Curriculum-free zones – let’s do it! | (MichaelRosen)

In the last two or three years I’ve heard from teachers more and more bitter criticisms of the straitjacket put on reading comprehension, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling. The ‘expected levels’ in all this – particularly at Key Stage 2 have gone beyond ‘difficult’ or ‘annoying’ to ‘crazy’ and ‘disastrous’.

Several key areas have emerged:
1. Artificial criteria for what makes ‘good writing’ – that is, having to insert structures such as ‘fronted adverbials’ or ’embedded relative clauses’ as if this is what constitutes ‘good writing’.
2. Grammar taken out of context, with questions…

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Happening now: xenophobia and discrimination rule OK | (MichaelRosen)

An acquaintance from Facebook has just heard of:

“an account of a tribunal decision where the judge ruled it was fair to dismiss someone because the employer had been advised (privately) by the Home Office that her immigration status, currently perfectly in order, might, at some future stage, be changed. We are also seeing at least a fifth of people filling in the 85 page form being rejected, because they haven’t got the right paperwork, have spent periods outside the country, have not been working all the time etc etc. People who blithely asserted before the referendum that EU migrants…

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Triumph of the Won’t | (MichaelRosen)

The Mirror, Guardian line is a kind of anti-cuts, pro-living wage position but churning out daily anti-Corbyn/McDonnell articles. They must know that doing this Anti-Corbyn, McDonnell stuff makes the fightback harder.

The chorus (now joined by Owen Jones) slots in with the people who aren’t anti-cuts, pro-living wage and never were, turning it all into a general and constant anti-Labour burble. It’s a defeatist, triumph-of-pessimism way of going on.

Never mind Triumph of the Will. It’s the Triumph of the Won’t.

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Immigration: they traded lies for votes. | (MichaelRosen)

Now that both David Davis and Amber Rudd have told us that Brexit won’t change immigration levels, it’s time to say clearly that the anti-immigration rhetoric leading up to the Referendum and since were lies. The rhetoric was a deliberate attempt to use racism and xenophobia as a means to win votes, raising ‘hopes’ in people that their lives would be made better if immigrants were sent back and/or prevented from coming to Britain.

The result is that people in power, backed by the media have repeatedly inflamed hatred, false illusions in how people’s lived can become better, deflected…

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George Clooney wrong man to lead the Labour Party | (MichaelRosen)

The varied approaches in the attempted destruction of Jeremy Corbyn:

Note, the reason for the attempted destruction is that in an extremely mild way, he and those who support him are in favour of higher pay, better conditions of work, no cuts to public services, no Trident, no punitive sanctions system for benefits, no Trum-led drift to war, plus pro- nationalisation of the railways and an assault on the tax haven/dodging going on.

Even this limited defence (it’s hardly an attack) on austerity and what the ruling order wants (ie low wages, cuts in public services, privatisation of…

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Cuts, cuts, cuts, bombs, bombs, bombs | (MichaelRosen)

Apologies for saying this before, but it seems to be relevant this week: I thought that the Referendum had the consequence (I don’t know if it was intended or not) for being a huge and convenient distraction from ‘working people’ (ahem) being involved in fighting for pay, conditions and services. Some people (we’ll never know how many) took it to mean that the ‘right’ result would keep foreigners out. Some people still think that. Again, apart from this being full of racist undertones, it’s a huge and dangerous distraction from fighting for pay, conditions and services.

Some more honest…

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