Outdoor Mark Making Easels | Amy Louise

My favourite thing about I do is the inspirational people I meet along the way. I recently came across the fabulous work by Kerri who is a childminder, rated Outstanding by Ofsted in Kent. Her work drew me in. The way she presents activities for the children is pretty special and I am over the moon that she will be joining us on Learning and Exploring Through Play.
Today I am sharing an outdoor mark making activity using Nature and recycled materials.
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Churchfields Farm | Amy Louise

This week we ventured to somewhere new – Churchfields Farm. We went Friday and I have already been back to revisit on Sunday with James and Neve in tow. What a lovely find it was! It’s been a while since I shared on the blog places to visit so I’m excited to be back sharing some of my best finds with you. 
Churchfields Farm is a lovely farm set in Droitwich with lots to offer for the family. It specialises in Ice cream and has a huge range of flavors available every day. They even have a mince pie flavor! Read more »

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Heart Themed Sensory Play | Amy Louise

Following on from all the lovely heart themed activities we have been enjoying as of late, today I am sharing another one we had fun with today.
Pom Pom Heart Sensory PlayWater Bead Heart Sensory Play
Now the boys are getting a little older they seem to be really gravitating towards sensory play. They have such fleeting attentions usually but activities like this are really keeping them engaged.
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Frozen Pom Pom Hearts | Amy Louise

After a recently activity that proved to be very successful at holding the boys attention:
Frozen Water Bead Hearts
I wanted to create more opportunities for Sensory Play throughout the day. This was an activity I could prepare in just a few minutes one evening. It wasn’t something that was in the way and provided a back up activity that I could whip out to do if a moment of calm and focus was needed. 
I used resources that we already had in the house so it didn’t cost me anything either. I shall add some links at the bottom of the post providing some of the resources I used. If I’ve not been…

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Cardboard Road Small World | Amy Louise

It’s been the season for cardboard box galore as of late. I’d just got back from the school run. Hot and bothered. The twins were busy playing with their cars on the windowsill and in these moments where I should probably take a breather – I get a random idea pop into my head, to make something.
I popped to the recycling. Brought out a box and grabbed the sharpie pen. Read more »

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