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In this ppt I am hoping to help my Y11 students approach the Prose section of the Edexcel IGCSE Literature paper – this one focuses on OMAM and the character of George. I try to make clear links between a series of contextual ideas, which might work for each character, and George which will result in satisfactory writing for both Assessment objectives. There is no language analysis needed in this question and my students seem reluctant to find and use relevant context.

I hope this is useful – at least the sample paragraphs at the end might prompt rich discussion.

explore the character of

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On race and the critical arguments about the ending of Huck…. | jwpblog

This is a 45 minute class discussion of race and critics – based on the resource attached.

It does start slowly -we are beset by illness at school… but warms up into an interesting discussion which could be used for revision or for critique in class.


critical comment


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‘Characters in pursuit of money lie at the heart of much american Literature’… | jwpblog

Two sound files of  essays presented in my y13 classes today.  There is a genuine attempt to engage with a range of literature and the whole is quite elegantly written. As we discuss the essays, several strong threads are created and pursued.


I hope this provides food for thought.

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Remembrance Poem prize winner | jwpblog

Each year we run a competition in Year 9 to write a Remembrance Poem. The boys are reading WW1 literature -a range of poems and Journey’s End as stimulus.  The idea is that they write their poems without seeking help and I publish the winning poem, as well as awarding a prize in school.


This is the winning poem this year. Andrew in Y9 has also added his brief note about his thought process:

Our Boy

“Cretinous boy,” growled Mother as she gripped

That fateful telegram, slowly releasing her rage,

Her melancholic rage. “Why, why must he abandon

The idyllic dream that waited for…

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Coursework checklist: IGCSE and beyond… | jwpblog

Coursework Submission Checklist.


Tick each box to help yourself to submit coursework which hits the basic requirements of the task:

Have you written the full title of the essay in the Header to appear on each page?
Have you written your name in the header on each page?
Have you written a detailed plan for the essay prior to beginning to write?
Have you kept to the suggested word count? You will lose marks if you do not. 10% under or over the word count is usually OK. If you are not sure, check with your teacher?
Have you read and responded to all aspects of the assignment…

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Jez Butterworth and #metoo: Jerusalem context | jwpblog

Many thanks to Lucy Aitchison, a colleague teaching Jerusalem for the first time this year:

I said in an earlier post that Butterworth’s Jerusalem is a play creating its own context for the students.  When I wrote that, my focus at the time was on the historical child abuse cases which became so prolific in the 2010s.

Now students can also relate to #metoo and Butterworth has written an open letter to Harvey Weinstein which I link below:


The text is here:


My daughter is 11 years old, and all her life has dreamed of being a…

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Owen: Disabled… Year 9 essay for Y11 critique and revision. | jwpblog

My year 9 are writing about war poetry again. I love this southey to sassoon module. We work on technical elements and are beginning to approach serious analysis of language, structure and form.

In this essay, they were asked to write on which poem studied they found the most effective.

Why not critique this essay – add details and see if you agree with Lucas’ take on the poem. You might also pause and wonder how you were writing in Year 11.

The PDF is here:  new doc 2018-11-10 10.53.25_2

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