5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Barcelona in the Fall | ssadler@capa.org (Stephanie Sadler)

Beyond the opportunity to take academic classes at a local university, complete an internship in a diverse global city with a rich history and explore through My Global City events, our local team shares five reasons to consider fall for your semester abroad in Barcelona.

The application deadline is June 7, so there’s still time to apply!

1. IT’S A SEASON OF CELEBRATION. Catalan National Day brings processions to the city in September. Barcelona’s biggest street festival, Festes de la Mercé in honour of the patron saint of the city, Our Lady of Mercy comes next. Prepare for a week of…

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On Studying Abroad for a Second Time | ssadler@capa.org (Stephanie Sadler)

A CAPA Study Abroad Alumna Interview with Erica Bergmann

Meet Erica Bergmann, a second time study abroader from the University of Massachusetts Amherst who spent spring semester of 2016 on the CAPA Sydney program. Below, she talks about her exciting plans after she graduates next month, shares her favorite foodie experiences from the Land Down Under and talks about travel – where she’s been, a few tips and the benefits and downsides of traveling solo versus with friends.

CAPA WORLD: Tell us a bit about yourself
ERICA BERGMANN: I’m a senior graduating this upcoming May from the…

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Interning Abroad in Dublin with Non-Profit Wells for Zoë | ssadler@capa.org (Stephanie Sadler)

A CAPA Study Abroad Alumna Interview with Courtney Evans

Meet Courtney, a CAPA study abroad alumna and ambassador from the University of Florida who studied abroad in Dublin during Spring semester 2016. Below, she talks about her internship at non-profit Wells for Zoë and the profound impact this experience and the people she met there had on her, how studying abroad has made her approach her hometown differently and the influence her time in Ireland has had on her goals for her future career.

CAPA WORLD: Tell us a bit about yourself.
COURTNEY EVANS: Hi! My name is Courtney. I am a…

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Asia’s Global Cities | ssadler@capa.org (Stephanie Sadler)

“Connecting Global Cities” is a monthly column written by Colin Speakman, Resident Director for CAPA Shanghai.
– – – –

This is the third in a series about how globalization is under threat from the west while Asian countries have become the leading advocates for globalization.

Since globalization is spurred on through the connections between global cities, this trend is seen in the rise of Asian mega cities in the Global Cities Index (GCI). See my column on the background to this index first compiled every two years since 2008 by A.T. Kearny consultants. 

Photo: London (public…

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Vlog: An Autobus Tour in Buenos Aires | ssadler@capa.org (Stephanie Sadler)

Niah Humphrey is an official CAPA vlogger for spring 2017, sharing her story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A communication major with a minor in Spanish at Auburn University, she is studying abroad in Buenos Aires this semester.

In this week’s post, Niah takes us along on an autobus tour in the city.

Thanks, Niah!
Niah’s journey continues every Thursday so stay tuned.

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An American Abroad in London During the Brexit Vote | ssadler@capa.org (Stephanie Sadler)

Words by Carly Hamilton, a journalism major at the University of Missouri who studied abroad in London during summer 2016.

My study abroad experience this past summer in London, England revolved greatly around the Brexit vote. Prior to my arrival in the UK, I heard buzz about it but wasn’t able to fully understand the significance of this vote. Upon landing in London, that started to change.

I arrived in mid-May and the vote was set for Thursday, June 23rd. Every morning on my walk to work, I would see people standing on the Hungerford and Golden Jubilee bridges. They were just…

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5 Unique Study Spots in Dublin | ssadler@capa.org (Stephanie Sadler)

Nathan Overlock is an official CAPA blogger for spring 2017, sharing his story in weekly posts on CAPA World. A professional writing and information design major at Cedarville University, he is studying abroad in Dublin this semester.

In this week’s post, Nathan shares five of his favorite study spots that will get you out and about in Dublin.

It’s been a little too easy for me to forget, with everything else going on in Dublin, that I’m here to study. Sure, I attend lectures every day, often for much longer than at my home college. But switching from the weekly projects and…

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