Putting AR into Art | Alice Bonasio

A Viennese start-up is the first company from Austria to be accepted to Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator.

Artivive recently beat over 600 competing entries to become the first Austrian start-up to join the Berkeley SkyDeck program (considered one of the top ten accelerator programs in the world). The latest six-month cycle begins in January and also includes a six-digit investment amount.

Artivive supply a flexible tool for museums and artists which essentially allows them to integrate Augmented Reality into their existing content with minimal fuss. The aim, explains CEO Codin Popescu, was…

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Naked Tech for a Plastic-Free World | Alice Bonasio

Lush’s new concept shops are leveraging innovative technology to create a package-free customer experience.

With awareness of plastic pollution at an all-time high, Lush’s newest Naked shops offer literally hundreds of innovative and plastic packaging-free alternatives to your favourite cosmetics, and technology plays a key role in making that work.

With awareness of plastic pollution at an all-time high, Lush’s Naked shops offer hundreds of innovative and plastic packaging-free alternatives
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Rather than scanning labels for information, visitors to the shop will instead…

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Demystifying Media | Alice Bonasio


How can we use technology to tell compelling and worthwhile stories, engage audiences, and make a living in the bargain?

Those were some of the questions I got to explore during a recent visit to the University of Oregon. Fellow Brit Damian Radcliffe, who is the Carolyn S. Chambers Professor in Journalism at UO, invited me when he heard that I was over in this part of the world, and so I found myself as a guest in the Demystifying Media series, which aims to give students a real taste of what working at the coalface of the creative industries is really like.

The Demystifying Media…

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Report: CES 2019 Immersive Tech | Alice Bonasio

Analyst firm CCS Insight releases its latest report on the VR and AR launches that had the crowds in Las Vegas buzzing earlier this month.

It doesn’t take much more than a casual glance to see that immersive tech was a huge focus of this year’s CES – 2019 was the biggest event for VR and AR to date – but with all the noise and so much ground to cover, it’s handy to have an overview of all the major announcements and what they mean for the industry.

That’s what CCS Insight has put together with its Hotline Report which examines the event’s major themes and implications in VR/AR.


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Esports Pushing VR Adoption | Alice Bonasio

Can professional gaming help to propel the consumer adoption of virtual reality?

Professional gaming has always been a serious pursuit that attracted dedicated players and a large audience, and with immersive technologies becoming more pervasive, the esports crowd is increasingly embracing VR.

“For the first time in generations, we’re witnessing the birth of a new major sport, and it’s happening with unprecedented speed,” says ESPN The Magazine, Senior Editor, Megan Greenwall.

This trend is in large part spurred by hardware manufacturers, who recognize that without “sticky” content…

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Tech Trends at #MWCB19 | Alice Bonasio

We’re gearing up for one of the biggest events of the year – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

So many conferences, so little time. But even as our diaries become hopelessly booked up, one makes room for the major events, and MWC Barcelona is certainly one of those.

2,400 companies are due to converge in Barcelona this year for the flagship conference of the Mobile industry, bringing over 107,000 attendees to the Catalan capital.

#MWCB19 will host an impressive array of keynote speakers including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
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There will be product launches, there…

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Report: 2019 Tech Breakthroughs | Alice Bonasio

NESTA unveils its top 10 predictions for innovative technology trends to watch out for this year. Buckle up!

“This year’s predictions cover technologies and trends that would once be dismissed as science fiction but are now set to tip over into mainstream acceptance,” was the bold assertion of innovation charity NESTA as it launched its highly respected yearly report.

Yet as you read through, it’s hard not to agree with them. We’re definitely living in a brave new world, but who are likely to be the winners and losers of all this disruption? The report looks not only at the technology,…

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