What 3 Words: Signs now available | Alan Parkinson

I’ve used What 3 Words many times before, and included them in my GI Learner resources that are available to explore on the website.

Don’t forget that What 3 Words has a map app which will help you make, and navigate to, a location, and also a photography app, which will add the What 3 Words reference of the location of any photograph taken with it.
They have now started to make signs for both outdoors and indoors to show the location of a place. I have ordered one for my classroom.

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Royal Meteorological Society Survey – Tropical Cyclone Resources | Alan Parkinson

The Royal Meteorological Society are planning some new resources on the development and impacts of Tropical Cyclones.
They are asking for teachers to share their ideas on what they would find most useful.
Please help out by filling in the survey here.

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Kiln’s Flourish – a new option for data visualisation | Alan Parkinson

I’ve previously shared a map made using a visualisation tool called Kiln which showed the movement of shipping around the globe.
In early February, Kiln released Flourish which is a free (with extra paid options) tool for making visualisations.
It looks to have tremendous potential for making data come to life in an engaging way. There is a wide range of templates that can be used and adapted. It takes a few minutes to get to grips with them, and there are plenty of data sets that can be copied and pasted into Excel and edited to suit your data.

Sign up for a free account (which means…

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Using illustrations for teaching and learning about Refugee experiences | Alan Parkinson

House of Illustration and Positive Negatives are delighted to invite educators to a very special Teachers’ Twilight Event to celebrate the launch of our brand new teaching resources for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

These new resources use illustration techniques for teaching and learning about this important subject. Packed with both inspiration and practical guidance, these cross-curricular resources are completely free to download and ready to use in the classroom.

House of Illustration will launch our KS2 resources, packed with guidance notes, a choice of activities, step-by-step instructions…

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Climate Change – coastal vulnerability | Alan Parkinson

Living in Norfolk, I am well aware of the possible impacts of climate change on sea level rise – I moved away from the coast, where my house was just 8m above sea level some years ago.

There are some further changes which are likely to happen over the coming decades, as a result of melting ice caps, and the thermal expansion as oceans warm.
Happisburgh is a place where this is playing out right now, along with other locations along low-lying coastlines, such as the Holderness Coastline.

Climate Change vulnerability is part of the report here. Our Year 11 students have been introduced to…

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