Mindset of Champions | Mick Burns

Bryan Leslie is a business coach and trainer, specialising in helping people get massively improved results both personally and professionally. He runs his own training and coaching business, and speaks to audiences across the UK about motivation, leadership and what he terms “ the pursuit of happiness”. Today he is going to cover the “Mindset of Champions”, a fun and engaging summary of the strategies and tactics that successful people in business, sport and life use to achieve their success.

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Apprentice Finishing Carpenter North Berwick | Mick Burns

Jerba Campervans is a family run business. We employ a team of 12 and specialise in converting the VW T6 into a fully finished campervan. We are an innovative and growing business who take pride in having an inclusive workforce culture where all employees are encouraged to input ideas on improving both our products and the way that we work.

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