Message in a bottle | Nick

A task in week 1 of the OU/RPS online course TG089 is to take three photos of a bottle in different ways, each shot trying to focus on colour, light or viewpoint. Here are my three, taken on an iPhone 6.

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Interesting Images | Nick

A task in the online OU/RPS course TG089 is to browse Flickr Explore and find five images that “catch your eye”. These are the images (click through for the gallery):

The F-16 is just a beautiful aircraft and the photo of it is well-executed from a great vantage point. I might want to see a little narrower depth of field or a slightly longer shutter speed to add more of a sense of motion in the picture by softening the background even more.

I liked the orange metal panels for its abstract but ordered pattern. I’m not normally keen on orange things (no idea why) but this…

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A Problem Occurred. The web page couldn’t be loaded. | Nick

This message appears in the pop-up dialog when trying to connect to new (mostly public) wifi routers using MacOS Mojave 10.14. I’ve been resorting to using my phone’s personal hotspot but this is no good when there is a poor mobile signal.

The fix is to cancel the dialog, open a browser and navigate to This forces the browser to open the captive login/service page (perhaps after a refresh), allowing a connection to the local wifi.

Don’t forget to connect to your VPN.

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WordPress editor stuck in code | Nick

The new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, has had a mixed reception. For users that are only occasional editors on a site, it can be a pain to get to grips with, especially as the implementation is still quite buggy.

One of my clients tried to add a post to a site he hadn’t contributed to for some time and ran straight into a difficulty: the visual editor wasn’t working for him at all. His view should have been this:

…but what he got instead was this:

In other words, his interface was stuck in the code editor. Unfortunately, he had no way of changing this (and neither did…

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What do you want to know about…? | Nick

There’s often a difference of opinion about engaging children in science (or indeed, any topic) by asking them what they’d like to know. I have a view on this based upon reflection on explicit use of things like KWL grids and other “what do you want to find out about” approaches. This view is that the stimulus or experience that is used to engage learners should generate questions for them: something much more subtle than “what do you want to know about blast furnaces?”. for example. It is hard to ask meaningful questions about something you have little knowledge or experience of. A good…

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Owning Your Professional Identity – BAMEed Conference January 19th 2019 | Nick

Schools are supposedly places of social opportunity and mobility, yet we still have workforces that are deeply unequal in pay and advancement, to the detriment of staff, students and the wider community. There is robust, replicated and growing evidence that diversity in organisations leads to higher performance and more human-centred institutions, but this hasn’t been […]

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