Teaching Excellence Framework: typical Tory nonsense | Bernie Evans

With the Tories` somewhat distorted views on education, the expectations of their “teaching excellence framework” were probably to enhance reputations of Russell group members, and cast doubt on the value of so-called lesser institutions (Elite universities given low scores in new table, 22/06/17). Basing rankings on statistics which have little to do with, as the director of the Higher Education Policy Institute said, “any meaningful assessment of teaching”, the awards instead rely on results which often have nothing to do with how well students are taught, such as drop-out rates and…

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“Biggest bribe in history” – as if! | Bernie Evans

It`s surprising that Simon Jenkins thinks that Labour`s “£50bn tuition-fee relief” to all graduates was “the biggest election bribe in history”(Where are we now? 16th June, 2017). Where has he been in recent years?
     In all of the elections held at least in the last forty years, the Tories have promised either massive tax reductions to the richest individuals and corporations in our society, or continued freedom for financial institutions to develop tax avoidance schemes without fear of serious punishment. As long as the rich voted Tory, they could continue to squirrel away their wealth in…

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Socialism with a human face – if ever there was a need | Bernie Evans

Gaby Hinsliff asks questions about whether “successive governments caved in too easily to profiteering landlords” (Grenfell – shameful symbol of a state that didn`t care,16/06/17), whilst your editorial finds it “very hard to understand why” the coroner`s recommendations after the Lakanal House fire “were not immediately enforced” (Grenfell Tower is shaping up to be Theresa May`s Hurricane Katrina, 16/06/17).       Is it necessary to look further than the record of recent Tory governments? For example, in January last year a Labour amendment to the housing and planning bill was…

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Corbyn has rewritten the rules | Bernie Evans

The fact that Britain is “headed for a hung parliament” shows that not only has May`s arrogant gamble failed, but that there is a lesson to be quickly learned by the Labour party (Corbyn stuns the Tories, 09/06/17). With Corbyn clearly not unelectable as so many of the parliamentary party believed, and a left-wing manifesto in the 21st century  far from being one of the “longest suicide notes in history”, now is the time for all wings of the party to rally round their democratically elected leader. A disunited party under Corbyn has “changed the face of British politics”; imagine what a…

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NS didn`t like this | Bernie Evans

Like Peter Wilby, I hope Corbyn`s Labour gets around 35% of the vote, so that we hear less from “Blair, Mandelson and their ilk about how Labour can`t win on a left-wing manifesto” (First Thoughts, 2nd June, 2017).The trouble is their thoughts have been echoed in most of the recent articles on domestic policies in your magazine. You say that you “campaign for a more just society”, but when Corbyn`s policies are aimed at achieving exactly that, you join in the right-wing media`s obsession with attacking him (Labour and the common good, 2nd June, 2017).
      Jason Cowley suggests that after…

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Too appalling for words | Bernie Evans

Polly Toynbee gave us “just 10 of the multitudinous reasons” why another five years of Tory government must be avoided, but the omission of a number of obvious ones reveals how “terrible” the prospect really is (Here are 10 good reasons to dread five more years of May, 06/06/17). No mention of a foreign policy based on making allies of any dictatorship, regardless of the cruelty of the regime, as long as British weapons are bought; nothing, either, about the inevitable increased inequality which will result from a refusal to tax the rich fairly, and to pass legislation to decrease tax…

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Tory “magic money tree” | Bernie Evans

Simon Kelner`s excellent appraisal of the election even acknowledged that some of the recent “puerile discourse” is partly the responsibility of the media (Most soul-destroying election of my life, 02/06/17). He mentioned the Tories` latest soundbite “to discredit Labour spending plans”, which is frequently mentioned in the media, the “magic money tree”, but then failed to add any information about another “money tree”, the one funding the Tories` election campaign.Since the election`s announcement, £9.5m has been donated to the Tories, compared to Labour`s £3.4m, and rumour has it that much…

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