You Can Now Climb Mountains in VR | Alice Bonasio


The new Vertical Reality experience unveiled by Adidas is not for the faint hearted.

Above, there are clear and open Mediterranean skies; Blood and chalk stains mark the rough granite in front of you, and below, there’s a whole lot of nothing.

As someone who’s terrified of heights I felt butterflies even watching the video
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It puts you into the shoes of professional climbers Delaney Miller and Ben Rueck
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As someone who’s terrified of heights I felt butterflies even watching the video for the experience that adidas TERREX – the company’s outdoor brand –…

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Report: Impact of Emerging Technologies on Business | Alice Bonasio


Tech Trends report from Deloitte shows how technologies such as Mixed Reality are being adopted by industry. 

The Technology in the mid-market: Closing the gap report details the results of a survey of technology impact among private mid-size companies in the U.S. According to Deloitte, this mid-market is under-reported, but its size and relevance to the economy is significant– roughly 34% of the U.S. workforce and revenue totals $3.2 trillion, which equals it to the world’s 4th largest economy.

Over half of respondents say they have ongoing or planned AR/ VR pilot projects
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Working Together to Build a Big Data Future | Alice Bonasio


To leverage Big Data and build an effective Artificial Intelligence infrastructure, enterprises must embrace collaboration.  

Using data smartly can give your business a crucial competitive advantage
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In a digital economy, the rule of thumb tends to be that the smarter your use of data and technology, the more of a competitive edge your business has. A recent report by Teradata, based on over 260 interviews conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne with senior IT and business decision makers, found that there is widespread enthusiasm for adoption of AI, with 80 percent of…

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Why People are Excited About a Virtual Land Grab | Alice Bonasio


Blockchain Metaverse Decentraland is gearing up for its first online land auction. Tech Trends takes a look at what this means for Social VR. 

VR’s greatest allure is its potential to create entire new worlds we can collectively be immersed in. This is why there has been such interest in emerging social VR platforms like Sansar, High Fidelity and AltspaceVR, but some believe that no platform owned by a single company or entity can truly fulfill that promise. This is because we arguably need diversity and conflict to build truly convincing virtual worlds, and no environment owned and…

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How Virtual Reality Can Help Us Not to Forget | Alice Bonasio


The Royal British Legion continues to embrace VR technology to bring history to life.

As we enter Remembrance weekend, it is interesting to see how one of Britain’s most beloved charities is using immersive technologies to share the experiences of soldiers who fought in the Great Wars to the next generations, and to help their memories live on.

Tech Trends previously reported on the story of how VR reunited a World War II veteran with the village he helped save, but the Royal British Legion has continued to explore the possibilities of this tech since.

The Legion recently…

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Creating New Mixed Reality Experiences | Alice Bonasio


As Jaunt scoops up an Emmy award for its latest VR experience, the company announces new content for Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

Jaunt is one of those companies that tend to fly under the radar. Although you might not immediately recognize their name, however, chances are that if you’re a VR fan you’ve experienced some of their content, whether it was hanging out with Paul McCartney or touring the Amazon Rainforest in Under the Canopy.

Jaunt has become a leading provider of VR hardware and software
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Jaunt has become a leading provider of software and integrated…

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Democratising Social VR with Blockchain | Alice Bonasio


Could Decentralised ownership using blockchain technology help kickstart the social VR revolution? Emerging platforms are looking to democratise ownership of immersive environments.

VR has often been considered something of a solitary experience, but that’s changing fast. Social VR platforms are on the rise, and as the acquisition of AltspaceVR by Microsoft shows, major players in that space are taking notice.

AltspaceVR was recently acquired by Microsoft
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In the VR gold rush a spate of social VR platforms have proliferated. High Fidelity, for example, is a…

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