Sunlight on a rainy day. | john

Sunlight on a rainy day.

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Semi Automatic Linking | john

I’ve often posted links to this blog and on occasion whole sets of links, usually from my pinboard collection. I’ve created them in various way. The idea is somewhat inspired by other blogs and the fairly recent resurgence of bloggers posting Newsletters 1.

My favourite is Tom Woodward’s Weekly Web Harvest which is an inspiration, a fascinating and wide ranging list.

Tom produces these posts automatically in WordPress grabbing the links from pinboard.

Recently Arron Davis was blogging about Scripting an Automated Solution to the same problem. I suggested throwing pinboard into his…

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IndieWeb: The Book by Chris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)For a quite a while I’ve been thinking… | john

IndieWeb: The Book by Chris Aldrich (Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko)For a quite a while I’ve been thinking about writing a book about the IndieWeb to provide a broader overview of what it is philosophically, how it works, how its community functions, and most specifically how the average person can more easily become a part of it.
This should be very useful. I’ve been trying various indieweb things for a while, but still find it tricky to understand and implement some of the technologies. There is a great wiki, but I think I am more likely to read through a book.

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Life in Links 20-10-2017 | john

Some things that have caught my interest over the last week:
Good Teachers Talk: Better Teachers Listen | Class Teaching The post is more interesting, to me, than the title.

One way of achieving this identify shift is to come unprepared to a lesson! For example, working on a poem in English that neither the pupils nor the teacher have read before. In doing so, pupils begin to see that their identities can fluctuate from learner to contributor, thus giving them the confidence to enact this discourse themselves in the classroom and beyond.

Which speaks to vocalising your process. I do that…

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