Thought For The Day: Bees, Ecology and Our Future | educationalist04

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Artificial Intelligence, Monitoring and Educational Ethics: Engagement Detection | educationalist04

Thank you to Ian Grove-Stephenson for bringing this disturbing article to my attention.

We are all aware of the capacity of computer based technologies to make a decisive impact on the quality of learning students are able to experience.

However, these enhancements do not come without ethical dilemmas. One such dilemma is illustrated here: Computer Vision for Classroom “Engagement Detection”: Is it Ethical? | eLearningInside News

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Thought For The Day: Moving On From Mistakes | educationalist04

Making a mistake, recognising it and moving on can be incredibly difficult because our self esteem is often bound up in our decisions and thought processes.

It takes honesty, integrity and positivity to recognise and adjust from a mistake, and the bigger the mistake, the harder it is to move on. Similarly the more public the mistake the more self esteem we have tied up in it!

On a positive note, mistakes are usually greater motivators than a record of success in causing us to pause, consider and readjust our mindset and actions.

Don’t fear your mistakes, embrace them, they may form some…

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The starting point for initiating cultural change in school. Briefing Notes 3 | educationalist04


The initial question is a simple one and also one that every school, regardless of context, faces.

How do you initiate a cultural change in your school?

Within the confines of this article I consider a ‘cultural change’ to be one in which the expectation is that the perception and working practice of staff members needs to change significantly and irreversibly in order to achieve a desired outcome.

Whenever I speak to head teachers about this question, their answers are invariably tactical. They have a new initiative, a piece of killer software which will change the way the school…

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