Hunstanton Cliffs a new resource | Alan Parkinson

A few resources which I worked on are hitting the internet now (or soon…) in time for the last part of the summer term, when hopefully there are some decisions being made about what to teach in the new academic year in terms of curriculum resources.

First up is a resource which I wrote a while back, and which has now been added to the RGS website (although there are a few final touches still to be added I think…) The resource has the context of the Hunstanton Cliffs, and their erosion and management,
It’s turned out nicely, and may be of use for those preparing students for NEAs and…

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What’s in a name… | Alan Parkinson

Here’s a challenge for you, which was suggested to me when I came across a chain of tweets…

Hellen Bach took a trip to Hellenbach (which is also quite a nice pun).
Can you go and visit a place which has your name (or an element of your name) during the summer…
Over to you….— Hellen Bach (@HellenBach) June 30, 2018

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#TMGeogIcons18 – Post #7 – The Water Diaries | Alan Parkinson

Looking back again to the recent TMGeogIcons event, and one of the stand-out presentations was Fearghal Nuallain’s talk on his Water Diaries project, and the work that he did with the Land Rover Going Beyond bursary.

At a time when we have had no rain for weeks, and rivers are showing very low levels of flow, water is a resource which is beginning to show signs of stress.

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David Harvey takes you for a walk… | Alan Parkinson

The Professor of Geography at Aarhus University (and where’s Aarhus… it’s in the middle of our street) has produced a rather good walk for the RGS-IBG’s Discovering Britain website, which is a bit of a hidden secret, despite being around for several years.

The Discovering Britain website now has a walk which was developed by David Harvey, and which will introduce you to a place that he knows well: the area around Tarr Steps on Exmoor.

Why not challenge students to plan their own walk, and this would make a useful summer project for a group of students perhaps, and help them “discover…

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Shackleton’s Carpenter | Alan Parkinson

Saw a poster for this play in Dorset.

Unfortunately it’s not coming to the East any time soon, but it looks like exactly my sort of thing.

Here’s some more information about it.

Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, sank in Antarctica, leaving him and his crew of 27 stranded. Harry McNish, Shackleton’s carpenter and brilliant shipwright, challenged The Boss, but went all the way with him, ensuring all lives were saved after a journey universally agreed to be the most astonishing voyage of survival in history What was it that caused this man to antagonise the hero of Antarctica? How does he come to…

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Field Notes: the Coastal series | Alan Parkinson

Field Notes is a brand which I’ve used for quite a few years now for stationery. They make awesome little notebooks so that you can remember things now as well as later…

There are some excellent previous editions, but they have now launched a Missions edition, which comes with space craft, and the Coasts edition, which you can see an image of below. This has two sets: East and West of USA.

Notebooks are beautifully made. You can read about the cartography on these editions here.

I’ve secured mine on order, so I can tell you about them now. Here’s a short film. They are perfect for…

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