Is automated flying the future of air travel? | Alice Bonasio


The airline industry is investing heavily in pilotless planes, but should it be fixing existing systems first?

The holidays bring that familiar mixture of anticipation and dread that comes with traveling at the busiest time of the year. And this year passengers have even more reason to feel trepidation as they head out to the airport, even if they’re not flying with United.

Hundreds of American Airlines passengers recently discovered that a computer glitch had jeopardized their holiday plans. In September, Ryanair also experienced a similar failure that led to a much larger…

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Geeking Out in Sansar with Star Wars VR Movie Memorabilia | Alice Bonasio


To accompany the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Linden Lab unveils a Virtual Reality exhibition at its newly opened Sansar Hollywood Art Museum.

The wait is over and the latest Star Wars is finally out in cinemas (YAY!) but that also means fans have to  put up with the endless marketing tie-ins as everyone tries to piggyback off the franchise’s popularity – NOT so YAY

Specially at Christmas, as I walk around the shops and stare at all the random products leeching off the Star Wars brand, I’m constantly reminded of the scene in Spaceballs where Yogurt pimps his merchandise….

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Using Blockchain to Scale Virtual Reality Experiences | Alice Bonasio


CEEK VR connects fans with artists through crypto-currency tokenization.

Unless you’ve got your head buried in some deep sand somewhere, you’ll be at least vaguely aware of the amazing rise in the value of Bitcoin. Many tech companies have been getting in on the action, bypassing traditional funding channels and raising money through token sales instead – over $3 billion this year alone. This is attractive for start-ups as it not only lands them some capital, but also encourages those investors to become users those platforms.

Blockhain, the technology that enables crypto-currencies…

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Flying a TARDIS Through VR Space-time with Doctor Who | Alice Bonasio


The BBC continues to invest in Virtual Reality content with new experiences and games.

As part of its on-going drive to develop content for immersive technologies, the BBC announced the launch of its VR Hub which will lead the BBC’s future VR production and help bring the technology to the mainstream by creating new titles and regular immersive stories.

The BBC are focussing on a small number of high impact pieces that have broad, mainstream appeal
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The BBC says its research shows that for as long as the quantity of high-quality content remains low, and the experience…

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Fighting Fraud with Data | Alice Bonasio


Data-driven technology is helping banks and merchants counter fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

In October 2017, the European Banking Association closed its consultation on draft guidelines for reporting fraud under revised PSD2. With more than 5,000 cases of fraud reported every day in Britain in the first half of 2017 (according to recent research by Barclays), banking fraud is a mounting problem and one of the most challenging issues facing the industry today. Coupled with the new reporting requirements brought by PSD2, this situation is prompting many banks to rethink their…

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Holiday Shopping is Getting Techy | Alice Bonasio


Cyber Week and Black Friday shopping figures are in, and show how businesses that embrace technology are thriving in the digital age.

In the run-up to Cyber Week, experts were already predicting a huge holiday season for e-commerce, but with Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us and Christmas just over two weeks away, it is safe to say that 2017 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year, especially for mobile.

In the run-up to Cyber Week experts were predicting a huge holiday season for e-commerce
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The National Retail Federation reported that 81 million U.S….

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Collaborating in Mixed Reality is Big Business | Alice Bonasio


An Oregon start-up has launched a new 3D collaboration platform for the HoloLens – and it’s free.

Object Theory calls itself “the world’s first HoloLens company,” and although all such claims have to be taken with a pinch of salt, they’re probably not far off. Back in 2015, just weeks after the HoloLens was first unveiled to the world, Michael Hoffman left Microsoft – where he was responsible for creating many of the HoloLens showcase experiences such as the Trimble demo – to start the company with co-founder Raven Zachary, who had previously founded iPhoneDevCamp, the largest…

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