The Future of VR is Social and Shareable | Alice Bonasio


Virtual Reality is all about presence,  so content that lets you create and share live moments could be its killer app



Getting people to try out a VR experience for the first time is usually not hard. The novelty factor gets most people curious enough to at least give it a go. And having watched a lot of newbies (or VRgins as I like to call them) go through those first moments of immersion is always a lot of fun, as they gasp and reach out to touch things that aren’t really there.

Getting people to try out a VR experience for the first time isn’t usually hard
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Infographic: Off-the-Shelf versus Custom Software | Alice Bonasio


Should you design your own software solution or can existing tools meet your business needs at a fraction of the cost?

There are many factors to consider in choosing the best software solution
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Technology is a core part of any business these days, and this has led to the boom of software as a service (SaaS) where companies make use of cloud computing to distribute pre-built software to power other businesses. This model makes it easier to automate workflows such as data analytics and boost efficiency.

Technology is a core part of any business nowadays
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How Far Are We From Virtual Vegas? | Alice Bonasio


Is VR going to bring a new boom to the virtual gambling industry?


Virtual Reality is transforming every single entertainment industry out there, from movies to book publishing, music, videogames, animation, and yes, even Porn.

VR and AR (Augmented Reality) – which are increasingly overlapping onto what Microsoft refers to as the Mixed Reality spectrum – are going to continue to disrupt and change the way we do things and interact with each other – both online and offline. So it is hardly surprising to find that online gambling is also predicted to become a part of this newly…

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Why is Everyone so Excited About Apple’s ARKit? | Alice Bonasio


With the hype around Apple’s latest announcements you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re the first company to bring us AR.

Following Apple’s first keynote in its brand new HQ, people predictably started drooling over the iPhone X (the unveiling video below attracted nearly 8 million views in one day) in spite of the epic fail of the face recognition feature during the demo.

Apple suffered an epic fail during its face recognition feature demo
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iPhone sales show no sign of slowing down
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Still, the company has sold plenty of iPhones over the…

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Hand-making the Digital Revolution | Alice Bonasio


From 3D printing to Artificial Intelligence, Lush shows how even old-school companies can embrace technology.


Over the past twenty years, Lush has sold countless tons their strong-smelling handmade cosmetics ranging from colourful bath bombs to soap which is sold by weight, cut from giant slabs in their shops. For environmental reasons, they are very much against using packaging unless strictly necessary, so prices and product information is usually written by hand in chalkboard style signs, and everything is left “naked” on display (hence the strong smell of the mingling essential…

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Creating the Ultimate 360 Degree Selfie | Alice Bonasio


The Samsung Hypercube Installation landed at Reading Festival to make VR content more social and give festivalgoers the ultimate selfie experience 

Music festivals are a main fixture of summer and in spite of all the mud some of the world’s most popular gigs happen in England. But while Glastonbury might be the first name that springs to mind, Reading Festival – which happens just outside London at the end of August is the oldest one still going. Since it started in 1955, it hosted music legends from Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day and many…

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Infographic: Cloud Technology Trends | Alice Bonasio


Cloud technology is booming and it will play a pivotal role in powering other trends such as a the mass-market adoption of VR. A recent report dissects some of the current trends in the cloud computing market and digests them in the handy infographic below.

Cloud technology is booming as more businesses rush to adopt it
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Some key findings include:

SMEs are currently more likely to implement cloud solutions than larger ones, and this trend is set to continue for the next 3 years

Companies from Asia and Europe expected to invest more heavily in cloud solutions

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