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A slide deck and and MP3 version of a lecture I gave today to Yr 11.  The subject: Steinbeck and the feminine was really a cover for a shameless session of Curley’s Wife propaganda. Please feel free to offer critique and if you use the sound file in class, why not get students to post comments back to the blog?

lecture ppt. getting-to-know-curleys-wife 


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Structure-strip: poetry comparison | jwpblog

Aimed at students using the Edexcel IGCSE anthology but applicable to all.  I would welcome some feedback on my first attempt at producing a useful structure strip to help students structure a comparative essay.

structure guide poetry comparison

WordPress seems to have fixed the width and removed the colour from the original – but it is easier to read!
Comment on the Structure of the two poems. Make it relevant to an analytical essay and also to the question.

Use the features for points:

Sonnet: shift of tone after the volta, rhyme pattern (especially if broken)

Villanelle: The…

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Comments as feedback on essay: Compare the depiction of relationships in Poem at 39 and one other from the Edexcel anthology for IGCSE. | jwpblog

Rather a long-winded title for a short post. This essay, designed to practice the English Literature paper 1 section on the Anthology poems is aimed at a student who has just left my office worried and frustrated about his apparent inability to produce a ‘good’ response. The great thing is that he came to talk to me.

I am thinking about structure-slips for this boy and one or two others in his class. I am concerned about the possible lack of freedom of expression these give, but examples on twitter look rather terrific.  I will offer the SLIME structure to help the boys engage in a regular…

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Of Mice and Men discussion: Section 4 | jwpblog

Working on OMAM with my current Year 11s – a great group of boys who are working hard and beginning to show progress in a number of ways. Today we completed thought pages and then discussed the arrival of Curley’s Wife and her effect on the men in Crooks’ room.

Please use this to spark disucssion in your classrooms and send any constructive feedback possible -my boys need a boost on a regular basis!

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