How do search engines work? | bhall

Over the last few weeks, years 5 and 6 have been learning about how search engines work. Below is a quick summary of what we have covered, together with some useful links to find out more information.

How do search engines rank search results?

We took part in an unplugged activity where the children created their own plan for a website linked to their particular topic area. We then applied the criteria a search engine would use to decide which website would appear at the top of a search. We discovered that search engines look for the following, in order of importance:

1. The number of…

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Snapchat update | bhall

There has been a lot of coverage in the media over the last few days of the recent update to Snapchat. A new feature called ‘Snap Map’ has been introduced which allows people to locate other users based on their location. It is accurate enough to isolate users to a particular household. This feature poses a significant risk to a child’s safety online and in the real world.

You can find out more on this BBC News article.

If your child or any of their siblings are using Snapchat we recommend that you turn off this feature as a matter of urgency.

How to turn off Snap Map location sharing …

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Recording data in Excel | bhall

Tomorrow, year 4 will be in the ICT suite recording data from our traffic survey last week in Excel.

Here’s a quick beginners guide:

1. Open Excel – click on the green X at the bottom of the screen:


2. Open a new blank workbook. You are now in a blank sheet – use the arrow keys or mouse to move to different boxes, or ‘cells’ as they are known as in Excel.

3. Choose appropriate headings and labels for the data you collected – e.g.






4. Enter your data.

5. Select your data by dragging and dropping and click on the Insert menu, then Chart – see what you can…

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