downloading images | don steward

I am aware that some of the recently posted images download and others come up pretty much blank when you click on them
I’ll try to sort this out over the next few days
my apologies

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ancient Chinese maths in right angled triangles | don steward

the ‘Jiuzhang Suanshu’ (‘the nine chapters on the mathematical art’) appears to be problems illustrating general techniques that were collected together over time

much light is shed on the processes and justification for the methods used in this important document by Liu Hui (around 260 CE) but he indicates that the ideas date back to before 210 BCE

the ninth (final) chapter is devoted to the ‘Gougu rule’ (otherwise known as Pythagoras’ rule) and to problems involving similar triangles, connected to surveying

the ‘gou’ is the shortest side, ‘gu’ the middle side and ‘xian’ the longest side…

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GLOW hub presentation | don steward

thanks to Steve Lomax for arranging this
and to the maths department at St Peter’s High School in Gloucester for hosting it
an enjoyable session for me (that was all Steve’s fault…)

the powerpoint involves some Spring holiday related resources and other resources exploring symmetrical designs and (isometry) transformations

[the ‘p’ in the frieze patterns IUC notation stands for primitive cell apparently]

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