Mindful Listening – Top Tips For Leaders | educationsvoice

During the day, whether you are the Headteacher, class teacher or office manager, you have many conversations. These conversations with children and adults range from fleeting to lengthy and form important parts of our lives. Using Mindful Listening strategies can make those conversations more positive and productive. The strategies are not difficult; but, they may […]

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Mindfulness in the Classroom – Mindful Facial Massages | educationsvoice

  The development of mindfulness has, at its heart, the reduction of stress hormone levels. Teaching children a number of Mindfulness strategies allows children to find the ones that best meets their needs and successfully reduces their stress and anxiety. Massage and the power of touch is naturally relaxing and is a way to reduce […]

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Mindfulness In the Classroom – Spread Positivity | educationsvoice

  Sometimes, despite our best efforts in teaching children (and adults) about mindfulness, using mindfulness strategies and being mindful, we forget about it in the times of greatest distress unless it is truly embedded in our minds. This is why I believe it is important to have visual reminders that support that subliminal message to […]

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