It has been another busy few weeks working on strategies and data, analysis and intelligence and case studies. Another week where people focus on the wrong things… like uniform, instruction, structures and management as the keys to success and fail to recognise the importance of feedback, challenge and hands-on experience of the world of work.
Hattie’s research shows us what matters… feedback, talent and potential and we need to stay positive, share, network and learn with the best, build excellence and focus relentlessly on what works and what matters. We need to refocus on teaching and…

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At the end if yet another week working with some great young people in Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham, I am confused that people keep telling us that our education system in Yorkshire and the Humber is performing so poorly.
My work around the country and visits to Helsinki, Stockholm and Singapore suggest that colleagues elsewhere are no cleverer, no more skilful or talented than our colleagues here in Yorkshire and the Humber. Their young people appear to be very much the same as our young people. Their parents and carers want the same for their children… as they do the world…

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A colleague asked me recently how she should start with the challenges she was facing  and I told her she should read a great book by James Belasco…
Reading ‘Teaching the Elephant to Dance’ taught me such a lot about the management of change and that changing organisations and structures and cultures is possible. However, it also made me realise that changing anything is a complex task and that is where I learned so much about cultural change, learning leadership, beautiful systems and intelligent accountability.

If you read ‘Teaching the Elephant to Dance’, you’ll learn that organisations…

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Get Up To Speed 2017! | Chris Edwards

I was at ‘Get Up To Speed 2017’ today. GUTS is the annual Get Up To Speed event and was held again at the Magna Science Adventure Centre. GUTS is organised by Work-wise and has again broken all records with over 2000 visitors and a huge number of exhibitors and attractions.
This is the third year that this highly acclaimed careers event has been held in Rotherham at Magna Science Adventure Centre and exhibition just gets bigger and better and showed once again that the Sheffield City Region still has an exceptionally successful engineering and manufacturing base, built from a heritage…

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Interestingly, someone asked me the other day if behaviour, integrity and character were important. I think they define who we are and when they are lived and shape the way we behave they attract people to the cause, the endeavour, the organisation.
And importantly they enable people to decide if they want to be part of a cause, an endeavour, an organisation be that a family, a school, a hospital, a care home or a business. Colleagues don’t come to work to be part of something ordinary they want to be part of something important and special. I passionately believe that behaviour, integrity…

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TRUST MATTERS! | Chris Edwards

The Great Place to Work Institute’s annual surveys are conducted with more than 1.5 million employees, in more than 3,600 organisations, in forty different countries has identified that success in any organisation really boils down to just one five‐letter word: TRUST.

They have developed a “Trust Wheel” model identifying the five dimensions of leadership in a great culture: credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

Being approachable and easy to talk with, answering hard questions, and making expectations clear
Trusting colleagues without looking over their…

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JUST DO SOMETHING! | Chris Edwards

Wherever you look and whoever you talk to money is tight and there is never enough to do the things that matter. But whether it is care for the elderly, unemployment in young people, concerns about special educational needs and inclusion or the underachievement of looked after children; hard times and tough issues require bold, big and brilliant solutions… anything to shake things up and challenge the status quo.
It’s interesting that in so many places, people create hugely complex problems so that anyone looking to change things is discouraged by the enormity of the challenges they might…

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