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It’s alway interesting to share my current reading because people come up with such great ‘further reading’, ‘Have you tried …’ and other suggestions for me, and others are enormously generous with book tokens and gifts for which I am always grateful. I offered Mass this morning, for all my benefactors, as I do once each month.

So, simply from the top down.

Systematic Theology Volume 1: the Doctrine of God

Katherine Sonderegger

I was able to hear Sonderegger speak at Trinity, Bristol a few weeks ago. She is a formidable intellect. I have read this through once and now want to work on…

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Every Breath You Take: Speech Day, King’s School, Rochester, 2018 | Father Richard Peers

Speech Day King’s School, Rochester

Rochester Cathedral

(Final Speech day as Head Master of Jeremy Walker)

7th July, 2018

I haven’t read many football autobiographies, but slightly strangely I have read Gareth Southgate’s.

Just in case there is anybody here who doesn’t know he is the manager of the England team who are about to start playing Sweden in x minutes.

Staying with friends it was in the eclectic pile of books that gathers in spare rooms.

If you haven’t read it, its called Woody and Nord: A Football Friendship.

It is not, I have to warn you, great literature. But it…

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Scripture and Doctrine – a challenge to church schools: the Tyndale Fellowship Conferences 2018 | Father Richard Peers


Four or five years ago I was invited to sit on a panel at an inter-faith event. Sat alongside Jewish, Muslim and Hindu panelists we we were each asked to begin with a short reflection on a piece of our own Sacred texts. I chose the Magnificat. I had prepared carefully and everyone present was given a card with the Magnificat on it. However, I was dissatisfied with what I did that day. Each of the other panellists presented a careful, close reading of their chosen texts, appropriately quoting the text in the original language. I felt my piece seemed distinctly light-weight in…

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“Undone by mercy and left speechless”: a review of Vicky Beeching’s Undivided | Father Richard Peers

Some time in 1985 I caught the train from Winchester, where I was an undergraduate, to London, and made my way to Marchmont Street’s Gay’s The Word bookshop. I selected a variety of books which were packaged in a slightly too large cardboard box which I then carried onto the train back home. They were books for the GaySoc bookstall. At the station I bumped into Colin James, then bishop of Winchester who offered to help me with the box. Once on the train, when I explained what the contents were he asked if there was anything I’d recommend and he bought a copy of James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s…

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Mindfulness: the answer to our Missional Problem? | Father Richard Peers

Science fiction is the perfect genre for exploring the meaning of our own times. Isolating an issue, seeing things from a different perspective, altering the variables can help us reflect creatively on the way we live. To describe Ursula le Guin simply as a “science fiction writer” is wholly inadequate. Roger Zelazny’s Lord of Light is a powerful reflection on what it is to be human, as is the Philip K. Dicks novel which is the basis of Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Miller’s Canticle for Leibowitz is as much theology as it is science fiction.

The Jesuit approach to…

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Metaxu, Simone Weil and my grandmother | Father Richard Peers

This is my great-grandmother. Rose-Ann Conroy. Born in Ireland in 1870, died in Chesterfield, Derbyshire in 1924. Mother of 11 babies. Nine survived into adult life, the sixth was my grandmother Mary Wain, born in 1900.

The Conroys lived in Brown’s Yard in Chesterfield. My gran was proud of the fact they had moved out of Chesterfield’s Irish district, known as ‘Dog Kennels’.

Mary went ‘into service’ when she was thirteen, just before the First World War. She was a devout Catholic and ran away to join a convent. Her father went and fetched her back (the family needed, she said, the money…

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“Today’s Gospel Tweet” Goes Live | Father Richard Peers

New Blog

Today’s Gospel Tweet

Following a number of requests I will post the Gospel tweet for each day at the top of the home page to save people having to scroll through all my tweets to find the day’s gospel tweet and to give a permanent home to the tweets.

The site also has links to sources for the text of the readings and other sites that offer daily comments on the readings for the day – do send me to others that you discover so I can add them.



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