28th June – A Perfect Day.. | Colleen Young

…to do some Mathematics! 28th June is a Perfect Day to enjoy some Mathematics! Note some of these great resource suggestions. Look at Clarissa Grandi’s wonderful Artful Maths resources for example. 28 is also a happy number! It’s also National Tau Day! Pi is wrong….. This video provides a short version of the Tau Manifesto … Continue reading 28th June – A Perfect Day..

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Learning & Teaching A Level (Post 16) Mathematics | Colleen Young

I have made several updates to every page in the A Level series of pages recently. The A Level Resources page has had many new additions. It is likely that I will reorganise this as the collection has grown rather, but all links will still work, the main page will simply become a resource index … Continue reading Learning & Teaching A Level (Post 16) Mathematics

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A Level – Free MEI samples | Colleen Young

Looking at the samples for MEI’s Integral resources we see several outstanding resources for the new specification; these should give you some good ideas on high quality teaching resources. You can sample resources here for AS Mathematics. These samples are for four topics including Problem Solving. The level 1 exercise may well give you ideas for … Continue reading A Level – Free MEI samples

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Mathematical Miscellany #14 | Colleen Young

Years 7 and 8 (UK ages 11-12 and 12-13) Summer Assessments From the White Rose Maths Hub, (@WRMathsHub on Twitter) Year 7 and 8 Summer assessments.  I have mentioned the White Rose team before, recall their excellent Problem Solving resource. The GCSE Problem Solving Questions of the Day – Compilation  available free on TES Resources. The booklet contains over 50 … Continue reading Mathematical Miscellany #14

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