Dinosaur Swamp Sensory Play | Amy Louise

No matter what the time of year, no matter what the setting – sensory, small world activities are unbelievably valuable for children. They allow them to explore so many concepts first hand for example:Acting out and making up stories, using stories to aid their play, getting lost in their imagination, creating, mixing, filling, exploring texture and cause and effect to name a few. Read more »

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Unusual Gifts for all the Family | Amy Louise

When I have a loved ones Birthday coming up, I love to think outside the box and buy items that are not the obvious thing to buy. I like products that are quirky, fun, different and practical. So I must admit I did spend a considerable amount of time looking on Uncommon Goods. This is why I really love my bedtime browsing sessions. After the super busy days, this is MY time of day, where I get to zone out a little and do something for me. 
It’s often at this time I discover some pretty fabulous things. From products, to people to follow on social media and websites.
Today I want to share with…

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LEGO Sea Rescue Plane | Amy Louise

After our recent enjoyment building and playing with the Snow Resort Chalet that we got from Tesco I was really keen and excited to try another LEGO product. We decided to go for the Sea Rescue Plane 60164.
Lego is not far from hitting its 100 year anniversary. It’s not a toy I have brought or played with since I was a child myself, but now my children are getting a bit older they have really been enjoying playing with the LEGO I played with as a child. Almost 30 years old the LEGO is still in perfect condition despite being played with lots. 
After all the fun we had with the Snow Resort I…

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Ramadan Tuff Tray | Amy Louise

Ramadan is a month long fast. It is a time considered for intense prayer and devotion to the religion of Islam.Ramadan is a spiritual journey to help followers empathise with the less fortunate and makes them feel closer to God. It is based on the lunar calendar so the fast lasts for 29 or 30 days depending on the sighting of the moon. During the festival – Muslims fast from dawn till dusk (which can be up to 16 hours this time of year!) and enjoy eating during the evenings.
People often give money to charities to help feed the hungry. You will also find people reading the holy book The…

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Mark Making with Kinetic Sand | Amy Louise

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing Kinetic Sand? We just love the stuff here and play with it on a regular basis. In fact the children can’t get it out without me being drawn to it too! I find the sand is rather mesmerising, calming and quite fascinating. The sand is squeezable, mould-able, never dries out and doesn’t stick to your hands! Today we have been using some different tools with the sand as opposed to the usual moulds we use.
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LEGO The Snow Resort Chalet | Amy Louise

I have fond memories playing with Lego as a child. I can still remember the structures I sat building with my Dad and the imagination that flowed afterwards. Lego is a fantastic tool for creativity, problem solving, following step by step instructions and critical thinking. Its a brand that has been around for years. 
Founded in 1932 LEGO has been past down through the generations. The name LEGO derived from two Danish Words – “leg godt” meaning Play Well.Read more »

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Open Farm Sunday | Amy Louise

I was recently browsing the web when I came across the event Open Farm Sunday. I had never heard about this event before but it has been running since 2006! Where have I been I thought? 
I had a good look into the event and discovered that 1000’s of Farms across the UK open their doors to the public free of charge on the 11th June. It has proven to be very successful and has been a great way for farms to connect with people and show them what their roles entail. 
LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) manages the event and each farm offers something a little different, when events sharing…

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