Aim 2: Alter My Planning Methods | TSTN

I have used the iDoceo app for about 5 years now. It was an incredible tool in my previous school where I was doing something completely novel with each class that crossed my path.

However, times have changed. I now find myself in the envious position of repeating 6 lessons 3 times in a week. Yes, that’s right, I only have to plan a grand total of 6 lessons each week and simply tweak them to meet my learners needs or time constraints.

I actually have time to plan a beautiful lesson! With complete resources! Which will be used time and time again! My days of using iDoceo to scribble down…

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The Secret Teacher! Who is it?! | Kate Jones

I was in WH Smiths London Heathrow waiting for my flight to Abu Dhabi when I discovered a book entitled The Secret Teacher. It really is a secret because the author is unknown, despite people online trying to solve who the mystery author is! You might be familiar with The Guardian – Secret Teacher articles where teachers use anonymity to write about something connected to education that is bothering or frustrating them or something they simply could not express and publish for fear of losing their job! The Secret Teacher book isn’t a collection of secret teacher articles from The Guardian…

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A Timeline of Literature (with GCSE texts) | jamestheo

The links below will take you to an easy to print version of a timeline of English Literature. Alongside other important moments in English Literature and the English language, it includes the dates of the monarchs of England and Great Britain, key literary and artistic movements, stages of the English language, as well as the dates of production/publication of Macbeth, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, An Inspector Calls, and the poems from the ‘Power and Conflict’ cluster of the AQA Anthology. Obviously, you can edit these texts to fit with those that your pupils are studying.


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Whizz, Bang, Wallop! | filledwithdesire

Don’t panic, it’s just our School’s science topic! I was pretty excited for this one I’m not going to lie. I definitely was ready for the history break after 3 history topics this year.
Anyway it wasn’t one specific science topic just a topic to cover all the science areas. We looked at a different famous scientist per week, their field of study and then we created our own experiments around each one. The kids had a great time and so did I! They made a mess too though!

So backing was black sugar paper (which you will know from my Harry Potter immersive room makes a great looking chalk…

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When is a story not a story? When it is born from lazy journalism. | Healthy Toolkit

Last week we wrote of the lazy stereotypes, of teachers and pupils, portrayed in Channel 4’s Ackley Bridge the theme of our blog was on the promotion of healthy relationships in schools. This was of course a programme produced with entertainment as its aim.

It was with some dismay that this week this article appeared in the press

If this had appeared in one…

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