Festivals 2019 – show much happening. Where to go? | bedfordburrow

Which festivals for 2019?

Early days, still looking, but a couple are already definite.

Some links to:

Isle of Wight 13th – 16th June

The Eyes Have It 5th – 7th July

Latitude 18th – 21st July

Tolpudle Martyrs Festival 19th – 21st July

Larmer Tree 19th – 22nd July

Camp Bestival 25th – 28th July

Wilderness Festival 1st – 4th August

Green Man Festival 15th – 18th August

Byline Festival 23 – 26th August


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Fish & Chips – Campsites – Camping – Out and About Live name 10 best campsites for Fish & Chips | bedfordburrow

Find out where to park your #van for the best fish suppers in Britain.

The number one chippy has yet to be decided, but if you like your fish & chips then any of the ten will do fine.

Source: 10 Best Campsites For Fish And Chips – Campsites – Camping – Out and About Live

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Arne | bedfordburrow

Arne is a village in Dorset which gives its name to a peninsular protruding into Poole Harbour. The peninsular is directly opposite the town of Poole. (see map). The peninsular is home to RSPB Arne.

It has plenty of paths to explore the heaths, coastline and varied habitats, and enjoy the natural beauty of Arne. Although there are many visitors to the area it is still possible to find peace and tranquillity.

The varied habitats are home to dear, reptiles and a variety of birds.

There is car parking at the RSPB centre, and a café, but the point of going to Arne is to explore.


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Blickling Estate | National Trust | bedfordburrow

The Blickling Estate & park, in Norfolk, is managed by the National Trust. It’s a great place to wander aimlessly, enjoying the sights of nature.

Marvel at the stature & structure of the trees. The beauty of the birds. A flashing glimpse of a king fisher. The patience of a hunting heron.

We didn’t get anywhere near seeing it all, some 4600 acres, but that’s a good reason to return.  If you want to know more about the place and what’s going on their, click the link.

Source: Blickling Estate | National Trust

Here are a few of our pictures.




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The Word Defiant! Art Instalation at Blickling Estate | National Trust | bedfordburrow

“The Word Defiant” is an Art installation created by Les Enfants Terribles at Blickling Estate in Norfolk.

The installation reveals stories of books that have been banned, burned, drowned, superseded, redacted, neglected and those that remain defiant.

Books are survivors and defy the destruction at the hand of man. Books, and the words & images within them, are to be cherished.

The installation runs until the end of October. It’s worth a visit. You will react……. but how?
In the boiler-room amongst the coal.
In the library.


There are many installations in rooms…

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Beeston Bump | bedfordburrow

Approaching the top of Beeston Bump
Beeston Bump is a remnant of the last ice age, around 15,000 years ago. It’s a 63 metre high heap of sand and gravel, with a few big rocks thrown in for good measure.

The material in the bump has been moved over quite a distance by the glaciers. When the ice melted the bump was left behind.

At the time of the ice age the North Sea did not exist. The rivers Thames and Rhine formed a giant estuary. The melting ice flooded the area and eventually formed the North Sea, with erosion breaking through to form the English Channel.

It all makes a mockery of…

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Salthouse beach road & Gramborough Hill | bedfordburrow

Vehicles parking on beach road in the distance.
See the map below for location and directions.

Parking is along the side of the road, there is no official car park. There used to be a car park here but in 2013 storms covered it with six-foot of shingle.

There is a turning point. There are no other facilities there, although whilst we there, a guy turned up with a rather nice looking coffee-making machine in the back of his transit and started selling coffee to anyone interested.

The road was quiet whilst we were there, with just a few people coming and going. The few cars parked there…

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