Education Links w/c 15th October 2018 | schoolsnortheast – Chronicle Live, College bosses to descend on Westminster alongside students demanding more cash for further education. – Chronicle Live, Meet the mum who is helping North East kids learn CPR after her daughter saved her son’s life. – Darlington…

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Progress 8 data release – North East | schoolsnortheast

Today’s provisional 2017-18 KS4 statistics show the North East falling further behind the rest of the country at GCSE, as illustrated by the graph below (click to enlarge).*

FFT Education DataLab has previously warned that grade re-scaling would widen the gap between areas with high and low levels of disadvantage (since the move to 1-9 grades benefits higher attaining pupils) and today’s statistics appear to show this has had an effect.

Analysis conducted by Schools North East also shows how Progress 8 scores in the region relate to levels of disadvantage in a school’s intake. Click…

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Impact of Universal Credit on FSM eligibility | schoolsnortheast

Research by Education DataLab suggests FSM eligibility has risen in Universal Credit pilot areas because of various guarantees on retaining eligibility the Government has made.

In the medium term these areas are likely to receive more funding through Pupil Premium and other funding pots aimed at tackling disadvantage and attainment statistics for disadvantaged pupils will be boosted by the inclusion of less-disadvantaged pupil in the measure. Read the full article here.

DataLab’s research had previously shown that FSM eligibility rates fell across most of the North East from 2002 to…

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Amanda Spielman uses Schools North East Summit speech to set out vision for future | schoolsnortheast

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools, Amanda Spielman, set out her vision for the new Education Inspection Framework in her keynote address to the School North East Summit yesterday.

Ms Spielman said that outcomes will no longer be a separate judgement in a school’s overall grading, instead it would form part of a wider education grade.

In total, she outlined three proposed changes that will make a fundamental difference to the way inspections are conducted:
Losing outcomes as a standalone judgement.
Broadening the existing quality of teaching, learning and assessment judgement into…

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55,800+ children denied access to CAMHS services – EPI report | schoolsnortheast

A new report from the Education Policy Institute shows that the number of children referred to mental health services in England has risen by more than a quarter in the last five years but one in four do not receive support.

The report identified the Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust as the area with the second highest average waiting time for treatment, while South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust was the second lowest. However, it points out that waiting times across providers are not necessarily comparable, as some providers may only offer certain specialist services….

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National Audit Office concerned about lack of data on mental health spending | schoolsnortheast

NAO mental health report

The National Audit Office has warned that the lack of school spending data on mental health means planning support for pupils is not possible.

The spending watchdog said the Government must put in place mechanisms to “improve understanding of spend and activity on mental health support across the system, particularly in schools and local authorities”.

It found the paucity of data “limits the government’s ability to make informed decisions about the level of support offered to children in different areas of the country”.

Read the full “improving children and…

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Media coverage of the Schools North East Summit  | schoolsnortheast

Following the announcement by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman yesterday at the Schools North East Summit, many regional and national media picked up on the story which placed a spotlight on the North East.

You can see some of the coverage here:

The Guardian

Ofsted inspectors to stop using exam results as key mark of success

 The Independent

Ofsted to drop focus on exam results in school inspections, chief inspector says

FE News

Amanda Spielman sets out vision for new education inspection framework

The Telegraph

Ofsted to drop focus on exam results because…

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