Inclusion means Inclusion | educationalist04

In the UK there have been a whole range of strategies employed to ensure that learners with perceived learning disabilities receive their education.

Roughly speaking they have, over time comprised four main learning models. This infographic neatly captures the models…

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Helping Students Develop Executive Function Skills | Edutopia | educationalist04

This is a well-informed article outlining how to develop higher order thinking skills, either to recover a deficit or to have students thinking on a higher plane.

Simple classroom strategies can assist students with deficits in executive function skills like time management and active listening.

Helping Students Develop Executive Function Skills | Edutopia

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Future Proof Your School: Steering culture, driving school improvement and developing excellence. | educationalist04

I’ve been working with Critical Publishing in putting together a series of books on education leadership and learning. The books focus on change management at the level of culture. and with the focus of improving student performance.

Each chapter is honed down to a number of key concepts, an exposition of current trends and research, opportunities to triangulate your own experience against that outlined in the text, and practical case notes from my work with schools to help develop your school’s change management plans.

Although the exemplars are mostly UK-based, the concerns addressed…

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Teacher Dissatisfaction / Student Disillusionment: Causes and Cures | educationalist04

In the UK, and I sense in the US and Australia, there is growing dissatisfaction among teachers regarding what governments and leaders are asking them to focus upon.

Much of this dissatisfaction stems from the managerial approach expected of them… they have the metrics – maximise the outputs from the given resources. This suggests that children’s education can be organised like a factory production line. Unfortunately children don’t come in standardised package so this approach is bound for expensive failure.

Meanwhile many of the G20 countries report increasing mental health issues among…

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