Weeknote 03/2018 | Doug Belshaw

This week I’ve been:
Updating Thought Shrapnel, my blog and weekly newsletter of the same name. You can subscribe there via a variety of methods. You’ll like it.
Meeting with the local Scouts Executive Committe. I’m Secretary, so I introduced them to Google Docs and Calendar, and showed them the new (basic, but functional and fast) website.
Continuing work around Project MoodleNet. I spoke with Verena Roberts, Pivotal Labs, wrote a couple of posts on the project blog, started the risk register, did some whiteboarding with Martin Dougiamas, Ryan Wyllie, and Marina Glancy, and presented…

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On the difference between people-centric and resource-centric social networks | Doug Belshaw

Something Tom Murdock said recently resonated enough with me that I felt the need to write it down in a place that I can reference. Here is as good a place as any!

I’m leading Project MoodleNet, which is currently described as “a new open social media platform for educators, focused on professional development and open content”. Tom mentioned that he saw an important difference between ‘people-centric’ and ‘resource-centric’ social networks.

(Note: it’s been a couple of weeks since that conversation, so anything witty or clever I say in the next few paragraphs should be attributed to him,…

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Weeknote 02/2018 | Doug Belshaw

This week I’ve been:
Finalising the look and feel of Thought Shrapnel Live! I think it’s looking great, and thanks again to Bryan Mathers for his help and expertise. I’ll be posting there a few times every day, and then collecting the best links to feature in my weekly newsletter.
Meeting with Samuel Hawksby-Robinson, who lives locally. We were introduced by Vinay Gupta as he (correctly) thought we’d have lots to talk about: educational credentialing, blockchain, that sort of thing.
Testing out my new Amazfit Bip smartwatch. I bought it from Geekbuying before Christmas and it took around…

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Weeknote 01/2018 | Doug Belshaw

So here we are! The first weeknote of 2018. You know the drill.

This week I’ve been:
Celebrating the New Year. I spent Christmas at home with just my wife and children, but we went down to Devon to the in-laws for New Year and had a great time.
Redesigning Thought Shrapnel, which is now not only a weekly newsletter, but also a blog! I think you’ll agree that Bryan Mathers did a great job with the logo. Read more about that here. You can become a supporter to show your appreciation for this work, and to ensure it continues!
Returning to life as an employee! As I mentioned before…

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Redesigning Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel | Doug Belshaw

Although I can’t find the original post, it was Frank Chimero who gave me the inspiration for calling my weekly newsletter. If I remember correctly, he was apologising for the lack of updates, stating that he was working on his book, so everthing else was “just thought shrapnel“. I immediately registered the domain.

The logo I’ve been using for the past couple of years was by Bryan Mathers who asked me one day what he thought of something he’d drawn. It was based on my avatar at the time, in which I was wearing a cap. You can see it in action in a past issue. It’s served me well.


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Thinking about social logins and identity on the web | Doug Belshaw


Yesterday was my first day as a Moodle employee. From this point onwards, I’m spending four days every week leading Project MoodleNet. This is described by Martin Dougiamas, founder and CEO as”a new open social media platform for educators, focused on professional development and open content.” As ever, I’ll be using this blog for my personal thoughts and musings, while there’s another blog for more official updates about the project.
Why I’m thinking about this

The following will be offered as core functionality through Project MoodleNet:
Identity and reputation

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Why I didn’t go on ‘Belshaw Black Ops’ at the end of 2017 | Doug Belshaw

At the end of every year since 2010 I have, to the greatest extent possible, disappeared back into the analogue world to recharge. This has been known as Belshaw Black Ops after Paul Lewis decided that just calling it a ‘hiatus’ wasn’t rock ‘n’ roll enough.

I’ve greatly appreciated these periods away from social media, blogging, and personal email as a time when I can be ‘more myself’. Why, then, a few people have asked me, didn’t I continue this routine at the end of 2017? The simple answer is that I’ve achieved the kind of balance that means it didn’t feel necessary.

There are a number…

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