On Becoming a Hermit… | suzie81speaks

Yesterday was International Happiness Day, and the blogging world was flooded with articles, images and quotes of achieving happiness. Even without a specifically dedicated day, it’s a prominent topic. There seems to be have been a conscious movement over the last few years that focus on the ideas on mindfulness, self-care, motivation and happiness, which […]

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The Happiness of Pursuit: A Lesson from Hector | suzie81speaks

Originally posted on Suzie Speaks:
Happiness. Ask those around you what their ultimate goal or ambition is and most will inevitably give the same answer: to be happy. It’s something that everyone seems to aim for, and yet, nobody can give a specific definition as to what happiness actually is, predominantly because it means something…

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Blog of the Day: Second Wind Leisure Perspectives | suzie81speaks

Meet Terri! Terri is the creator of Second Wind Leisure Perspectives, a lifestyle blog that focuses predominantly on leisure, while including examples of her writing for various challenges and photography. She explains more in her About Page: I am a leisure educator, self-published author, blogger, and retired recreation and parks practitioner living in Northern California. […]

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