Tackling the describe 4 mark questions in the Edexcel GCSE Thematic Study and Historical Environment Paper | jivespin

These resources are for a seminar on how to deal with the 4 mark describe questions which focus on the historical environment topic in the Edexcel GCSE course. The resources include a PowerPoint which gives detailed guidance, a structure strip and a model paragraph.

Structure strips – Describing Blitz 4 markers

Describing key features of the Blitz – 4 markers

Rainbow marking paragraph – Describe 4 markers


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Last minute revision strategies presentation | jivespin

My students asked me to put this presentation on last minute revision strategies on my blog to share. The presentation focuses on revision strategies that take little time to implement but can make a huge impact on the application and recall of information. Hope it is useful to teachers who might want to make a similar presentation to their students.

Revision Techniques – Year 10

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Connection Maps | jivespin

Connection Maps are a classic lesson strategy and an ideal way to summarise and make connections within a topic on a single sheet of paper. Additionally, preparing these tasks takes no time at all. Bonus!

What are they?

Connection Maps are a collection of key words relevant to a single topic – these could be people, events, years or policies – which are written/typed on a sheet of A4 or A3 paper and are scattered across the document with spaces between them.

How does the activity work?

Students are asked first whether they understand the key words on the sheet and their relevance to…

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