Tuesday, a strange day, a day of reflection. | bedfordburrow

Tuesday. 23rd May. 2017.  A strange day.

Today I’ve busied myself with the things I needed to do. Those mundane things we do every day that never make the news. Looking after my grandson, at home on doctor’s orders with rubella. No headlines. No life-changing event. Taking comfort from family ties, caring for those close to you.

I didn’t watch much news. I preferred my own thoughts to those filtered through the agenda of media outlets. The shallowness.

At times my mind wandered to those less fortunate, caught up in events of horror and loss.

The dealers in death, intruding into the…

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#FoodDrunk, #Esquires, #Bedford – 27th May – Street Food, Music, Cider, DJs. | bedfordburrow

Food Drunk will be here this weekend. Street Food, Cider, live music and DJs. A festival in Bedford with everything you’ll ever need for the perfect day.

The car park will disappear, so walk. It will be a mini food market. Bunting. And a few hay bales for good measure. Basic stuff. And of course the sun will shine.

FoodDrunk 001 is just around the corner – The finest in street food, cider, live music and DJs, all wrapped up in a tasty nugget of goodness on Saturday 27th May!

We have 15 different ciders to road test, from the fruity sippers to the ones that make you see double….

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The #Tory #Dementia #Tax is a wake up call to ordinary people – get ready to be asset stripped by the #Tories – again. | bedfordburrow

Did Theresa May really think she could get away it? Probably she did. She believes her own popularity hype so it’s a small step to think you can do whatever your want.

Spun as a the Tory solution to the Social Care crisis, it’s obvious that it’s nothing of the sort. May’s Dementia Tax is just the latest in a long line of Tory tools to asset strip ordinary people.

The unemployed have been stripped of all dignity. Punitive measures are applied to sanction and remove the meagre levels financial  support.

Likewise the sick and disabled have been systematically abused by the Tories….

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Red Cuthbert adding a bit of colour, fun and entertainment to Rothsay Herb Garden | bedfordburrow

Whilst we were busy selling cake, herbs and thinking about hedgehogs, Red Cuthbert rocked up and took centre stage for a while. They even took the opportunity to interview Lucy Bywater, Green Party candidate in GE2017.

Red Cuthbert rock upGetting sortedAnd here we goStand backAre we ready?Who’s doing what?I’m here at Rothsay Herb Garden about to interview Lucy BywaterI follow Red Cuthbert everywhere, well nearly everywhere. OK, when they rock up on Castle Road



A splash of red amongst the green

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