Dr. Who? Behaviour, science and the sonic screwdriver. | admin

“Science, however, is not just a matter of making mistakes, but of making mistakes in public. Making mistakes for all to see, in the hopes of getting the others to help with the corrections.”

― Daniel C. Dennett, Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life


A couple of weeks ago I wrote the idea that It Takes A Village To Raise A Child. Many of you were interested in the idea and thanks for your responses from across the UK and beyond.

At the time I didn’t make clear why I mean by this Village idea. It came out of a conversation with the physicist and special school…

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How to reform student finance? Let’s start with interest rates | admin

If it was a bank, we’d brand the 6.1% interest rate shameless profiteering

Student loans are overpriced, badly administered and probably mis-sold. If they were a financial product that we unpick in the Money pages each week, they would more than likely fall into the “worst-buy” rather than the “best-buy” category. Yet well over 200,000 undergraduates will be herded into them in September.

Let’s start with the overpriced interest rate. Supermarket group Asda launched into personal loans this week, promising rates starting at 2.9%. Tesco and Sainsbury’s start just a tad higher at 3%….

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Secret Teacher: unconditional offers give students no incentive to work hard | admin

The notion of university education as a buyer’s market rather than an academic pursuit is a cultural shift many of us were not ready for

When I became the head of sixth-form for a large comprehensive school in 2013, unconditional offers were the holy grail of university admissions. You were more likely to find diamonds on Brighton beach. That same year, the government lifted the cap on the number of university places available; institutions could no longer be fined for taking on more students than allocated by the government. The free market was finally here.

Despite a rise in university…

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A free railcard or a £2,000 overdraft? How to pick the best student account | admin

Two things are vital to help you make the correct choice – the giveaways on offer and the amount of interest-free overdraft you’ll receive and when

School leavers found out this week which university they will be going to, and over the next month they and their parents will be wondering how on earth they are going to afford it. For many it will be the first time they run a proper bank account and look after their own money. So which account should a fresher choose?

Proximity of the bank and its branches may influence some; others will automatically go with the one their parents are with….

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Cambridge University Press accused of ‘selling its soul’ over Chinese censorship | admin

Academics and activists decry publisher’s decision to comply with a Chinese request to block more than 300 articles from leading China studies journal

The world’s oldest publishing house, Cambridge University Press, has been accused of being an accomplice to the Communist party’s bid to whitewash Chinese history after it agreed to purge hundreds of politically-sensitive articles from its Chinese website at the behest of Beijing’s censors.

The publisher confirmed on Friday that it had complied with a Chinese request to block more than 300 articles from the China Quarterly, a leading China…

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Cambridge University Press blocks readers in China from articles | admin

Academics and contributors dismayed after hundreds of CUP articles in China Quarterly become inaccessible in country

Cambridge University Press has blocked readers in China from accessing hundreds of academic articles – including some published decades ago – after a request by Chinese authorities, arguing that it did so to avoid its other publications from being barred.

The publisher confirmed that hundreds of articles in China Quarterly, a respected scholarly journal, would be inaccessible within China, after a letter from the journal’s editor protesting against the move was published….

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Trump could lose honorary law degree after Charlottesville remarks | admin

Lehigh University considers rescinding president’s doctor of laws status
Robert Gordon University took back Trump’s honorary business degree in 2015

One of the three universities to give Donald Trump an honorary doctorate is considering whether to revoke it in the wake of his controversial comments about the violence in Charlottesville last weekend.

The board of trustees at Lehigh University – based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – will decide whether to rescind the president’s doctor of laws status when it next convenes in October.

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