solutions and multiple…

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Do schools employ teachers with QTS? | john howson

What can the School Workforce Census tell us about who is teaching in our schools? At the level of the individual school record there is some valuable data that can be mined by researchers looking to answer specific questions such as those in the newly published NfER study research into staffing and the role of MATs. http://ift.tt/2tgYgZr

Of course, such a study doesn’t discuss the important policy issue of whether schooling should be like the NHS and…

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