100 Ways to Improve Your English #6 — Vocabulary | Jeffrey Hill

Expanding your vocabulary is one of the most effective, and easiest, ways to improve your English. The following resources will enable you to do just that.

3,000 Core Vocabulary Words — Merriam-Webster’s list of English words that are most important for Learners to know. View by topic or alphabetically.
Enchanted Learning — Over 150 vocabulary word lists by theme with printable worksheets.
English Vocabulary Exercises — Features over 750 gap-fill exercises to learn and review over 2000 items of General vocabulary and Academic vocabulary in English.
English Vocabulary Guide —…

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100 Ways to Improve Your English #5 — BBC Learning English | Jeffrey Hill

As part of the BBC World Service, BBC Learning English has been teaching English to global audiences since 1943, offering free audio, video and text materials to learners around the world. The BBC Learning English website, which was launched in 1997 and revamped in 2014, remains one of, if not the best place to find self-study resources for learning English. As such, I decided it deserved a whole article to itself.

Perhaps the best thing about BBC Learning English is that many of the materials are delivered as full length courses, a service which would you usually have to pay for. However,…

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100 Ways to Improve Your English #4 — Listen to the Radio | Jeffrey Hill

For more advanced learners, listening to online radio stations can be a really effective way to develop your English listening skills by getting used to the speed, intonation and varied accents of native English speakers. What’s more, it’s something you can do while you’re sitting at the computer or doing household chores. I’ve got an internet radio and usually listen to BBC Radio 4 if I’m eating alone (sad, I know) or washing up, but a Bluetooth speaker connected to a PC or a phone app can work just as well if you’re not in front of your computer. And if you have a pair of Bluetooth…

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100 Ways to Improve Your English — #3 Language Exchange | Jeffrey Hill

Language exchange websites are places online where people who want to learn a new language can go to meet native speakers of their target languages. For example, imagine that you are a French speaker who wants to practise your English. You can use one of the sites below to find an English native speaker who wants to learn French, et voilà — you can help each other learn. Typically, the exchanges take place via Skype, but there are other options. For example, some sites allow you to find a partner living in your area for face-to-face conversations.

Language exchanges are perfect for learners…

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100 Ways to Improve Your English — Podcasts | Jeffrey Hill

If you’re not familiar with podcasts, here’s a definition : “a podcast is a digital audio recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer”. I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts on my iPod when I’m at home doing the dishes, on the bus or train, or just out walking. My favourite podcasts would probably not be suitable for most learners of English (except those at a very advanced level), but the good news is that there are dozens of podcasts available specifically for learning English — and they’re a wonderful way to improve…

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100 Ways to Improve Your English — Twitter | Jeffrey Hill

I’ve started putting together a guide for learners of English called ‘100 Ways to Improve Your English’. I’ll post each ‘way’ to the blog as I finish it, but any feedback or suggestions would be welcome! The first article is about Twitter …

Twitter is a great place to improve your reading and writing skills. There are many many accounts you can follow to learn new vocabulary or phrases each day. Here are just a few examples: @bbcle, @RolloffTongue, @MacDictionary, and @VocabularyNinja.

To improve your grammar, follow accounts like @Grammarly, @EnglishClub, @GrammarMonkeys,…

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Everyday English for ESL — My New Udemy English Course | Jeffrey Hill

I’m pleased to announce that my new ‘Everyday English for ESL’ course is now available on the Udemy e-learning platform. You can get a good idea of what’s in the course by watching the video and reading the course description below. And readers of The English Blog can get 50% off the usual price ($10 instead of $20) by using this special promotion link: http://ift.tt/2p5mfFJ


Do you already have a basic knowledge of English, but want to improve your ability to communicate in real-life situations? And do so in a fun, enjoyable…

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