Expecting Things to Spark up at Sunmarke’s Saturday Teachmeet! This Saturday!! | @cazzwebbo

Great line up of speakers, discussion topics and live action to get involved in this Saturday morning at Sunmarke School’s first ever Teachmeet, taking place at JVT based campus, Dubai, UAE. 

I’ll be giving some tips away on how to make a learning mat. Can’t wait – hope to see you there!! 

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Fitness and Literacy News: Hot off the Press! TribeFit Trendsetting Gym to Support Sunmarke Teachmeet on January 28th! | @cazzwebbo

Dubai Marina’s trendiest, hottest and most socially active gym is set to liven up the forthcoming Sunmarke teachmeet to give a wake-up call to teachers and other interested delegates and presenters on Saturday 28th January.

TribeFit trainers will make a special guest appearance to get the event off to an energizing, rejuvenating and replenishing start with a January inspired New Year’s fitness resolution style Saturday morning stretch class lasting just 10 minutes at 10.30am.

As already announced via an extensive range of social media channels, Sunmarke School will be hosting a literacy…

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Sunmarke Teach Meet, Saturday 28th January 2017, 10am to 1pm: English and Literacy Best Practice in the Secondary Classroom | @cazzwebbo

Sunmarke Teach Meet, Saturday 28th January 2017, 10am to 1pm: English and Literacy Best Practice in the Secondary Classroom – Happy New Teaching Year! Come Nurture and Refresh your Teaching Soul at Sunmarke!

A group of teaching and learning enthusiasts will gather together on Saturday 28th January for a morning of thought-provoking and stimulating presentations and discussions around the topic of teaching English and literacy in the international British curriculum at secondary level.

The exciting teach meet Spark event, taking place at Sunmarke School, Jumeirah Village triangle, Dubai,…

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AS Level Opinion Article: Political Correctness vs Jeremy Clarkson :) | @cazzwebbo

Just had to share this, by my year 12 AS level English Language student. Pure brilliance – enjoy!

Opinion article aimed at young adults ages 18-25

A politically correct term a day, keeps the offence away

Jeremy Clarkson, I beg you sincerely, shut the bloody hell up and sit your backwards behind down. Have you not caused enough trouble? No really and truly, riddle me this– you punch your producer in the face because there was no hot food in your hotel and now you want to badmouth your old bosses because they were being politically correct and all of this is sound to you? Jezza, can I…

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9 English activities for 9 days of term left… | @cazzwebbo

Just 9 school days left before the winter break, starting this Sunday. So here’s my English teacher 9 day advent calendar of … fun? Well, 9 things to do in class until you all break free

1. Take an existing seasonal song and put your own words to it to help you remember and use discourse markers when writing or speaking. Record your song. 

2. Write a poem about skating on thin ice. Use lots of sibilance. Record your poem. 

3. Plan and perform a role play where you use a range of rhetorical devices to persuade someone to buy you a really expensive gift of your choice. Be sure to use…

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Are you up for the 15 minute creative writing challenge? | @cazzwebbo

How many words can you write in 15 minutes? This morning I was challenged by my students to prove that I could write 800 words in the space of a 90 minute lesson. I said if I did then they had to. This came after a discussion about effort and how many words of a first draft could be achieved in one lesson. So anyway, within 15 minutes I proved my point: 627 words. 

The response was mixed: “awww, miss, you are smarter than us!” “You’re making us feel bad now because we can’t write like that.” And so on. However, one or two were spurred on to make more effort than usual too. 

Here’s my 627…

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A neat little way to get students to focus on one improvement target per lesson: noodle card stands | @cazzwebbo

I’ve been set the challenge of setting students a target for improvement each lesson. As I already do this explicitly in exercise books after marking I thought I’d go the extra mile to make the process even more explicit and came up with the idea of a ‘noodle card stand’.

Anyone who has been swimming at fun splash time or to an aqua aerobics class knows what a noodle is: an elongated tubular float, available in a range of colours. They are used to either create extra resistance in water or help give more support. And, if you dice them up to create circular disks you can also make an…

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