What I learned about edtech in Finland at #SETTFIN | Mark Anderson

I am very lucky to do what I do. People often say the loveliest things about the work that I do and it’s always very intrinsically rewarding to know that the work I’ve done has had an impact on a teacher, a school or an individual. As I have shared…

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The Periodic Table of Educational Books to read today | Mark Anderson

It is true to say that one of the best things (for me) about the education profession is that it is ever changing; always developing. As we learn more about how learning takes place and seek to do better by our learners in the classroom, we seek out new ideas,…

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Practical ways on where to get advice, support and ideas for your school | Mark Anderson

Getting support, advice and inspiration for the myriad of different aspects of school life can be a difficult task. Breaking away from your local authority as part of academisation or forming a MAT can make things more difficult as those services you once had easily available can make decision making…

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