8 Relaxation Tips for a Happier Healthier You | Rebecca – Kent-Teach

Do you have a good mental wellbeing? 
How you feel and how well you can cope with day-to-day life is what contributes to your mental health and your overall state of mind. Our mental wellbeing can change all the time from moment to moment, day to day, month to month or year to year.
If you have good mental wellbeing, you should be able to:
• feel relatively confident in yourself and have positive self-esteem
• feel and express a range of emotions
• build and maintain good relationships with others
• feel engaged with the world around you
• live and work productively
• cope with the stresses…

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Clerk to the Governors #2 – Gearing up for the job | Rebecca – Kent-Teach

As the Clerk to a school Governing Body, my job is to provide the volunteer Governors at the school with professional advice and support on school governance. It is serious work because effective governance is vital for the school, but dry, or dull? Definitely not.
Firstly, how to get in to the role? There are two main routes:
1. You can work directly for a school, either as an employee, or self-employed.
2. Alternatively, like me, you can be employed by KCC’s Clerking Service. The schools I work with buy the Service SLA (and me) from their school’s budget. 
There are also a small number of…

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December #KTGiveaway – And the winners are… | Rebecca – Kent-Teach

From Friday 8th to Monday 11th December, we ran a flash Facebook contest for just over 48 hours where Facebook users had the chance of winning family tickets to ice rinks at Dreamland in Margate and Bluewater in Greenhithe along with Kent-Teach goodies. Seeing as it is nearly Christmas, we were feeling rather generous and had two family tickets available!
We were overwhelmed with the response we received, a big thank you to everyone who got involved. The below video announces the two lucky winners… was one of them you?!

So, the winners will be taking their families to one of the above ice…

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What is a “Clerk to the Governors” of a school? | Rebecca – Kent-Teach

I noticed the Kent Teach blog while browsing the site the other day, and thought it might be informative for readers if I started a blog on the role of Clerk to Governors, which is my part-time job in schools.
I cover five schools for the Kent Clerking Service, ranging from a small rural village Primary School with a handful of staff, to an all-through (i.e. Primary to 16+) Special School. None of my schools are Academies, but the principles of Clerking for Governing Bodies (or Boards) are the same whichever type of school you work in.
It’s a job that schools, and the Education Service (or as…

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4 Tips to Thrive as a Teacher | Rebecca – Kent-Teach

The Christmas countdown has begun. X amount of days until our nativity… X days until our Christmas party…X days until our phase meal… X days until the end of term… 
So many things are piling up and last week I caught myself wishing the time away – ‘I can’t wait until I get that ticked off my list’. My attitude is entirely human and one shared with many of my teaching colleagues but it still saddened me. 
Time is a precious thing and every moment counts. Every comment, every lesson could have a profound impact on my students’ lives. However despite that enormous (and sometimes overwhelming)…

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