Sajid Javid, announced today that the Government is throwing its support behind the plan to protect music venues under threat from developers. | bedfordburrow

“UK Music has been campaigning for developers to take account of the impact of any new plans on pre-existing businesses like music venues before going ahead with their plans. That could mean, for example, the developer of new flats takes responsibility for soundproofing to avoid the risk of new neighbours complaining about noise from a music venue.

Before the Government’s announcement today, UK Music’s plan to save venues was supported by at least 100 MPs and peers including former Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, as well as  organisations including the Music Venue Trust and the Musicians’…

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Value Bedford’s Esquires, it’s Independent Venue Week – 29th Jan to 4th Feb. | bedfordburrow

Now in its 5th year, Independent Venue Week is a 7 day celebration of independent music venues all over the country.  Venues that survive with little, or no, corporate help or sponsorship, they give so much to the local community and the music business.

Venues just like Bedford’s Esquires, where the staff and promoters work hard all year to create an exciting and eclectic mix of acts for us to enjoy, and to keep Bedford high near the top of country’s best live music venues.

And during Independent Venue Week, 29th of January to the 4th of February, they’ve done it again.

On Tuesday 30th…

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Hands Off Bedford Hospital | bedfordburrow

Bedford, Luton & Dunstable and Milton Keynes Hospitals are in line to be fast tracked into something called an “Accountable Care System” (an ACS). What’s an ACS you might ask?

It’s something, created by someone, who wants to reorganise the NHS as part of “Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships”, (STP). You get the idea, and probably love the jargon.

The aim is to change the way the NHS is funded, bringing Health and Social Care under one budget. But that budget will be capped. I can’t imagine who would want to do such a thing, can you?

The other thing you need to know is…

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The Cambridge line leaves Bedford | bedfordburrow

This post follows on from Bedford St Johns Station on the closed Cambridge line

From London Road bridge the track leaves St Johns station on route to Cambridge

The track bed runs behind Homebase on Rope Walk

The route emerges from behind Hobbycraft on at the end of Rope Walk and crosses Cardington Road by the pedestrian crossing

The low embankment runs parallel with Longholme Way towards the river

The footpath runs alongside the embankment on Longholme Way

There are occasional clues of a previous life as a railway track bed.




As the river is reached the path cuts…

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Bedford old St Johns station, on the closed line to Cambridge. | bedfordburrow

Christmas brought retirement and a surprise Christmas present, a train set, so that i could set about building a layout with my youngest grandson.

First problem: is three years old to young for a model railway? Grandson immediately created his own model railway using his own toys (see video).

Secondly, how to afford the cost of building a model railway. Inspiration for saving money came from the Budget Model Railway guys. They have lots of ideas on making use of free stuff. They’ve got their own channel on You Tube. Check them out if you are on a tight model railway budget.

1901 map of…

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#Christmas #Abomination Award 2017 | bedfordburrow

Every year, we here in Bedford, colleagues and partners, look on in disbelief at the way human beings treat each other. This year we have decided to make an award to the human being, group or association, or corporate body of human beings who have, in our belief, behaved in the most monstrous, abominable way to their fellow humans.

In previous years we have found such behaviour  limited to small, narrow groups of people. This year has seen a dramatic change.

This year there so many examples of abominable behaviour that we have to decided to make an award to the person, or group of people,…

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