iPad in my classroom 2016 – 2017 | john

Although there is over a month left of my first year in the classroom for a while I though that I’d start writing this as if I leave it till the summer… 1

I am lucky enough to be teaching in a 1–2–1 classroom. 15 pupils spread across primaries five, six and seven.

I’ve probably not done as much with the iPads as I could have this session, stepping back into the classroom after a few years out has been ‘interesting’, teaching a multi-composite has had it challenges too.

The last time I was in school the classrooms had 2 desktop PCs, we shared a lab of desktops and a trolley of laptop….

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Microcast 8: Thoughts On Sonant Thoughts Ep 29 | john

Audio comment on the Microcast Sonant Thoughts – Episode 29: Focused

This is a quick try of an iOS workflow. The idea is to quote and comment on a podcast. The content was a one take job. Steps:
Listen to podcast
Copy URL to audio file (I grabbed it from my RSS reader FeeddlerPro
Open in safari
Save to Dropbox
Open in Ferrite
Trim to quote
Add audio comment
Save to iCloud
Back in Safari upload to blog, create post etc

Could probably speed things up using workflow to create…

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