Beyond Prevent: helping students to think critically is a better way to discourage extremism | Blog Editor

Mike Diboll and Reza Gholami,  The government’s counter-extremism Prevent strategy has come under serious criticism. Commentators say it risks intensifying the very extremism it is intended to “prevent”. Mounting evidence suggests that it is at best ineffective, at worst counter-productive. Surely, it…Read more ›

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Sexual harassment at school: What can young people’s gender based activism tell us? | Blog Editor

Jessica Ringrose and Hanna Retallack.  To teachers, students and researchers in the field of gender and education, the findings in the recent report “Sexism in Schools: ‘It’s just everywhere’ were not surprising. The study, commissioned by the National Education Union…Read more ›

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How can research truly inform practice? It takes a lot more than just providing information | Blog Editor

Jonathan Sharples.  The Education Endowment Foundation’s latest evaluation report, the ‘Literacy Octopus‘, provides plenty of food for thought for anyone interested in improving the way research evidence informs practice, not just in education, but across sectors. This pair of large,…Read more ›

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