Using Dear Zoo in therapy. | Elizabeth Gunner

We all know how useful and important books are for children’s learning.  Helen wrote this post about using books to develop language skills. One of my favourite books to use with younger children is ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell.  It is a simple lift the flap book, but you can use it to target lots of different skills.

Now before I talk about all the different areas you can target, there is something really important to mention – REPETITION.  We are going to read this book again and again.  Now, I don’t just mean 3 or 4 times, I mean 20 +.  It maybe once a day or once a week, but remember…

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Something for the weekend: Retelling stories | Elizabeth Gunner

This is the second in our series of posts with quick and hopefully simple ideas for you to try this weekend.  We all know that life gets busy and although we all have the best intentions of helping with home work and practising targets, it can be really hard to find the time, get everything ready and to then catch your child in the right mood to do the work. So we have decided to write these posts to help you save time and get work done!

In our first post we gave you some ideas about vocabulary.  You can read that post here. Today I am going to write about retelling stories or events. …

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g photo cards | Elizabeth Gunner

We have just published a set of 90 photo picture cards for the ‘g’ sound.  We also have packs for the ‘c/k’, ‘s’ and ‘f’ sounds as well.  ‘g’ is another sound that we work on frequently.

This pack comes as a pdf download.  Add it to your shopping cart, check out and pay, and then you will be sent a link via email to download the pdf file.  You will then need to print this yourself and laminate if required.

This pack contains
6 pages with ‘g’ at the beginning of words.  This starts with simple words such as go and guy and extends through CVC words to 2 and 3 syllable words.
5 pages…

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Something for the weekend: Vocabulary | Elizabeth Gunner

Helen had a fantastic idea for a new series of posts.  We all know how busy life gets and although we all have the best intentions of helping with home work or practising targets, it can be really hard to find the time, get everything ready, for your child to be in the right mood and then to do the work.


So we have decided to write a series of posts dedicated to helping you save time and get work done!  We will give you an activity with hopefully no preparation (or very little), write down exactly what to do and what to say, so you can actually go away and work on the skill.

For our…

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Supporting speech and language skills at Christmas | Elizabeth Gunner

Well we are half way through December, although I’m not sure how that happened!  We are at that tricky time when as an adult I am now where near prepared for Christmas day, but all the children are over excited and completely ready for the school holidays to start.

So what do you do, when on top of all of this, you also need to practise speech and language targets?  Some families find that keeping to a routine is easier and manage to find five minutes to squeeze in some practise.  However for many families this just isn’t going to happen.  I always get some parents feeling very guilty that…

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New games for older children | Elizabeth Gunner

Helen and I love finding new games.  It helps to keep the children motivated and it also means we don’t have to play pop up pirate 10 times a day! It can be tricky to find games for older children so I thought I would tell you about a few new finds.

Wonky blocks

This is a surprisingly tricky game!  I have been using it with year 5 and 6 children.  It would also be great for secondary school children.  It has really grabbed the attention of some of my children and they have played it for the whole session.  Interestingly they were keen to know what the record was and who else had managed…

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Aptus Inferencing app – a review | Elizabeth Gunner

Helen and I were recently contacted by Aptus Speech and Language Therapy.  They have released an app to target inferencing skills and asked us to review it.  The app is called Inferencing Pics and is currently priced at £7.99 on iTunes.  Helen and I were sent a free copy of the app, however the comments in the review are our own.

I LOVE finding new apps and one with real photos of different situations for inferencing and prediction really got me interested! The app has over 200 real life photos.  Each picture is accompanied by a question to prompt the child to infer information.  It is…

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