God is dead and you have no soul | Greg Ashman

In their 2011 book, John Sweller, Slava Kalyuga and Paul Ayres argue that the brain does not require a central executive to coordinate cognitive processes. This places them at odds with Baddeley’s model of working memory in an intriguing and curious way. In part, they argue by analogy. They compare the model of the brain … Continue reading God is dead and you have no soul →

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The voices of teachers | Greg Ashman

At the age of 25, I became Head of Science at a challenging school in West London. It had not been my intention. Just two terms earlier, I had joined the school as second in science, expecting this to be my role for the next few years. However, once on deck, I learnt that the … Continue reading The voices of teachers →

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Mental health crisis or moral panic? | Greg Ashman

Ann John is Professor of Public Health and Psychiatry at Swansea University in Wales. She has recorded a talk for Four Thought, a BBC radio programme and podcast, on the issue of young people and mental health. Much of the current discussion reminds Ann of the panic about the MMR vaccine that was a hot topic … Continue reading Mental health crisis or moral panic? →

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Imagine your mind is made of Christmas trees | Greg Ashman

Imagine that your mind is a bunch of Christmas trees. Note that I wrote, ‘imagine’. I am not claiming your mind is literally a bunch of Christmas trees, which may seem obvious but is nonetheless important, as we shall see later. Anyway, go with it for now. Every time you learn something new, you hang … Continue reading Imagine your mind is made of Christmas trees →

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Preview pages from my new book are now available | Greg Ashman

It currently looks like my new book, The Truth about Teaching: An evidence-informed guide for new teachers, will be released on the 11th August in the UK and Australia, although the US Amazon site is stating September. Amazon have a feature where you can ‘look inside’ a book and Tunya Audain left a comment on yesterday’s … Continue reading Preview pages from my new book are now available →

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New evidence on fostering motivation | Greg Ashman

I have written before about an interesting paper by Garon-Carrier and colleagues. Briefly, they followed a group of students through elementary school and found that achievement in mathematics predicted later motivation for mathematics but that motivation for mathematics did not predict later achievement. Now, a new paper by Nuutila and colleagues has been released that … Continue reading New evidence on fostering motivation →

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