The Stresses on Modern Teenagers in the West | educationalist04

An interesting discussion piece on the stresses on modern teenagers. I have qualified the piece with the modifier “in the west” as I don’t think we can assume that the stresses and how they react to them are necessarily the same in other parts of the world.

The table also contains some techniques for limiting the impact of the stresses…


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The marketisation of English schools: students paying the cost of the market | educationalist04

An article from the Guardian on the negative effects bringing schools into a market place for education implemented by the Tory Government.

Students are jettisoned in the middle of their A levels if they are thought to be jeopardising the school’s performance data…

Schools with dodgy practises by Fiona Millar



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Neural State and Student Emotional Behaviour | educationalist04

I remember wading into quite a serious fight at school and having to separate the antagonists and make a quick assessment of their emotional states so as to decide who represented the greater threat to their own and others safety. I could have done with this table then, or perhaps before, so that I had time to digest it! I always looked for the clench of the jaw and the veins on the temple – they were a sure sign that a student had gone beyond the point where they had meaningful self-control.

An interesting neural table showing how the emotional and the neural systems interoperate…

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