Michael Palin: honorary geography doctorate | Alan Parkinson

A fair few classrooms that I’ve visited over the years have a quote about the power of geography on the walls, written by Michael Palin: former President of the Royal Geographical Society.
Here’s another:

“Geography for me, in my life, has been curiosity about the world, interest in why people are different, and it’s done me a lot of good,” he said.
“I’m very proud to be an ambassador for geography so this particular award, doctor of science for my work in geography, is important and I hope it sends out a signal to other people who want to be geographers, want to travel or just want to…

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Secondary Phase Top Tips | Alan Parkinson

On Saturday, I rounded off a hectic and varied working week with an early train down to London for the October meeting of the Secondary Phase Committee of the GA. There were a few GA meetings in the same hotel.
One of the things we do as a committee is create a list of what we call Top Tips. There are sometimes 10, and sometimes more…. and sometimes less.
You can see previous lists of them on our committee page on the GA website.

Running an effective geography department meetingFirst time at ConferenceChoosing your new GCSE specificaitonTeaching a linear course

Developing Locational…

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Inspirational Places: Changing Places | Alan Parkinson

I’ve started work on one of my summer projects for this year.

It’s working with Peter Knight from Keele University to ‘translate’ some of the ideas in an undergraduate geography module called ‘Inspirational Landscapes’ into a scheme of work for the teaching of the Changing Places module in the new ‘A’ level.
I co-wrote the Changing Places section in the Cambridge University Press textbook, along with Garrett Nagle and Claire Kyndt, and wanted to develop it a little further as textbooks are of course a little static. Claire has also since developed quite a lot of new ideas while teaching…

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Suburban Dreams | Alan Parkinson

Sprawling on the fringes of the city
In geometric orderAn insulated borderIn-between the bright lightsAnd the far, unlit unknown
Lyrics : Neil Peart
I’ve lined up a few interesting writing jobs for the summer…
One of them is to finish some materials for the Data Skills in Geography project of the Royal Geographical Society.
I’m going to be writing about the Suburbs, and ideas for using different data and mapping that is available online to support teachers in their work.
And here’s the best song about the Suburbs – one for the Suburbs playlist that I’ll make as part of the final…

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Shailey Minocha’s Professorial Lecture | Alan Parkinson

I’ve been involved with Shailey Minocha’s work for just over a year. She was kind enough to visit our school twice to demonstrate Google Expeditions, and we also helped with a research paper she was writing with colleagues.

She gave her professorial lecture on Tuesday of this week. I was invited, but was unable to attend. Here’s a trailer for it…

Shailey Minocha is a Professor in the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at The Open University. Her research has two strands: learning technologies and social computing.Professor Minocha will show how virtual worlds…

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