Walking quietly away from Gonski 2.0 | Greg Ashman

The Australian government is publicly committed to implementing the recommendations of the recent Gonski 2.0 review of Australian education, so it cannot simply rip it up. However, education minister Dan Tehan has signaled a key shift away from one of the Gonski priorities. A key Gonski recommendation was, “Give more prominence to the acquisition of the … Continue reading Walking quietly away from Gonski 2.0 →

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Teacher knowledge matters | Greg Ashman

In my experience, most people think they know the cause of the seasons, but a lot of them are wrong. Some think the Earth is closer to the Sun in summer, but this cannot be true because otherwise we could not have summer on one point of the Earth at the same time as winter … Continue reading Teacher knowledge matters →

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Another flawed Reading Recovery study to add to the pack | Greg Ashman

Few educational interventions have generated as many studies as Reading Recovery. Reading Recovery involves giving struggling readers one-to-one tuition. I have no doubt that it has an effect, as any one-to-one intervention would have an effect. Some people claim that no other intervention has as much evidence of effectiveness at scale. That may be true, … Continue reading Another flawed Reading Recovery study to add to the pack →

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If at first you don’t succeed, punt another £850k on it | Greg Ashman

All I knew about the next session of the interview was that it was called, “a discussion with the headteacher on a topic of his choosing”. It was my first or second interview for the job of deputy headteacher (vice principal) in London and so I was not sure whether this was normal. The headteacher … Continue reading If at first you don’t succeed, punt another £850k on it →

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The reluctant traditionalist | Greg Ashman

When Daniel Andrews won last weekend’s Victorian election, he claimed that Victoria was the most progressive state in the (Australian) nation. He meant this to be a good thing. The word ‘progressive’ has become associated with the political left and connotes positive change; a move forward. However, I suppose we are all in favour of positive … Continue reading The reluctant traditionalist →

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Sneaky fuzzy maths | Greg Ashman

Dan Meyer, one of the foremost proponents of fuzzy maths*, has written a couple of blog posts (here and here) where he argues against calling a mathematical mistake ‘mistake’. He illustrates it with an example where a student makes an error filling in a tedious linear function table. The student has assumed that the interval … Continue reading Sneaky fuzzy maths →

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Loose ends from #MSH2018 | Greg Ashman

Yesterday, I spoke at Making Shift Happen in Amsterdam. It was a wonderful event. I’m not aware of anything like Academica Business College, the group that pulled it all together, in Australia or the U.K. and it was clear that all the speakers were impressed with just how professional and energetic an organisation they are. … Continue reading Loose ends from #MSH2018 →

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