In an (imaginary) article for Spare Rib Magazine, discuss the suitability of ADH and TMT as texts to be taught in schools. | jwpblog

Another ‘critical approaches’ essay from my Upper 6th – I like the somewhat exploratory titles and the chance to focus on their research of the critical approaches. We discussed in class the lack of Linde material here, and also of Proserpina – maybe you could work on that in your classes?

SPARE RIB essay (003)


After reading both Chaucer’s ‘The Merchant’s Tale’ and Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ it seems clear to me that the empowerment of women, and means by which they achieve this empowerment, has changed over the last century. However, male dominance and bravado is still rife, both in in…

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Ibsen and Chaucer for OCR: class research docs. | jwpblog

These essays were the fruit of a recent research task set for the Lower 6th as we prepare to leave ADH and TMT for a while.


context reception essay FINAL

Explain and evaluate feminist and Marxist critiques and views on ADH and TMT


Thank you 12D….

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Edexcel IGCSE Language A: a mock paper. | jwpblog

This is the paper to which I refer in this post.

I think the examinations are now close enough for me to share this without any great issues. The non fiction comparison is between the Benjamin Zephaniah article and one by the Scottish Rugby player Kenny Logan.

IGCSE MOCK English Language Paper 1

mark scheme

I have shared this privately with a few colleagues via my twitter feed @mrpeel. I hope you find it useful.

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Dystopian Literature timelines | jwpblog

These were put together by the Upper 6th Literature class and I find them a good starting point when we are considering wider reading and literary contexts. Please feel free touse them. Ideally I would like the socio-historical content to be more developed, but tha tis work in progress…

harpal timeline

tom timeline

karan Dystopian literature timeline

seb Dystopian literature timeline

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