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I was amazed in the course of my school career about how much time was spent in busy work. Things which were done without question, and with little effectiveness.

Marking was a good example. Taking home mountains of books to annotate with little ticks and the occasional comment at some point removed from the time at which the student was receptive to the feedback and when I had moved on to a new topic! It must be one of the most ineffective uses of time for both the teacher and the student. It could be replaced by peer marking at the point at which the learning took place coupled to…

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Future Learning Models – An End to Curriculum! | educationalist04

Seymour Papert was seeing it clearly two decades ago.

The pace of change in knowledge is so fast that it is meaningless to build a curriculum on a foundation of specific knowledge. Such knowledge will be largely redundant by the time learners put it into operation beyond school.

The future curriculum will be in part created by the learner, with fewer fixed points to scaffold it and more reliance on Attitudes, Behaviours and Competences.

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Effective Coping Skills | educationalist04

Stress and depression seem to be increasingly impinging on the quality of student and teacher lives.

Although the symptoms are readily recognisable, people are less aware of ways to cope better with stress and depression and can go into a deepening circle of despair. These coping strategies give some insights into techniques you can employ to manage negative situations, or your reaction to them.

When stress or depression become unmanageable, please seek professional medical advice and support.

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