Sponsor capacity to need ratio in the North amongst the lowest, report finds | schoolsnortheast

The North of England RSC region has one of the lowest available sponsor capacity to need ratios and finding new sponsors could be a challenge, a new report by the National Foundation for Education Research (NFER) found.

The ratio in the region is second lowest at 1.1 to 1, with Lancashire and West Yorkshire having the most need of new sponsors with a ratio of 0.7 to 1.

The report, A Tale of Eight Regions, identified 59 underperforming schools in the Northern region that have an immediate need for a new sponsor. There are currently 49 MATs that are ready for expansion in the area, with…

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Free school policy ‘incoherent and poor value for money’ | schoolsnortheast

The Public Accounts Committee has strongly criticised the Government’s spending on new free schools, as well as its grip on providing much needed school places.

The Government has pledged to open 500 more free schools by 2020 and has recently announced the biggest wave yet (which includes two in the North East), saying this will give “more parents the choice of a good school place for their child”. However, the PAC report argues that its isn’t clear if the DfE is creating choice fairly and cost-effectively in the context of “severe financial constraints”.

Members of the Public Accounts…

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SCHOOLS NorthEast analysis brought up in Parliament funding debate | schoolsnortheast

School funding in the North East of England was the topic of a House of Commons Debate led by Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson on Wednesday.

Figures published by SCHOOLS NorthEast as part of a campaign to drive positive change in funding allocation for the region were mentioned, as well as some of our recent comments on changes to education policy.

Mrs Hodgson looked at the national situation, how the funding arrangements are affecting schools in the region and how the Government’s approach to the education system is affecting “the very nature of our schools, whose purpose…

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Academy at Shotton Hall announced as one of six new research schools in England | schoolsnortheast

The Academy at Shotton Hall has been named as one of six new ‘research schools’ in England.

The Outstanding-graded Peterlee secondary school has been selected to receive £200k of funding to help improve the quality of teaching in the region by getting more teachers to use academic research in ways that make a difference in the classroom.

Over the next three years, it will work to break down barriers between teachers and academics by developing a programme of support and events for North East schools. These will include a range of training programmes designed to make research more…

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Reasons to be angry | schoolsnortheast

Colin Lofthouse, Head Teacher at Rickleton Primary School
It is not often as a jobbing Head Teacher that you get to talk to those who are actually devising and enacting education policy at the heart of government. But what is great about SCHOOLS NorthEast is that if you go along to their events, the calibre of their speakers means that you can get this chance.

And so it was at the White British Working Class conference at the Riverside stadium Chester Le Street. The morning began with Professor Stephen Gorard of Durham University, who gave an eye opening warning about the use of poor…

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Mental health commission announces first regional conference | schoolsnortheast

The UK’s first and only schools-led commission into the mental health of pupils will hold its first conference on 8 June. 

This will be a full day event on mental health in schools, where school leaders and other professionals will receive practical advice on how to improve pupil wellbeing and mental health in their schools.

The conference will inform the work of the commission, Healthy MindED, which was set up by SCHOOLS NorthEast to bring together schools leaders and key stakeholders with the aim of developing a fresh approach that is adoptable across all…

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New wave of free schools includes two approved in the North East | schoolsnortheast

The Government announced its biggest wave of new free schools yet, with two out of a total of 130 nationally set to open in the North East.

The Department for Education said the new schools will give “more parents the choice of a good school place for their child”.

The two approved for the region will be:
Discovery Special Academy in Middlesbrough (special school)
Durham Gateway Academy in Durham (alternative provision)

The schools will create 204 additional places, whilst nationally 67,718 new places are being created in this wave of free schools. According to the DfE release, every…

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