“Three Girls” and a System that Perpetuated their Abuse | 3D Eye

If you ever wanted an illustration of a well-intended policy that’s tragically flawed and horrifically neglectful you’ll find it in the Rochdale sexual abuse cases. You’ll find similar cases in other parts of the country – historical and sadly, some present too. The “Three Girls” drama on BBC1 this week has highlighted a mass of … Continue reading “Three Girls” and a System that Perpetuated their Abuse

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A revolution in the way we think and feel about food? A few tips from Amsterdam. | 3D Eye

Finished your Easter chocolate? How do you feel when you see a large empty box that once contained what looked like a month’s supply of chocolate? Embarrassed? Ashamed? Obese? According to Ruby Tandoh, writing in the Guardian, you shouldn’t feel any of these, and you wouldn’t feel these things if we – as a society […]

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“Creating a Culture” – A Report on Behaviour in Schools | 3D Eye

Tom Bennett, England’s “behaviour tsar”, has today published a report on behaviour in schools entitled “Creating a Culture – How school leaders can optimise behaviour”. http://ift.tt/2nkhpXd The report recommends Behaviour in schools should be tracked and collated through anonymised surveys. … Continue reading →

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