Using Google Sheets New ‘CheckBox’ Feature For Attendance | MrAdamPE

Google Sheets is great to help you collate data and keep you organised. I have been using sheets for years to help me stay on track of jobs that I needed to do. Last night, I was working in sheets to find a ‘CheckBox’ icon had been added!
Now you have been able to use a Checkbox in sheets for a while by using ‘Data Validation’ but to some this may be daunting, especially for new users. 

Using A Checkbox In Sheets Is A Great Way To Track ANYTHING inc Attendance #Physed #GooglePD

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I started to play around with a few ideas on how I could use this in my…

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Using Keep In Physed & Health | MrAdamPE

Google Keep is becoming one of my favourite tools! It can do almost everything and more. Not heard of Keep? Google Keep is basically all your notes in one place and connects to Google Drive. You can include notes, photos, voice and checklists. The app is really quick, simple and great for just making quick notes about literally anything. Here are some ways you could include it in your classroom:A Revision Checklist

Use Google Keep As A Revision Checklist

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By using the tick-boxes in Google Keep, students and teachers can use this features to show…

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Using Gsuite’s new MS Office File Comment Feature | MrAdamPE

Have you been annoyed with converting MS Office files on your Google Drive into Google docs everytime you want to share them with your colleagues or students and receive feedback? You’ll be relieved that now this is going to be so much easier.

Google Drive until recently only allowed highlights and comments on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. If a user had an MS Office file and would like to collaborate with others, he or she had to convert it first into any of the 3 Google file types before being able to exchange ideas.

Google has finally decided to accept MS office files!

This is…

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Save Time Lesson Planning With GSuite | MrAdamPE

Back in 2015, a number of physed of teachers sat down to put together an online lesson planner, I was one of those teachers. No matter what curriculum you teach, I advise you to take a look at this great collaboration project.  The national lesson planner can be found here ->

So thinking about how we can use a number of free tools we have available to us, I would like to show you how you could create a very simple lesson plan creator and then share the lessons with your department or admin for FREE! The tools we are going to use within GSuite are Google Docs, Google Forms, Google…

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Using Forms To Differentiate Instruction | MrAdamPE

This week I shared how you could digitise your pdf/word exam papers into a digital exam that would automatically mark the multiple choice questions and let you mark the extended questions. Letting technology do some of the work for you, saving you some time.

Learn how to digitsise your ‘mock’ exam paper/questions in less than 10 minutes. Saving you time! Step by Step Guide -> #physed #pegeeks #primaryrocks #education #ukedchat #ukpechat #ntchat #GCSEPE #BTECPE #PHYSICAL #GCSE

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Giving Feedback In GDocs | MrAdamPE

“Feedback is one of the top 10 influences on student achievement.” – John Hattie


Giving students effective feedback has a significant – if not the greatest impact on student learning according to John Hattie’s research – with a host of tools available on the market, teachers can use technology to work more effectively to maximise their time. In today’s post, I am going to go through some examples that are available to practitioners and how it could help them to work smarter and not harder.

I remember the days when I would be presented with 200+ assignments to mark/grade on my desk…

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Hyperdocs In #Physed & #Health | MrAdamPE

Creating resources is all part and parcel of teaching, especially in #Physed & Health. The amount of skill cards I have created or work booklets, I have seriously lost track! The internet is filled with free resources for practitioners to be able to access and then amend to suit their needs to incorporate into their own lessons. Being a huge advocate of how GSuite can be used in lessons and how all the tools can seamlessly be used, I was researching a topic and came across the term ‘Hyperdoc’. Obviously not know what a Hyperdoc was I started to investigate a bit more. I came across this…

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