Fieldwork booklet from the RGS-IBG | Alan Parkinson

We’re coming into fieldwork season now. Students are heading out to do their fieldwork and data collection. We had some trips this week from my school.
Some colleagues are concerned about the support coming from awarding bodies, and there are various forms of assistance, not all of which they may be familiar with or aware of. I picked one of these up at the GA Conference from the RGS-IBG stand.

Download here (link will download a PDF)

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GA Conference 2017 #11 – No more tiers… | Alan Parkinson

SPC workshop – No more tiers (or tears)
I co-presented this workshop with colleagues from the Secondary Committee: Kathryn Stephenson and Rachel Kay, with help from Tanith Ludlam.
Once again there were more people in the room than we had space for with over 60 delegates choosing our session.
The session began with Kathryn Stephenson identifying the background to exam questions: the assessment objectives. Through a number of quizzes, she identified how different questions might be able to assess these (bearing in mind that there was a mark allocation which was spread across the papers)

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GA Conference 2017 #10 – Google Expeditions Research Paper | Alan Parkinson

There was a range of VR sessions at the GA conference. Richard and Ellena led a workshop based on one that I attended in Toulouse last year on creating your own VR experiences.

Shailey Minocha was at the event, and she did a research paper session where she shared a document which she kindly had allowed me to collaborate on.
Read more about it, and see the powerpoint deck here.
Shailey and Ana came into my school last year, and I’ve since worked with Twig World to write some Google Expeditions materials. You can view them on TES Resources by searching.

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Bedales School Geography Festival – a reminder | Alan Parkinson

A reminder of this event, coming up at the end of June. I have a prior engagement so can’t make it, but it looks really interesting.
From Paul Turner, who’s organising the event:

I’d like to extend a warm invitation, for you and your students, to our Geography Festival: Can geography help us avert catastrophe? on Thu 29 June.
The one day event is targeted primarily towards lower sixth students having completed their internal exams but would also be suitable for enthusiastic Y10’s.
We have a brilliant line up in what will be a discursive and engaging day designed to draw students in and…

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Famous for 15… tenths of a second…. | Alan Parkinson

Last year, we had a refresh of the school website for King’s Ely, where I work.

There were some days of drone filming, and others where a film crew came into lessons and filmed events and took numerous photos. I was filmed working with a Year 9 group.
You can see the results below, which feature the school, and some colleagues, and the huge variety of opportunities we provide for students.
There’s also a separate video for the Junior area where I teach, where my classroom door gets a few seconds of fame.

I feature in the Senior video for a subliminal moment – blink and you’ll miss it……

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GA Conference 2017 #9 – FOLSIG Questionnaire | Alan Parkinson

One of the things launched at the GA conference was a questionnaire on fieldwork and outdoor learning which was developed by Philip Monk and other colleagues on the Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group.

If you had time to fill the survey in, that would help to inform the GA’s future support for Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning.
It’s embedded below as well if you had time to help out.

One of the really useful resources that I picked up at the conference was from the Field Studies Council, and is a guide to GIS.

They also offer a range of CPD courses for teachers…

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Geography Photography Competition | Alan Parkinson

A competition being organised by the University of Birmingham offers a potential activity for the summer term for many.
The theme of the competition is “Changing Places”, which offers a great range of options for images in a range of locations.
Good luck if you enter the competition – I will be suggesting some of my students give it a go…

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