Review Axcis with Google Local today! | Emily Marbaix

At Axcis we, regularly receive lovely feedback about the hard work being done by our teams to find teachers and support staff jobs across the country. But we also know that self-published reviews don’t carry the same weight as those which have been independently published. That’s why we are inviting you to review Axcis using Google Local – find out more here! 
Review Axcis today!

At Axcis, our friendly consultants are always just a phone call away if you’re seeking SEND teaching or support work.

If you have been working with Axcis, and would like to leave a review of our service, you can…

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The value of early maths for prematurely born children | Emily Marbaix

It is now known that children who were born prematurely have different brain structures to “neurotypical” children. What can we do to best support these children both at home and at school? 


Professor Barry Carpenter speaking at a recent NAHT conference

At a recent NAHT Conference, the eminent Professor Barry Carpenter spoke about the prevalence of children who are born prematurely. He suggested that these children are now present in most classrooms, in both mainstream and SEND settings. He stressed that this is in part because children are surviving earlier and earlier delivery due…

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Autism articles from our partners at Network Autism | Emily Marbaix

Have you missed the latest articles from our partners at the National Autistic Society? If so, you can catch up here! From advice for teachers to the latest autism research, there is sure to be something here of interest to everyone. So, why not take a peek?
The Axcis/NAS Partnership

Mark Lever, Chief Executive.The National Autistic Society’s Professional Conference 2017, Harrogate International Centre.

Axcis has been in partnership with the NAS since 2011, and we are proud to be their single biggest corporate sponsor. Since the start of this relationship, we have worked together on a…

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What do our staff say about working for Axcis #2 | Emily Marbaix

We asked our staff what they thought about working for Axcis and this is what they said:

Sarah, Axcis Manchester

“Starting out my career as a SEND consultant at a large corporate company was a great grounding for my career. It taught me so much, some really positive things, and some ‘how not to do it’s’.  After a successful career as a consultant and team leader I decided I wanted more from my working life and started to speak to other companies.  I was certain I didn’t want to work for another ‘corporate machine’ but found myself quite nervous about the idea of a smaller agency. I was…

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Candidate of the Term Spring 2017: Winners | Emily Marbaix

Who are the winners of the Axcis Candidate of the Term Spring 2017 awards? And what did they do to go above and beyond the call of duty for the schools they are working in?
The nominees

We had lots of lovely nominations from the schools we work with. These were all published on our blog for anyone who missed them. Selecting two winners wasn’t easy, and all nominees received a certificate of appreciation for the hard work they do, but after much deliberation, two candidates were selected to win an award and prize – here are the details:
And the winners are…

As usual, we had two winners…

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WAAW in pictures with Axcis | Emily Marbaix

As the single biggest corpporate sponsor of the National Autistic Society, we take our responsibility to support World Autism Awareness Week (WAAW) seriously! Find out what our teams got up to with these fantastic pictures!

The Axcis London team in their onesies

Axcis Andy got his cake on!

The NAS were in the office filming our antics!

Onesie twins!

Even those working from home took part!

Team Midlands got involved too.

The guys really got into the spirit of things.

The London office total raised. That’s more than we got together for the boss’ birthday present by far!
Do you…

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Top 10 tips for new teaching assistants | Emily Marbaix

At Axcis, we help many people to find work as teaching assistants in schools. But if you’re new to the role, it may seem a little daunting at first – so what tips can help you? Find out our top 10 tips for new teaching assistants here.
What is the role of the teaching assistant?

Perform like a star with our top 10 tips for new teaching assistants.  Credit Flickr CC

Our article, “Special Needs Teaching Assistant Job Profile” is a great place to start if you are new to teaching assistant work. It outlines the key roles and responsibilities of the teaching assistant. For example:


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