17th October 2018 | jeandrawingaday


Into a new world

Watercolour and pen

Square inch

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Jean and Meryl September 2018 | jeandrawingaday

Meryl sent a double page back for August – I love the bold colours and shapes and the exploration into another aspect of space imagery. In September I sent a double page back. I think this will help us stay within the sketchbook for this year. I love sci fi and I’ve not really explored the imagery and words related to it in art before so this sketchbook experience is proving new and enjoyable.

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Cherrie and Jean August 2018 | jeandrawingaday

Cherrie retuned me some inspiring pages – looking at Cherrie’s pages has made me start looking out for used postage stamps to use in my work. She took up the people imagery from what we’d been sent out in the monthly envelopes as well.

Cherrie had begun to use an area where there had been an ink spillage and I continued with this making a pattern to go into and over it.

We’re alos beginning to encounter the holes showing through to the other side that we put in in the early months of using the sketchbook.

I finished with a pattern double page using book pages, while acrylic,…

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