“Common sense” or how we learn what they want us to learn | noreply@blogger.com (MichaelRosen)

1. British diplomat comes on the radio and talks about countries in the middle east and complains that some of them show what he calls ‘bad behaviour’. The interviewer accepts the terms of this conversation that someone representing a country that has meddled in the middle east for 200 years, setting up countries, knocking others down, siding with this or that group and then switch allegiances, leading up to the final and most terrible intervention of all, the Iraq War – all this is ‘below the line’, out of view, apparently not part of the equation in which this diplomat talks ‘reasonably’…

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Capitalism discovers something about low wages… | noreply@blogger.com (MichaelRosen)

Capitalism discovers that low wages don’t buy the stuff that capitalism sells. So capitalism lends money so that people can buy stuff that capitalism sells. Capitalism discovers that high debt is fine so long as people can afford to pay the interest on the debt. Capitalism finds that things might get tricky if people can’t afford to pay the interest….

Young people are borrowing to cover basic living costs, warns City watchdogFCA boss expresses fears over growing debt burden of young people saying more and more are being forced to borrow simply to pay day-to-day expensesTHEGUARDIAN.COM

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Ed Balls on ‘This Week’. | noreply@blogger.com (MichaelRosen)

Just been watching This Week. Ed Balls has become an endangered species – not because he’s been hunted down but because the climate’s changed. He sits in the corner like a rhino that can’t stand up and issues long plaintive mutters that no one understands or even tries to understand. There must be a comfortable but useless stable for him somewhere: like becoming the chair of a small charity that deals with people who wish they were cats.

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Talk today about poetry for National Poetry Day | noreply@blogger.com (MichaelRosen)

Talk for Leicestershire head teachers

It’s National Poetry Day…

so I’ve taken it upon myself to do something for poetry with you today.

I take this that my job today is to convince you that poetry is a great way for everyone in your school to find words to express who they are,

who they belong to,

where they are in the world,

their hopes, fears, loves, anxieties, prides, shames, half-formed thoughts, questions, puzzles, dreams,

sense of the special,

sense of the wonderful,

sense of the unsayable,

their feelings of loss, sadness, anger,

and by reading, writing,…

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It wasn’t immigrants who crashed the banks…. | noreply@blogger.com (MichaelRosen)

For Labour MPs going in hunt of votes by raising fears about ‘non-British workers’
It wasn’t immigrants who crashed the banks
It wasn’t immigrants who said we had to tighten our belts
it wasn’t immigrants who cut a million jobs from the public sector
It wasn’t immigrants who slapped on the wage cap
It wasn’t immigrants who stoked up the housing market
It wasn’t immigrants who stopped building council houses
It wasn’t immigrants who cut the budgets for schools and the NHS
It wasn’t immigrants who closed down Fords Dagenham
It wasn’t immigrants who hide billions in tax havens
It wasn’t…

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“Want your kids to read?” asks Andy Seed. | noreply@blogger.com (MichaelRosen)

The writer, Andy Seed, asks on twitter, ‘Want your kids to read?’

He answers his question with:

1. Take ’em to library (or bookshop)

2. Let ’em choose


4. Read yourself

5. Read to ’em

6. Enthuse about books.

7. Have books around

8. Share/lend & give books

9. Match books to interests

10. Exercise the power of stories

11. Kids like fun: supply humour bks

12. Create quiet/avoid distraction

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Statement from Minister for Telling Everyone That Things Are OK Really. | noreply@blogger.com (MichaelRosen)

As Minister for Telling Everyone That Things Are OK Really, I’d like to repeat that inequality is not really a problem. Apart from anything else, it’s clear that income inequality is coming down. This means that we don’t take into consideration such things as tax avoidance, wealth acquired through rent, sale of assets and dividends from shares which has enabled people to become extraordinarily wealthy. But then we don’t want people to focus on that sort of thing because it breeds envy. In the meantime I’m going to keep going on about how inequality is coming down, and life is getting better…

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