Hyperdocs In #Physed & #Health | MrAdamPE

Creating resources is all part and parcel of teaching, especially in #Physed & Health. The amount of skill cards I have created or work booklets, I have seriously lost track! The internet is filled with free resources for practitioners to be able to access and then amend to suit their needs to incorporate into their own lessons. Being a huge advocate of how GSuite can be used in lessons and how all the tools can seamlessly be used, I was researching a topic and came across the term ‘Hyperdoc’. Obviously not know what a Hyperdoc was I started to investigate a bit more. I came across this…

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How To Insert Photos into Student Reports | MrAdamPE

Previously I have spoken about how to create reports from your student tracker (Click Here) or  how to create fitness testing reports (Click Here) or how to create certificates using Google Slides (Click Here).

Today I want to show you how to create a report but also include a photo using Forms Upload feature, so it would look something like this:


Below you will find the video of how to accomplish this for your own department:


If you have any questions please get in touch.

Would you like a copy of the template?
Click Here

The post How To Insert Photos into Student…

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Creating Certificates in Google Slides | MrAdamPE

Last month I showed you how you could make individual student reports from your student tracker (Click Here). Today I am going to show you how to make certificates using Google slides. Now as any teacher knows making certificates to send home is great but can be time consuming. As a PE/Athletic Director it is essential skill, tournaments, field days, sports days, the list goes on. Now before now, you had to use a Google Doc, so all my certificates had to be created in Google Docs (as much as I wanted to use slides)…..Now that has changed!!! An update I was notified of today (thanks @physed)….

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Using GSuite for Sport Education | MrAdamPE

Back in October I ran a number of Sport Education Lessons and used all the different Gsuite tools to help to facilitate this. With the new term just around the corner, I thought I would share how I did this and share with you all my resources.

To put it in perspective I had around 60 students and one gym.
Task One:

Give the students an outline of what sport education was and what was expected. To do this I created a Google Slides show and pointed them in the correct direction using a url shortner such as bit.ly.

Check out this video: Click Here

Check out the ConnectedPE Community…

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A Guide to Draftback: The Ultimate Spy Tool For Google Docs | MrAdamPE

Rewind 7 years…

During my time teaching theoretical #Physed, I would get a number of assignments that would be sent to me via email in Word. I would never know if students had plagiarised from one another, copied off the internet (could do a quick google search to see), or copied out of a book. I would look to see if paragraphs matched the style of the rest of the assignment and you would know if some work didn’t quite fit the rest of the assignment.
Fast forward to the present day…

You have just had handed in an assignment through Google Docs and you are not too sure if all the…

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Create Student Reports From Your Class Tracker | MrAdamPE

Throughout my teaching career, I have always enjoyed looking for ways that technology can help me to work smarter, not harder. While I was at college I studied AS ICT and I do believe this gave me the basic skills I needed when it came to designing department systems. I have made numerous ‘fancy’ tracking sheets that included long ‘IF’ statements that helped to calculate students grade at the end of the year (see picture below). I have used conditional formatting to change individual cells colour depending on the condition and create tables and graphs to show to admin.

Within my last…

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Using GDrawings in #Physed & #Health | MrAdamPE


So most recently I have been playing around with Google Drawings and looking at possible ways you could implement them into your PE and Health lessons. One way that I thought of, was to make student diagrams that needed to be label become a drag and drop task. You could create the template, share the template with your students, they then share back the completed homework when they have finished for you to check. Below are some examples:

You can get your own example by clicking the links below:
Skeletal System
Muscular System
The Heart


Teachers and students could use…

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