#OER19 conference programme | rowellc

I’ve received an email from Martin Hawksey at ALT announcing the Open Education Resources 2019 conference programme. My session is on Wednesday and overall it looks like there will be alot of interesting sessions to go to:

Full details of the OER19 conference programme

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The PressED conference | rowellc

Post by Pat Lockley,

Imagine you had to make the most accessible conference ever. What would you need to consider? Venue, Price, Location, Cost, Childcare, Catering, Event recording, Admission. Can you imagine plotting these on some spider graph and watching as the cost of providing X doubles Y, and decisions are made which trade on part of accessibility for another. Which requirements are legal, which requirements are moral, which requirements best reflect the spirit and soul of the conference?

On March 29th last year, Pat Lockley and Natalie Lafferty helped to organise PressEd…

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Webinars on Digital Enhanced Learning @LSBU. | rowellc

These webinars will be of interest to all teaching staff at LSBU. Each webinar will consist of presentation that will last between 20 and 30 minutes and then there will short time for questions by the participants.

The webinars take place on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

The following links will take you to ‘My Workplace’ where you can book a webinar:

What’s new in Moodle.

This webinar highlights the new features and functionality of the upgraded Moodle platform. It covers the basic of the new user interface and will give an overview of the new feature.

23.1.19 …

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DigiReady: Equipping our students for the modern workplace | rowellc

Post by Chris Melia, Senior Learning Technologist, University of Central Lancashire
It has never been more important to prepare our students for the modern workplace by equipping them with future facing, digital skills. Following the Jisc Digital experience insights survey 2018, it was found that only 41% of students who were asked felt that their course of study ‘prepared them for the digital workplace’. In addition, only 40% agreed that they had regular opportunities to ‘review and update their digital skills’.  At the University of Central Lancashire, the Technology Enabled Learning and…

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