Prince’s Teaching Institute Summer Residential | Alan Parkinson

The summer residential organised by the Prince’s Teaching Institute has been held at Homerton College for quite a few years now.

Details of this year’s event are up on the website, and now is the time to find out more, and book a place if you fancy 3 days of talks and workshops including academics such as Nick Middleton, and Alan Kinder from the GA. The delegate fee also comes with a year’s further involvement in the PTI’s school support programme.
I’ve been honoured to be asked to speak twice at previous PTI events, in London and Harrogate and the delegates are always so attentive and…

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Need an idea? | Alan Parkinson

If so, you need this book. It’s written by David Rogers, who has won a number of awards for his effective and creative work.
He references ideas by other creative geographers too.
The book is published by Bloomsbury as part of their 100 Ideas series.
The book is arranged into 8 sections, based on consultation with teachers on social media.
It is available to purchase from Amazon and other sources.

As David says “great geography teachers change the world”, but we all need some inspiration from time to time.

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The Greyhound Diaries | Alan Parkinson

I’ve been interested to read about the travels of Doug Levitt.

He has spent years criss-crossing the country on Greyhound buses: a form of transport often used by the disenfranchised of America…
He tells their stories, and describes a different view on the USA to many other travellers. A useful resource for exploring the idea of place, and also an idea for a possible fieldtrip – to take a bus across a county, or a large city, and observe and listen…
The website features songs, stories and images.

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