Teachers and educators on what research means for them: Harry Fletcher-Wood | admin

Harry Fletcher-Wood is Associate Dean at Ambition School Leadership / Institute for Teaching. He writes a regular blog Improving Teaching and authored the book ‘Responsive Teaching. Cognitive science and formative assessment in practice’
We are delighted to welcome him to the CEN to answer some questions for our blog.

What is the importance of formal evidence, beyond what teachers know works in their classroom?

As a new teacher, I improved a lot through trial and error, and trying what colleagues were doing.  This was powerful: you get rapid feedback from students if you’re boring…

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Get Social This Fairtrade Fortnight! #SheDeserves | admin

During Fairtrade Fortnight fairandfunky host Fairtrade Conferences for Schools; inspiring delegates with innovative workshops that ignite enthusiasm and interest in both pupils and teachers to maintain awareness and understanding of Fairtrade and how it can be taught within busy classrooms. The events wouldn’t be possible without support from local businesses who think global and act local to make a difference in their communities.


This Fairtrade Fortnight we welcome Conference Sponsors Social Progress to the blog to share how you can use social media to take little steps to change the…

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How the brain works Part 1. In the beginning…. | admin

We’ve been busy at the CEN writing a guide to how the brain works. Yes seriously. How the brain actually works. Not how we think it could have or should have but how it actually does. The guide is intended to give a general audience a decent gist. There’s no show-offy long anatomical names or world record breaking facts, just a best-estimate summary of the brain’s modus operandum. (That’s the last Latin you’ll get.) You can dip into the full resource whenever you like – it’s here howthebrainworks.science and over the next few weeks, we will also be presenting some of the main ideas in bite…

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DYT Week Ahead: no negative effect to being inclusive of SEND pupils, NFER finds | admin

25th February 2019 
DYT’s Top Story:

A vital role of every governing body is to ensure that no learner is treated less favourably or denied opportunity because they have additional needs. DYT’s SEND Governance Review Guide is playing an important role in improving a governor’s ability to for holding leaders to account for the education of learners with SEND.

Our CEO Chris Rossiter blogs this week to bust the five biggest myths about SEND Governance to ensure governors and trustees are focusing on the part of their roles that matter.
News round-up:

NFER: no negative effect to being…

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Spending Well and Spending Wisely | admin

DYT CEO Chris Rossiter takes us through the importance of spending wisely to ensure that consultants are the right fit for their school and ultimately assess whether they will make any difference for learners.

All of us working in education understand and feel, at different levels, the impact a lack of funding is having in our schools. As a chair of governors, academy trustee and Chief Executive of an educational supplier, I see colleagues making difficult decisions about how best to use money daily. According to the IFS, School spending per pupil has fallen in real terms over the last few…

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SEND Governance Myths | admin

DYT CEO Chris Rossiter takes us through five of the well known myths around SEND Governance, proving them all to be untrue and counter-productive when supporting children with SEND.

Following the publication of the SEND Governance Review Guide, DYT has been taking the Guide on the road and providing training opportunities for school governors and trustees across the country.

One of the common difficulties that is raised in these sessions is how to strike the balance between ‘being strategic’ and being ‘operational’. Whilst maintaining a distance is essential for both good governance and…

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Word of the Week – Spell | admin

‘Word of the Week’ is DYT’s new weekly partnership with author Tim Glynn-Jones. Each week Tim will choose a word, exploring the history behind its meaning, pulling upon an assortment of wry observations on life as well as revealing some surprising historical facts and amusing home truths. This week: Alright.
Is there a more rock’n’roll word than alright? That’s a rhetorical question. Don’t bother answering. I’ve done the research and the answer’s no. There are other rock’n’roll words, like ‘hey’ and ‘ok’, but nothing comes close to ‘alright’.

Flick through the lyrics of, well, just about…

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