TedED – The daring and dangerous race to the South Pole | Alan Parkinson

There’s an associated lesson plan here.

This came just too late for my Polar unit.

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Kanji of the Year | Alan Parkinson

A Kanji is an adopted Chinese visual character which is used in the Japanese writing system.
The Kanji of the Year for 2018 has been announced: 災, pronounced wazawai or sai, meaning “disaster” or “misfortune.”The Japan Kanji Aptitude Foundation each December announces a “kanji of the year,” selected by popular vote to encapsulate the year that was. Members of the public send in votes by postal mail, an official website, or voting boxes, selecting a single character and often appending an explanation for the choice. This year’s top pick, wazawai, referred to the multitude of natural disasters…

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