Adult Night Class Fall 2018 W3 | eslwriter

It’s week 3 of the night class. Time for an ESL game.
Hour 1
Discussion Questions About Personality (15)

Student A
What is your best personality trait?
Do people fall in love with good looks or with a good personality?
How are male and female personalities different?
Do countries have personalities? What is the personality of some countries? How about Italy?
Do you think our birthday (or horoscope) can affect our personality?

Student B
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 
What is your blood type? Do you think blood type can make a different personality?
How would you describe…

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ESL Writing Fall 2018 Y1 W7 | eslwriter

It’s week 7 of the English writing class. That means it’s time to have a quiz and prepare for the midterm exam.
Hour 1
Quiz #1

Let’s have the quiz in the first hour. Take 10 minutes to review your notes. Then we will have a quiz.

Hour 2

Let’s look at the syllabus. The midterm exam is worth 25%. 
Quiz Review (10)

Let’s look at the question questions and check the answers.

Half-Semester Review (5)

Three main pieces of writing:
#1 Creative story (based on a picture): idea, voice, word choice, organisation
#2 Add Details (coffee shop) show me, don;t tell me
#3 Hero’s…

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ESL Speaking Fall 2018 W7 | eslwriter

It’s week 7 of the ESL speaking class. Time to get ready for the midterm exam.

Like animals? Check out these animal transformations by artist Johannes Stoller.
ESL Conversation Class Hour 1
Pair Work Speaking (15)

Talk with a partner. Answer these questions
Did you ever borrow something and forget to return it?
When are you in a bad mood?
Who is a person you’d like spend more time with?
Is there a place you’d like to visit more often?
Do you ever worry about anything?
Do you ever buy gifts for friends or family members?
What can’t you say no to?
Return Quiz #1 (10)

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Business English Y2018 W3 | eslwriter

Welcome to the third ESL business class. 
Hour 1

Basic Plan for today’s class
Warm up with vocabulary
Review BE verb
Midterm exam schedule
Midterm exam questions and practice

Warm Up – Quick Thinking (10)

Ask your partner to say these things.
Student A

Can you say …
Six vegetables.
Three ways to cook an egg.
Three kinds of dessert.
Two things in a grocery store sold in a carton.
Four kinds of seafood.
Seven side dishes in a Korean meal.
Student B

Can you say …
Three things that make food taste sweet.
Four kinds of grains.
Three salty foods.
Six kinds of fruit….

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Adult Night Class Fall 2018 W2 | eslwriter

Welcome back to the night class. It’s week 2.

Here is the wolf video.
Hour 1

Tonight’s theme is understanding others how we listen and how we react instinctively without thinking.
$100 Negotiation Exercise (10)

Explain and perform
Hint Game Pair Work (25)

This slide show teaches you how to play this game.

Here the hint game word list. Get the pdf version.

Reading test (5)

Follow the instructions. Here is the test paper.
Compound Words (15)

The purpose of this activity is to help students learn vocabulary or increase memory recall with a time limited worksheet…

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ESL Writing Fall 2018 Y1 W6 | eslwriter

It’s week 6 of the semester. Time for one more holiday.
Hour 1
Notes (5)
My office hours have change: Tuesday 1-2 and Thursday 1-4
Midterm exam coming in two weeks: 1 hour test. Monday?
Next week will be exam review exam
This week is the last chance to give me your writing. I have to return all writing by the end of next week. You need that writing and feedback to prepare for the exam. So, I suggest you come to my office to get your paper if you have time.

Summary of the Writing Course (5)

Here are the writing skills we have learned and practiced:
strong first sentence with a…

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ESL Speaking Fall 2018 W6 | eslwriter

It’s week 6 of the semester. Time for an ESL speaking quiz.
ESL Speaking Activities Hour 1
Notes (5)
Please continue to practice listening with the online listening lessons
You have a quiz this week. It’s going to be Wednesday/Thursday.
New office hours: Tuesday 1-2 and Thursday 1-4
About Quiz #1: 10% of final score. 
Practice 1: Like and Look Like (15)

Pair work. Ask your partner the questions. S/he must answer with the correct form of like or look like. Ask at least 2 follow up questions.

Ask your partner these questions.
What do you like eating for lunch?
What is…

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