Experiencing Art With Augmented Reality | Alice Bonasio


Artists and galleries are embracing immersive technology to create an emotional connection to their audiences.

Art has been a relative latecomer to the digital revolution – at least where we’re referring to the traditional/classic end of the spectrum – people are used to associating the value of art to seeing it in person, hence the fact that museums and art galleries still rely on special exhibitions for a large share of their revenue. At the time of the app’s first launch ArtFinder Co-founder Chris Thorpe told the Guardian that “The emphasis on art history and institutes has taken…

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Expert View: How Multi-Cloud Can Be a Winning Strategy | Alice Bonasio


Hybrid cloud has become one of the hottest topics in tech, but what are the advantages of a multi-cloud approach?

By Mark Baker, Field Product Manager at Canonical

Analyst firm 451 Research estimates that 69% of enterprises will be running hybrid IT environments by 2019, while Gartner predicts that 90% of organisations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities by 2020. Hybrid is clearly here to stay.

Yet the hybrid cloud is not the only trend in this space capturing the attention of CIOs and CTOs around the world. In recent months, it has been overtaken by its close…

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Report: Tech Blending Work and Play | Alice Bonasio


Microsoft’s latest research has found that Brits are increasingly changing their passions into careers.
 Key findings included:
One in five (21%) under 25s would like to turn coding into a career, whilst 25% would like to earn a living from computer games
The rise of vloggers such as Zoella and Alfie Deyes has led to nearly a quarter (23%) under 25s wishing to make a career out of vlogging or blogging.
Four-fifths (81%) of those aged 18-24 said that technology is either a vital part of, or helps facilitate, their hobbies
Three-quarters of British adults (76%) agree that technology…

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VR Minecraft – But Not As You Know It | Alice Bonasio


From animal anatomy to digital twinning and mining simulations, this Canadian company is bringing game development know-how to immersive experiences

After meeting Charles Lavigne and Kevin Oke at the BCTECH Summit last month, we were enticed to visit their headquarters in the beautiful island of Victoria and try out their latest VR demos. But it wasn’t just the prospect of the beautiful seaplane ride from Vancouver that hooked us, but the fact that the Oke and Lavigne, after working for over a decade in the videogame industry with companies such as Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft founded…

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Technology Paving the Way for a Naked Future | Alice Bonasio


Retailers are under pressure to cut down on unnecessary packaging, and Lush shows how tech can enable everyone to go plastic-free

It’s a sad fact that plastic debris in our oceans is killing marine wildlife at a staggering rate. With plastics pollution spiralling out of control, shops are under pressure to cut down on their use of unnecessary packaging. Some of the greatest culprits in generating harmful waste that often ends up in the oceans or landfill are cosmetics companies – just think about how many bottles and pots of shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, shower gels and other…

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Tech Trends Among the Best EdTech Blogs on the Web | Alice Bonasio


Tech Trends has been selected as one of the UK’s best educational technology blogs by Feedspot

It’s always nice to be recognized, so we wanted to share the news with our readers that Tech Trends was selected as one of the top ten best educational technology blogs on the web by Feedspot.

Feedspot used social and search metrics to choose among the many thousands of contenders in the EdTech blogging space
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Feedspot used social and search metrics to choose among the many thousands of contenders in that space, and we’re thrilled to have made this highly influential list of…

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Expert View: How Technology Can Shut Out People with Disabilities | Alice Bonasio


As technological advances emerge more rapidly than ever, it’s essential that design takes disability into account.

By Simon Dermer co-founder and Managing Director of eSSENTIAL Accessibility

If the recent, updated 2.1 release of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) demonstrates anything, it’s that technology is swiftly changing, and keeping up with it from an accessibility perspective is an ongoing effort. But that’s only because the needs of people with disabilities typically aren’t heeded from the get-go.

Technology is swiftly changing, and keeping up with it from an…

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