* NEW * LKS2 Saving Giraffes Daily News 60 – Second Read Activity Cards | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

Use our speed reading news comprehension activity to teach reading comprehension skills about the latest news topic of West African giraffes being reintroduced. Our reading card is suitable for years 3 and 4 and contains around 100 words, a number of comprehension questions to assess a child’s depth of understanding of what has been read and an answer sheet. Use it with our pack about the tiger population doubling to develop your class’ reading comprehension about another conservation success story.

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* NEW * Pine Cone Garland Craft Instructions | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

Making unique Christmas decorations from natural products can be a wonderful craft activity to do with your children in the run-up to Christmas. These simple craft instructions will help you to make beautiful pine cone garlands to spruce up your Christmas ornaments. Perfect for a more eco-friendly, natural or nature-themed Christmas! The threading of pine cones onto ribbon also helps your children to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

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* NEW * UKS2 Saving Giraffes Daily News PowerPoint | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

Use our children’s news PowerPoint to explore the latest news topic of West African giraffes being reintroduced in Niger with your school or your class. Explore the wide context of the story as well as using it to open or deepen your class’ curriculum learning about animals and their habitat. Containing a range of interactive features and activities, your class will be connected safely to important real-world events. Use it with our daily news resource pack to read the main story and teach reading comprehension.

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* NEW * ‘Peeking Past the Curtains’ KS2 Christmas Poem Guided Reading PowerPoint | info@twinkl.co.uk (Twinkl)

This detailed PowerPoint guides Key Stage 2 children through the Christmas poem ‘Peeking Past the Curtains’ from the ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ section of the Twinkl Poetry Collection from Twinkl Originals. The children are asked to look at each verse and answer questions about poetic devices, inference and their own Christmas traditions.

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