Snowman Crafts, Snacks and Activities | Amy Louise

It’s the season to build Snowmen – tra la la la laaa la la la la. Here in the UK, its got really chilly all of a sudden. I can also now announce – we’ve had our first sighting of snow here in the Midlands! Yipeeee! Public Transport is cancelled, schools are shut along with attractions and places of worship! 7 inches deep here at the moment which is the deepest we’ve had in a good 7 years or more. There is something so magical about snowy down pours. We always get so excited! Do you do the snow dance? We used to do this in the hope we would encourage the snow fairies to get a move on for a…

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Snowman Pretzel Rod Snacks | Amy Louise

Well we’ve had a great few weeks bring you lots of Christmas Tree themed crafts…. 
Which one has been your favourite? I’ve had lots of lovely messages about them and it’s been great seeing photos from Christmas crafts and activities you have been doing too! It does melt my heart when you have been inspired by our crafts. Please keep them coming! Lets just recap the last handful of crafts we’ve been sharing with you, before I share today’s Snowman Snack with you…..


Today I want to share with you a super cute Snowman snack that children (and the grown ups) will love during…

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Jack Frost Winter Tuff Tray | Amy Louise

I came across the story Here Comes Jack Frost written by Kazuno Kohara a couple of years ago. I was buying a collection of Winter themed stories from the book people and luckily it was in there. I loved the story because although the tale is simple – it really does ignite the imagination and show how enchanting Winter can be. 
The little boy in the story is feeling lonely. All of his animal friends are hibernating. Out of the blue (see what I did there?!) he stumbles across Jack Frost. A fabulous book to start exploring Winter, Hibernation and even feelings. I guarantee children will wake up…

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Bubble Wrap Christmas Decorations | Amy Louise

Oh my. The deliveries. The endless deliveries that keep finding their way to my house. Well they don’t find their way – they’ve been ordered. You see this year I have accepted that Christmas shopping with two 16 month old busy toddlers is a no go! My answer is Amazon. I can get done the shopping I need to without leaving my house and dealing with two little humans who refuse to co-operate with me. Instead – I can keep them at home and watch as they terrorise my Christmas Tree and try to balance plastic food out the play kitchen onto our beloved family pet. 
It’s the season for cardboard…

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Grinch Wood Slice Craft | Amy Louise

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – US/UK is a much loved movie in most house holds. The book is just as great! In my experience of working with children over the last decade – once you share the delight of this tale with them they are hooked. Just, as adults become too. Today I am sharing with you such a lovely craft that the children would have lots of fun making! Hang them up on the trees in your setting/home or pop them in some clear cellophane bags and gift them.

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Christmas Tree Sun Catcher Card | Amy Louise

I want to cast your minds back to January time last year. We shared with you a I love you to pieces sun catcher card that you loved! Using this method we have made a super cute Christmas Tree Sun Catcher Card. Not only is it a lovely card to make it also has the option of removing the sun catcher and popping them on the Christmas Tree/Window, and enjoying them as a decoration. Read more »

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Curtain Ring Craft Activity | Amy Louise

Four years ago I brought some curtains. The curtains also included plastic rings to hang them up. I didn’t use them but stashed them away, knowing that one day I might be able to use them for a craft. Well I have the twins inquisitive nature to thank for today’s craft. They went quite. Which usually means mischief or danger. So I popped my head around the door and there they were sat with the stash of over 30 curtain hoops, pulling them out one by one. 
I have seen lots of you using curtain rings for learning. I love your imaginative ways so I wanted to think of a way to use them not only for…

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