#Eton #Gaff boy #Boris #May have given the game away on leadership as #PM #May cannot say no. | bedfordburrow

Britain would join US military action against Syria, Boris Johnson says in The Evening Standard, probably hoping the Standard article will  feed nicely into #May’s Tory Story on leadership.

She is strong. She is a leader. She is May. Maybe Not.

But Boris then let’s the Cat out of the Bag further into the article.

“And if they come to us and ask for our support, whether it’s with submarine-based cruise missiles in the (Mediterranean), or whatever… it would be in my view, and I know this is also the view of the Prime Minister, it would be very difficult for us to say no.”

So there we…

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#FoodDrunk, #Esquires, #Bedford | bedfordburrow

A brand new Street Food and Cider festival is coming to Bedford. And it comes with the added bonus of some amazing bands, artists and DJs!

It’ll be landing on Bromham Road at Bedford’s top music venue, Esquires. And with the Pad boys involved you can guarantee it will be well worth it. That’s 27th May, 12-00 thro to 23-00, if you’re a diary type.

The car park will disappear. Not literally. It will be turned into a mini food market. Bunting. And a few hay bales for good measure.

The two downstairs rooms will be turned into halls for the discerning foodies, with sounds as good as the…

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The BedPop Repair Shop is back for all the stuff that’s broken or stopped working in your house. | bedfordburrow

The BedPop is back on the block, looking for things to repair just for you.

Book the date in your diary, 20th May 2017, from 10-00am until 5-00pm at The Higgins on Castle Lane.

What’s happening?
TV’s  Max McMurdo, of Reestore by Max McMurdo fame, is holding a Q & A session
there’s a donation station for  sponsors Bedford ReUse Centre
and there’s a team of fixing volunteers to fix your stuff

So get into the Make do and Mend spirit and remember the first rule of recycling, first try to repair it!


Last years sponsors Goldings of Bedford will be there again.

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If you missed #Honeyblood at the #6MusicFest catch them this week at #Esquires #Bedford | bedfordburrow

This Thursday, 27th April, is the day, or night, to catch Honeyblood dropping into Bedford’s Esquires. If you missed them at the 6 Music Festival you can catch up here ,before popping down to Esquires for a live version. Assuming there are tickets left.

Pad Presents Page

No need to say much more about them, watch the tele catch up.

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Rothsay herb garden open day 20th May | bedfordburrow

Volunteers keep the garden tidy and alive.
Just walk down the road and join us.
Setting up 9-30 – if you can help with setting up that would be great. Nothing to strenuous, just a couple of gazebos and a few tables.
Cake stall – if you can bake or donate a cake that would be great, but please call into the herb garden even if you just want to eat cake. Every cake you buy and eat will help fund the herb garden for another year. No one gives us any money, not even the Borough Council, we have to raise it ourselves.
Plants – lots to buy, also bring any spare…

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Local volunteers working on Rothsay roundabout herb garden, #Bedford | bedfordburrow



A regular Saturday morning tidy of Rothsay herb garden by local volunteers. These things have to be done.

If you live near the garden, or regularly walk through it, why not think about joining in.

Weeding, trimming, watering, planting and generally keeping the place tidy has to be done so why not offer an hour to help.


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#Bedford, Saturday April 22nd, Green Party Town Centre Stall, by the “Faces”. | bedfordburrow

Bedford Green Party will be the town centre this Saturday, 22nd April, with their regular town centre stall.One thirty by the Silver Faces.

The theme is air pollution, but, given this weeks announcement of the General Election, they’ll have general Green info too.

They will be sharing the 38 Degrees Petition, “Clean Our Air It’s Killing Us“, click the link to sign.

Can you help? Or  come along  & say hello , mind the pollution!

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