A bank called Marcus for young hipsters. | paul martin

A bank called Marcus for young hipsters. Not making the “mistake” Apple made by using a fantastic name and paying the fab-four off. For a start is that c as in s.
No the expanding space is not finance, it might be competitive but few peeps in this country change banks & have you seen how they mis-spelled my Christian name on my latest online sign up.

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ElectricCircuitLesson for 5yr olds | paul martin

Current of particles but fancy light bulb hat wins the smiles
I did not fully appreciate the difference between teaching one (ie grandson) and eight nursery age children. I had some ideas:Start with a mains electricity safety chatKids sit in a circle & pass things: batteries, bulbs, switches, wires to model electron (particle) flow — examine itemsMake a circuit with bulb & battery light with switchAdd other components eg a motorOptional INVESTIGATION …Equipment Extras:White board & pen to draw circuitCheck bulb etc work
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“I like the confusion — to me it means opportunity. | paul martin

“I like the confusion — to me it means opportunity. As for the occasional embarrassment, it’s a small price to pay for the freedom to try thoughts out.”
from Be Newsletters — Volume 5: 2000
The above concluding remark to an excellent example PR document (what ever happened to Owen Smith) reminds me of working with the legacy of the Body Scanner as the previous star product (courtesy of Data General minis & Lincolnshire nous). It was not just the Unix licence fee that sunk our “cheaper” entertainment platform rather the lack of convincing ideas. How so many companies stay afloat is beyond…

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