‘A’ Level Data Analysis StoryMap | Alan Parkinson

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Topophilia | Alan Parkinson

We used the phrase ‘Topophilia’ in our first Mission:Explore book.
It means a love of places… and a special pull to particular places.
This Guardian article suggests that places make us happier than objects.

The notion of place, and the study of places is central to geography.

“With meaningful places generating a significant response in areas of the brain known to process emotion, it’s exciting to understand how deep-rooted this connection truly is.”

Here’s one of my special places: Lyme Regis

Image: Alan Parkinson

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New Risk Analysis tool from MunichRe | Alan Parkinson

Every year, insurance companies pay out billions of pounds following natural disasters. As this is a significant loss, they employ analysts to identify the nature of the risks that face particular locations, in order to be able to reduce their losses, and set premiums accordingly. This data is also being made more widely available so that these risks are more transparent, and clients can ensure that they are being fairly treated too.

Munich Re’s 2016 report is now available. This replaces the previous 2015 report which would have been the most up to date document before that time. Visit the…

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