Owning Your Professional Identity – BAMEed Conference January 19th 2019 | Nick

Schools are supposedly places of social opportunity and mobility, yet we still have workforces that are deeply unequal in pay and advancement, to the detriment of staff, students and the wider community. There is robust, replicated and growing evidence that diversity in organisations leads to higher performance and more human-centred institutions, but this hasn’t been […]

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Catholic Interference in Education | Nick

I was asked this week to provide a reference “to testify to [a person’s] religious belief and character”. I refuse to do this, not least because I can’t testify to anyone’s religious anything but also because I am not comfortable encouraging the interference of any church group in education, in particular the Catholic Church, infamous for interfering with children.

The Scottish Catholic Education Service website has this:

The relevant legislation on the management of denominational schools in Scotland states: “A teacher appointed to any post on the staff of any such school by the…

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Rename Image Files in Folders | Nick

This is a Python script to walk a directory tree, renaming .jpg and .JPG files. It was written for a client who had a directory containing multiple directories, each containing zero or more (up to 100) image files. Most of the images were named <abitrary name 1>.jpg or <arbitrary name 2>.JPG.

The client wanted each folder’s images to be numbered 001.jpg to nnn.jpg for some further process.
import os
import imghdr

def renamefiles(path):
n = 0
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(rootstructure):
for f in files:
if os.getcwd() != root:
n =…

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