Let’s Think… about this for a minute | Greg Ashman

I’ve been aware for some time of a programme called Let’s Think in English. It has an interesting pedigree in an area of research known as cognitive acceleration. Back in the 1980s, Philip Adey and Michael Shayer began testing a science intervention they had developed known as Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education or CASE. It was based upon … Continue reading Let’s Think… about this for a minute →

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The EDTECH Survey 2018 – Results Are In! | Neil Jarrett

Recently, I set up a survey to find out about EDTECH & its use in schools around the globe.

Thanks for the hundreds of responses I got from you all!  

The questions asked were:
How much do you use technology with your class?
What is your favourite educational app?
What is your favourite educational website?
Do you think educational technology accelerates learning?
Do you worry about using educational technology in lessons?
Do you think your school gives you enough educational technology training?
Does your school have enough technology?
Does your school have adequate WIFI…

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When is a pass not a pass? When employers, universities and teachers don’t know the meaning of the new GCSE grades. | edducan

A little under a year ago, GCSEs had their biggest shake up in a generation with the changing of grades from alphabetical to numerical. A change that was largely unnecessary, confusing and represented the last gasp of Michael Gove’s busy work whilst in the Education post. I wrote at the time (https://ift.tt/2JsqepU) that employers and universities would struggle to divine or reach a consensus on what was now a pass given that the government themselves seemed a little sketchy on some of those…

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Whatever Happened to Second Life? | hartle

Well, if you’re still reading after a glance at the title, and not sniggering as you mutter “Second what?” you are probably either very interested in technology or perhaps just naturally curious. I was initially attracted to the virtual world, because, well, yes, because I like technology, but because it gave me the chance to attend conferences from my own sofa at home, and being in Second Life gave me the feeling, to some extent of “being there” rather than simply watching a video, or attending a webinar.

The image you can see here shows me, or rather my avatar, attending the SLanguages…

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