Thought For The Day: The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude | educationalist04

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Collaboration: The Future of Learning | educationalist04

The future of learning will be less about information transmission from teacher to student (pedagogy) and more about the student determining the how, the where and the when of learning (heutagogy).

This will see the teacher working with individual students, using their expertise to help coach and mentor them to a successful conclusion to their studies by developing them as independent and autonomous learners.

The future curriculum, as Finland has realised will not be made up of subject information, but by cross curricular projects. Students will work individually and in groups so problem…

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The Future | educationalist04

There seems to be a tide of disharmony running in the world at the moment, it runs habitually, but does not always rise high enough to involve western nations.

The rise of the far right, simultaneously in so many western nations, is not an accident, it has been coordinated and uses the same methodologies.

As a teacher I used to present what happened in post World War 1 Germany and ask, “Could it happen here?”

The student responses were always the same to the extent that they believed that British people would not be taken in by such nonsense. I was never so confident and events in…

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