Book Rainbow: Orange Books Part 2 | Christina Reid

Time for the next 4 books in the orange book pile. Orange doesn’t seem to be as popular a colour as many of the others – with black, white and red topping the pile, at least based on my bookshelves – but I still found that I had more orange books than I had expected.

See the first four books in the pile here.

Once again, I am ashamed to admit that I have only read 1 of these – The Language Instinct by Stephen Pinker which I read and reread at university when studying linguistics. Potter’s Boy and Sun Catcher are recent acquisitions, but The Gates has been on my shelves for a while so…

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Multilingual flashcard: Polar Bear | Christina Reid

Polar Bear in 10 languages for your New Year’s language learning!

Moving on from the winter-themed flashcards that I made last week, I’m going to add to the collection of animal flashcards. Even though most of this vocabulary won’t be much use to you unless you’re visiting a zoo, are a vet or want to talk about environmental issues/ endangered species, animals are one of the most popular topics to learn about and can be useful for starting conversations.

See all of the animal flashcards so far here.

Polar bears are the largest land carnivore and lives within the Arctic circle….

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6 ways blogging has changed the way I read | Christina Reid

So, I am fairly new to the world of book blogging, only starting posting reviews in July last year.

However, I have been reading voraciously for most of my life!

Since starting book blogging and, in particular, since starting to receive ARCs (Advance Review Copies) and follow other book bloggers, I have noticed that the way I read has changed.
How have you found that blogging has changed your reading habits?

1. I am much more aware of books before they are published and often read them before publication too.

I used to pick up books from the library or bookshop through browsing and…

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Korean in 3 minutes playlist | Christina Reid

Korean Class 101 do a great introductory series for Korean learners – I watched this when I first started learning Korean and found them a really good way to get some basics under my belt without being overwhelmed.

There are a total of 6 videos, each lasting 3 minutes so you can get a lot of basics in less than 20 minutes!

If you’re planning to learn Korean this year, this is a good place to start!

Check out my list of free resources for learning Korean here.

Learn the Top 25 phrases in Korean here.

Are you planning on learning a new language this year?
How are you planning to…

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1337 likes on WordPress! (i.e. no longer a blogging newbie) | Christina Reid

So, this happened recently!

I have to admit, I was a little confused when this popped up. Happy, but confused.

Since starting blogging ‘properly’ (read ‘regularly’ and ‘through choice’ rather than for a class assignment) in July 2017, I have been celebrating all the small milestones which are probably meaningless to someone who has been doing this for longer than me, but have made me so happy.

Seeing my blog followers increase, having interesting conversations through comments, discovering the multitude of people showcasing their talent and passion on their blogs – all of it has made…

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Petra by Marianna Coppo | Christina Reid

Love this book!

Book Murmuration

Petra is a rock and this is how she rolls.

Petra is the story of a rock who is underestimated by the people around her. Set in the plants she is a mountain. In the pond she is an island. She’s full of potential, but people keep telling her she’s a rock. A pebble. They send her flying. After every setback Petra reinvents herself to fit her new surroundings. 

Petra is about perspective. It is also about life’s ups and downs.

I loved Petra from the cover. Her smile is impossible to resist. This is a feel-good book, and Coppo’s art creates those…

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Multilingual flashcard: Robin | Christina Reid

Who doesn’t like to see a cheerful robin hopping around the garden in the winter?

In the U.K. they are one of the most popular birds and seem relatively unafraid of humans, often appearing when a gardener is digging in the hope of catching a few worms. Robins feature in lots of folklore and stories, with some people believing that seeing a robin is the spirit of a relative who has passed away coming back to visit. In Norse mythology the robin is sacred to Thor and is called a ‘storm bird’.

The robin is also featured heavily on Christmas cards and there are a number of Christian stories…

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