Sticky Back Plastic Autumn Tree | Amy Louise

We recently enjoyed a lovely stroll around the woods and between stopping the twins from trying to eat leaves and sticks, we collected lots of lovely Autumn leaves. As soon as Autumn arrives there are so many wonderful opportunities for exploring and learning. It’s a time of year where I particularly feel inspired to use Nature in our crafts and activities. 
We have recently used leaves to make patterns on them and trace the lines we have seen in the leaves. We have got craft with Salt Dough and made our own leaves to hang on twigs collected from the woods. 
Did you see the stunning plate…

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Rosies Walk Tuff Tray | Amy Louise

I am rather excited to be sharing such a great Tuff Tray with you today inspired by the wonderful, and much loved classic – Rosies Walk. Rosies Walk has been a firm favourite for generations after being published originally in 1967. It was written by Pat Hutchins. She was not only an Author but an illustrator too and went on to write/illustrate around 50 books (Rosies Walk being her first). She was married to an illustrator and he would more often than not draw the pictures to stories she would lovingly write.
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Autumn Crafts for Kids | Amy Louise

With Autumn term/season upon us you may have started getting a little excited about the Autumn Crafts and Adventures that await you and your children. There really is something quite comforting and warming about the Autumn colours so it’s been lovely bringing together a collection of wonderful things to do with your children during this season.

Something that I personally really love doing each year is the Nature collecting. We always have a day out conker collecting and take the most adorable wicker basket to collect them all in. Anyone would think the conkers were gold how we all…

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Autumn Leaf Lines with Chalk | Amy Louise

Have you seen the Salt Dough Leaves we created recently? I am loving this season for Autumn crafts and activities. I particularly have been enjoying setting little lap tray activities up for Neve as she arrives home from school. We recently created patterns on leaves using Chalk Markers and today I want to share with you another lovely Autumn activity – tracing the lines in the leaves.

With young children in particular, we often set up tracing activities to help develop fine motor control. Tracing also helps develop hand eye co-ordination. Some children simply don’t respond or engage well…

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