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Someday: what happens when you accept the love you never thought you could have?

“For as long as A can remember, life has meant waking up in a different person’s body every day, forced to live as that person until the day ended. A always thought there wasn’t anyone else who had a life like this. But A was wrong. There are others.

A has already been wrestling with powerful feelings of love and loneliness. Now comes an understanding of the extremes that love and loneliness can lead to—and what it’s like to discover that you are not alone in the world.”

As one of the biggest fans of…

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Giving a part of yourself… | selliott16

This past weekend, I was at an amazing day of CPD centred all around reading. At this conference, Piers Torday spoke and said something that has stuck with me, something I hadn’t even thought of, but something that I think is so true. It’s one of those quotes that just hits the nail on the head and then resounds with you for a long time.
“Recommending a book is like giving a part of yourself”
(It wasn’t those exact words, but it was that sentiment nonetheless)

Let that sit with you for a little moment. I’m a day in from hearing that quote (as I write this blog post) and it still blows my…

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S4S – Favourite trilogies | selliott16

Hello guys!

Happy Sunday! How are we all today? I spent all day yesterday at amazing reading CPD so I’m pretty tired today, but envigorated about reading in school!

Today’s #SixforSunday explores one of my favourite things:
Favourite trilogies/series

I am a TOTAL sucker for a trilogy. I LOVE getting to know characters and then seeing them through their stories. I’m also team standalone, but there’s something special about trilogies. 

So here we go… (I’ve totally bent the rules, I’m doing 6 YA and 6 MG… I’m the boss!)

The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy by Melinda Salisbury

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Halloween Creatures (2.0) Book Tag | selliott16

Hello friends!

In the spirit of October being a spoooooooky month, I’m taking on a spooky tag! I was tagged by Cora (of Tea Party Princess fame) to do The Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag, which  was created by Anthony at Keep Reading Forward (who also created the original version). If you’d like to see Cora’s post, check it out here!

A Magical Character or Book
Pages and Co – Tilly and the Book Wanderers: Anna James
There’s no magic quite as brilliant as being able to jump into books… right?

The Perfect Book to Read at Night
Sweetpea – C.J.Skuse
Rhiannon does most…

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BOOK BLOG: Susan Verde | selliott16

I Am Human: a beautiful picture book, delivering an important message of empathy

“I am human
I am a work in progress
Striving to be the best version of ME

From the picture book dream team behind I Am Yoga and I Am Peace comes the third book in their wellness series: I Am Human. A hopeful meditation on all the great (and challenging) parts of being human, I Am Human shows that it’s okay to make mistakes while also emphasizing the power of good choices by offering a kind word or smile or by saying “I’m sorry.” At its heart, this picture book is a celebration of empathy and compassion…

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Mini reviews – wrap up! | selliott16

Hello friends!

How are we all? What is everyone reading at the minute? 

I’m currently reading Someday by David Levithan (in preparation for the event I’m hosting with him and the AMAZING Laura Steven. If you’re knocking about Newcastle on October 30th, come along… you can get tickets from Waterstones or click this link to get your ticket! I know… I don’t know how this is my life either. Come along and see me fangirling so hard)

Anyway… I’m here to wrap up some books I’ve read recently! I had a day last weekend where I just read non-stop and I managed to read like 5 books, so I decided…

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Blackout poetry | selliott16

To coincide with National Poetry Day, we celebtrated at school with Poetry Week, where our English lessons all centred around poems. We in Year 5 had already done a week of poetry (it’s what I started the year with), so when it came round the celebrating Poetry Week, the kids were enthused to say the least! They have boundless energy about everything, with poetry being no exception. We have tried to incorporate poetry into EVERYTHING… I am often asked “Miss, can I write a poem?” and I always encourage this… write creatively my friends!

One thing I’d seen flying around the internet in…

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