Teacher Voices: Lloyd Chilcott | noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)

Finding out what former students are doing now they are qualified, is one of the joys of teaching. In this series I am featuring interviews with those who have gone on to become qualified teacher. This is number seven in the ongoing series.

Lloyd Chilcott studied a BEd degree (specialising in ICT) at Plymouth between 2011 and 2015, achieving first degree honours and a dissertation award. He completed his NQT year last year at an inner city school in Plymouth. Since then he has been backpacking through North America, Australasia, and now Asia.

1) What made you decide to become a teacher?…

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Use your learning powers | noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)

Makey Makey in actionSome time ago I wrote a blog post on innovative teaching – where teachers take risks, stand back to let students learn for themselves, and provide challenging and engaging experiences. Well, that is exactly what some of my student teachers practised this week when we crossed over the river to spend the day in one of our local primary schools.

After taking a whole school assembly on ‘staying safe online’ in front of 400 children at Carbeile Junior School in Torpoint, they set about engaging the children with a range of technologies.

Bluebots and numbersThe children…

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Teacher Voices: Naomi Hancock | noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)

It’s great to catch up with former students and discover what they are doing. That is exactly the purpose of this series of blog posts. This is number six in my series, asking former students on the B.Ed primary education degree programme what they are doing now. It’s also a chance for them to voice their hopes and fears about teaching, now they are actually in the thick of it.

Here’s an interview with Naomi Hancock (@Hancock_Naomi on Twitter), who graduated from Plymouth University in 2014.

1) What made you decide to become a teacher? What/who inspired you? What were your motivations?

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Teacher Voices: Chris Nesbitt | noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)

This is number five in the ongoing blog series about the lives of former students who have gone on to become teachers. This post features Chris Nesbitt, who graduated from Plymouth University in 2015 with a first class B.Ed degree in primary education in the same group as Hannah Shelton and Megan Douglas. Chris is now leading computing and teaching Year 5 at a primary school in Bristol. Here is his interview:

1) What made you decide to become a teacher? What/who inspired you? What were your motivations?
To be quite honest when I was younger being a teacher never crossed my mind. I was…

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eXSpace exploration | noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)

In this follow-on from one of my previous posts entitled Going to the wall, I’m going to highlight some of the features we plan to incorporate into our new experimental learning space (eXSpace) at Plymouth Institute of Education. I mentioned that among the many ‘sand box’ tools and technologies in the space will be a number of touch surfaces. We hope for example, to purchase several units of the new SMARTboard 6000 and 7000 series interactive whiteboards for institute wide use. One of those units will be located within the eXSpace.

I saw the latest SMART interactive whiteboards on display at…

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Teacher Voices: Hannah Shelton | noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)

This is post number four in my ongoing series of interviews with former students.

Hannah Shelton (@HannahSheltonTT on Twitter) graduated from Plymouth University with a B.Ed degree in primary education in 2015. She now teaches Year 3 in a one form entry school in inner city Bristol, England. She says it has been a great learning curve as she found the autumn terms of her first year very challenging in comparison to her training. However, she had an excellent NQT mentor who supported her throughout and is now her Head of School (also a Plymouth University graduate!) As the months went on…

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Teacher Voices: Tyla Elworthy | noreply@blogger.com (Steve Wheeler)

Here is the third of my series of blog posts celebrating the achievements and progress of former students.

Tyla Elworthy (@TyElworthy on Twitter) graduated from Plymouth University in 2015 with a 1st Class Honours Degree and moved to London. It was there she began working in a wonderful school in the middle of Angel, Islington. Since joining the school she has had some amazing experiences, including arranging a successful Teachmeet and becoming ICT Co-ordinator.

Tyla says she loves working in London, because it’s very different to the schools she trained in while at university and she…

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