317. Pyramid Power | admin

Just a quick post today – it’s such a busy time of year.

I’ve recently used Nrich resources on sequences with Year 7. These two activities encouraged good discussion and practical thinking.

Function machines

Pyramid Numbers

We used multilink to build pyramids which allowed students to develop their ideas. There were four different pyramids commonly built. The discussions the students had showed a real insight into their thinking.

After the lesson this photo of a golf ball stack appeared on my Twitter feed. This provided me with a starter for the following lesson – how many balls…

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Getting back to work | admin

The case for a universal skills allowance

With little time to prepare a manifesto, Labour’s election campaign is in desperate need of flagship policies that can capture the public imagination. A universal skills allowance could be the big progressive idea of the 2017 campaign.

A £1,000 ‘use it or lose it’ annual allowance to support vocational skills development would offer aspiration, security and control to every person of working age in Britain. By pledging direct financial support to spend on courses designed to boost skills, productivity and employability, Labour can revisit its…

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David Ardill | admin

Regional Manager

Since graduating from the University of Chester in 2009, David has worked across a range of sectors, including education, agency, local authority and sports with British Cycling, as Partner Marketing Manager for the ‘Sky Ride’ recreational cycling campaign, in conjunction with Sky and Sport England. This was the biggest sports participation campaign the UK had ever seen, aimed at getting people on bikes for fun and recreation; it received a prestigious ‘Partnership Marketing’ award from The Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2015.
With a strong communication…

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Zoe Ferris | admin

Communications Assistant

Since graduating from Cardiff University, where she completed her undergraduate degree in European Politics and International Relations and a Masters in International Relations, Zoe has worked for several organisations in client facing and customer support roles. Prior to starting at Academy Ambassadors, Zoe worked in the Welsh Conservative Group Office in the National Assembly for Wales, as a Research and Communications Support Officer. In this role she assisted with the delivery of the communications strategy and supported the media and research…

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Reading All the Boks – Stoicism, Humility, Space | admin

Stoicism, humility, space: how Michaela changes the people who work there

One of the things I hear a lot from my colleagues at Michaela is that working at the school has made them better people. Why is it that so many of us feel we have improved as humans through our collective endeavour to teach children? 


‘I’d never heard of stoicism before I worked here. Now I’m reading Epictetus with eleven year olds. It’s mad!’ (Michaela teacher)

We explicitly teach stoicism to the kids from day one of Bootcamp in Year 7. We teach them that adversity is there to test them, and the true…

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Mental Health and Children with Dyslexia | admin

Dyslexic children do not understand why they cannot learn like their classmates and may blame themselves for failure at school – leading to low self esteem.

Children’s first awareness of their dyslexia is often the result of failure in school. They lack understanding of why they are unable to learn at the same rate, in the same way as their classmates. They cannot explain the difficulties they experience and blame themselves for their lack of progress. This often leads to low self esteem and an expectation of failure.

Many parents have had to deal with the impact of dyslexia at home…

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