Taking back control of school accountability | Blog Editor

IOE events. This month our What if…? debate tackled a reoccurring theme from the series – how we hold schools to account and the impact that has on how schools are run and what they provide for their pupils. This issue…Read more ›

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Exclusion and mental health difficulties: unravelling cause and effect and seeking answers in classroom practice | Blog Editor

Amelia Roberts.  We are in an ‘exclusions’ crisis.With a rise in exclusions for three years running, we now have 40 children per day being permanently excluded across the UK. There is a clear link between exclusions and subsequent mental health difficulties.…Read more ›

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Social media and screen-time: To ban or not to ban – that’s probably not the question | Blog Editor

Rob Davies, CLOSER. Informed by evidence from academics, royal societies, health officials, social media companies, young people, teachers, government ministers, research funders and more, the Science and Technology Committee report on the impact of social media and screen-use on young…Read more ›

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More British children are learning Mandarin Chinese – but an increase in qualified teachers is urgently needed | Blog Editor

Mandarin Chinese: coming to a school near you soon? shutterstock Katharine Carruthers. Mandarin Chinese is seen as being of increasing strategic importance, and in recent years there’s been a growing number of students taking up the language in schools across…Read more ›

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