Postcard From The Edge  | Nichola Harrison

A letter to an eating disorder… 

To my Ex-Lover,

 You’ve been following me around for weeks and I knew you were with me this morning as I could feel your undeniable presence in my bedroom, watching me as I got dressed. You were incredibly persistent with your taunts. I tried my best to ignore you at first, in fact I was pleased at how I was able to look in the mirror at one point and tell you to shut the hell up. But you wouldn’t stop. Of course you wouldn’t. Aggressively you bombarded me with your criticisms, and like the abused lover I am, I began to listen and believe your relentless…

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Time After Time  | Nichola Harrison

It’s disconcerting to see your parents getting older. Last night I couldn’t stop the tears filling my eyes when I saw how thin and old my dad looks now, and how stooped over my mum is with back pains and arthritis. My dad (although a paraplegic) was always big, muscular and strong. My mum was always fit and energetic, dashing about everywhere. They were my whole world, and I still rely heavily on their guidance. We mistakenly think our parents are invincible, that they will be untouched by the movement of time and remain the same. Seeing them both look older than their years, due to illness,…

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Shaken Not Stirred | Nichola Harrison

“Feelings, nothing more than feelings”…hear me sing it loudly (but admittedly,not as well as Morris Albert in 1974). Maybe it’s because I’m hormonal, or stressed, or sickened by the injustice I see..but I just feel overwhelmed by feelings. You know those times when you cry at the drop of a hat? Yeah, that’s me right now. Yesterday I cried at an advertisement for a building society – a flippin building society!! (cue rolling of eyes).We’ve been dealing with one drama after another at the minute, so the tsunami of emotions I’ve been tossed about with, haven’t been the most pleasant.


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Burn Baby Burn | Nichola Harrison

Toxic relationships. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of them and I know I’ve had a few over the years. When I say “relationships” I’m not just referring to romantic relationships but I also mean friendships, relatives, colleagues. You know the ones I mean – the people who delight in putting you down, the ones who smile sweetly to your face and then rip you to shreds to others behind your back, the ones who sabotage your successes, the ones who sit on their high horse pointing the finger of judgement at everything you do…generally people who make you feel shit about yourself. 


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Back in the Day  | Nichola Harrison

Hey, where did we go

Days when the rains came?

Down in the hollow

Playing a new game

Laughing and a-running, hey, hey

Skipping and a-jumping

In the misty morning fog with

Our, our hearts a-thumping

And you, my brown-eyed girl

You, my brown-eyed girl 

(Van Morrison)

 I think even if your eyes are blue or green, this song has the ability to magically transform you back to the carefree, lighthearted days of childhood. You know those days when all you had to worry about was having enough money for the poke van coming to your street, or not standing on the cracks in the…

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