Create Student Reports From Your Class Tracker | MrAdamPE

Throughout my teaching career, I have always enjoyed looking for ways that technology can help me to work smarter, not harder. While I was at college I studied AS ICT and I do believe this gave me the basic skills I needed when it came to designing department systems. I have made numerous ‘fancy’ tracking sheets that included long ‘IF’ statements that helped to calculate students grade at the end of the year (see picture below). I have used conditional formatting to change individual cells colour depending on the condition and create tables and graphs to show to admin.

Within my last…

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Using GDrawings in #Physed & #Health | MrAdamPE


So most recently I have been playing around with Google Drawings and looking at possible ways you could implement them into your PE and Health lessons. One way that I thought of, was to make student diagrams that needed to be label become a drag and drop task. You could create the template, share the template with your students, they then share back the completed homework when they have finished for you to check. Below are some examples:

You can get your own example by clicking the links below:
Skeletal System
Muscular System
The Heart


Teachers and students could use…

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Voice Typing In Google Docs | MrAdamPE

Have you ever thought it would be so much easier if you could just tell the computer what you wanted to type? A few years ago I would use programs like Dragon Dictation to help speed up the typing process. Though it was accurate you would have to train the computer to help you to type. Not anymore…..Why not try Google Docs to do the same thing for FREE!!

Open a Google Doc, Click ‘Tools’ the ‘Voice Typing’.

Press the microphone and away you go.

Some basic commands:
Exclamation point
Question mark
New line
New paragraph

Think about the possible uses and how it…

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Password Protect Your Google Forms | MrAdamPE

When creating a Google form there are times that you would like to share it outside of your domain but still, want to have the opportunity for only a select audience to be able to view it.

One way to achieve this is putting a password on the form and sharing the password with the people you want to complete the form.

I would recommend putting this on the first page and make it a required question.


Click the three dots next to the required switch, then response validation. This will then give you a number of options.

Select ‘Text’, then ‘Contains’, write your password…

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There has been a number of #PETEACHMEETS around the country as part of the drive by @ClaymanPE so far this year, but I am yet to attend one!

Last year, I attended the one that was organised by @Cleathert01 in Blackburn and it was a great expercience, not only to present, but to listen to all the great things that were happening in peoples classrooms in the area. 

This year, I promised myself I would attend as many as I could, but for one reason or another it has just not been possible….until now! On Monday I plan to attend @PeBrado PEteachmeet in Reading, this will…

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Add Emoji’s To Your Google Folders | MrAdamPE

How to Add Emoji’s To Your Google Folders

When working on certain projects in Google Drive I like to keep everything neat and in a folder, it also helps with the sharing settings. So I can find things easily I may change the colour of the folder or add an emoji to the folder title.

How to add Emojis to your folders? You just need to right-click the folder and click rename.

Then go to this website and copy the emoji you want, then paste it into the rename box.



Have fun creating and tidying up your Google Drive.

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Can You Lock It ?? … Yes You Can !! | MrAdamPE

Well a slight difference to the music video by A Tribe Called Quest, but have you ever wanted to give your device to your children or students, but worry that they may go on to other apps/emails/messages/pictures on your device?

Or you may have asked them to concentrate on one app, but keep getting sidetracked and they want to have another try on the next level of Candy Crush.

If you are using your IOS device and want to lock it to a specific app, I am going to show you how to enable the Guided Access feature.

On your device, open up the Settings and navigate to General >…

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