Adventures in micro blogging part 1 | john

I signed up for the kickstarter of, it went live earlier this week. is a new social network for independent microblogs.

Start a microblog today. Easy to publish, own your content, great cross-posting.

The service is very new and so far has changed and developed every day.

The idea is, you publish short posts, these are mirrored on via RSS. The posts can be from any RSS feed. You can get a hosted blog at or use your own hosting.

The iOS app will post to your…

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The Dunning-Kruger Effect | Wise

If you take a couple of minutes to search for resources that are designed to help students self-assess, you’ll find there are plenty.  Some require students to RAG-rate themselves against a set criteria, usually taken from a mark scheme.  Others enable students to indicate how confident they feel about particular aspects of a topic with … More The Dunning-Kruger Effect

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