Infographic: Cybersecurity Training | Alice Bonasio


It might seem counter-intuitive, but the greatest threat to the cybersecurity of your business is likely to come from the inside.

And we’re not talking infiltrated spies eithe. The ones most likely to compromise your security are actually your trusted employees. Without any malicious intent at all, they are often just a few careless mouse clicks away from costing your business a fortune.

Your trusted employees are just a few careless clicks away from costing your business a fortune in cybersecurity breaches
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Employees harm your business by visiting infected websites,…

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Experiencing Epic Storytelling in VR | Alice Bonasio


Entertainment industry heavyweights partner up to bring Renaissance plot to room-scale VR.

Michael Conelly is a prolific visual effects designer. Throughout his two decades working as Digital Effects Supervisor at Rhythm and Hues Studios, Conelly and the studio worked on everything from the Coca Cola Polar Bears and Babe the talking Pig, to The Golden Compass, Harry Potter, and Pi, among other projects. Conelly’s last film, Snow White and the Huntsman, was nominated for an Oscar for best visual effects.

Now, Connely has turned his attention to the immersive storytelling space, having…

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Expert View: Bottom-Line Boosting AI | Alice Bonasio


The rise of Artificial Intelligence is paving way the way for increased efficiency, productivity and innovation in a competitive market. But how exactly can AI help increase bottom-line profits?

By Ingvar Gudmundsson, CEO and Founder of

By 2035 AI is predicted to trigger a boost of $14 billion across 16 industries, in 12 economies. Unsurprisingly then, businesses are waking up to the potential of adopting AI technologies, particularly with regards to facilitating the automation of low value-added tasks such as administration.

AI can ensure that organisations have…

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Learning Real-World Skills in Virtual Reality | Alice Bonasio


From utilities companies to first responders, more industries are adopting rich VR training experiences

There is a growing plethora of Industry 4.0 use cases for Immersive Technologies, and companies like Microsoft have partnered with various developers to launch collaborative and remote assistance applications.

Tech like Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality leverage cognitive embodiment to reinforce learning, which works particularly well in scenarios such as medical training which involve the performance of both mental and physical tasks.

There’s a plethora of Industry 4.0 use…

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Infographic: London Fastest Growing Sectors | Alice Bonasio


The UK Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) showed distinct trends in growth for specific sectors in London and in the UK as a whole.

FinTech looks set to keep growing in the coming months, driving the city’s economy forward
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The infographic below by Instant Offices illustrates some of these key areas of growh. Some of the key findings from their research include:
The number of employees in the UK increased by 1.8%, from 29.5 million to 30.0 million between 2015 and 2016
The biggest increases in employees were concentrated in London (up 2%) and the East of…

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Visualising Your Technology Skillset | Alice Bonasio


Brendan Dawes uses art to show how we build digital skills in a surprisingly organic way.

Such a large proportion of any company’s value nowadays resides in intellectual property, that it is safe to say that keeping your workforce’s skills up to date has to be the cornerstone of any successful business strategy – especially for technology companies.

A large proportion of any company’s value nowadays resides in its intellectual property
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Letting those skills stagnate is the equivalent to not performing maintenance on essential equipment, and has arguably larger…

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Celebrating Girls in Tech | Alice Bonasio


Tech Trends looks for some positive stories to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and mark #IDG2018.

It’s easy to look at the state of affairs in the world today and despair that we’ll ever live to see a world of gender equality, or even one where girls don’t grow up feeling like fear, abuse and mockery are their rightful lot in life.

Yet in today’s business climate, companies need a dynamic and diverse workforce more than ever. Those who do not champion equal representation are missing out on a big opportunity to maintain their competitive edge and outperform their peers.

It’s easy to…

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