Rainbow Canvas Printing | Amy Louise

Drip, Drop Drip little April showers or a big horay for St Patricks Day! Spring (or quite frankly anytime) is great for Rainbow crafts. Throughout the year Rainbow crafts are enjoyed here. I don’t think it matters how old you are – seeing a rainbow is magical! This is going to be a post that shares lots of colour as I go on to share this craft with you plus a handful of rainbow crafts and activities we have been enjoying!

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Dinosaur Swamp Tuff Tray | Amy Louise

I am over the moon to have Laura Kerrison back today. She has previously shared some brilliant Rainbow Fish activities and today she is here to share a Dinosaur Tuff Tray the children have been enjoying at their Nursery. Do you remember the Dinosaur Swamp we shared with you last Summer?
We have been having quite a bit of rain as of late. It has provided some fabulous fun for our outdoor play at our setting in Lodge Cottage Nursery, Norfolk. The Tuff Tray lay on the grass and the children were fascinated to see it filling up pretty quickly. The rain splished and sploshed into the tray.
We got…

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Chinese New Year Rice Sensory Play | Amy Louise

Did you see our recent Chinese New Year inspired Sensory Play we shared last week? If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen the activity coming together on my Instastories. I love sharing celebrations and culture with the children! Chinese New Year is always quite a refreshing celebration to cover. It’s after Christmas, we’ve said goodbye to the January blues and bam the Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year/ Spring Festival brings joy to the classroom. As part of this topic we have also shared Symmetrical Dragon Paintings, Chinese Lanterns using old art work, China Tuff Tray and Paper…

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Chinese New Year Sensory Spaghetti | Amy Louise

Chinese New Year is almost upon us! Have you been doing any arts,crafts or activities with the children to teach them all about it?If you follow us over on Instagram you will have seen this activity in action, along with Symmetrical Dragon Paintings, Chinese Lanterns using old art work, China Tuff Tray and Paper Roll Dragons! I wanted to set up some sensory play inspired by Chinese New Year too. My children really enjoy sensory bins/trays so I try to do as many as I can. Today this set up greeted Neve as she arrived home from school. 
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Let them be Bored | Amy Louise

How many times do you hear the phrase ‘I’m bored’? How do you respond?
It can make me feel quite defensive at times. I’m rushing around trying to tick many boxes and the added remarks/moans of ‘I’m bored’ can be a little too much to take. Sometimes I  feel as though my children being bored means I’m not doing enough for them. Guilt creeps in quickly. 
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