Evidence-based teaching: what’s striking or new about it? | Terry Freedman

Educational research reading, by Terry Freedman

I’ve been reading the latest annual report from Ofsted, the schools inspectorate in England and Wales. According to the report, written (ostensibly) by the Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman:
“I have been struck by how enthusiastically teachers, lecturers and social workers are discussing and debating how to improve their practice on the back of evidence-based research, including Ofsted reports and surveys.”
Really? This is presented as if it’s a new phenomenon, or at least a…

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Ed Tech Predictions for 2019 | Terry Freedman

We all know the hazards of making predictions, but several brave companies and one school (so far) have thrown caution to the winds and done so!
I asked two main questions:
What do you think will be the main things we’ll be seeing in ed tech in 2019?
What do you think will be the main ed tech challenges in 2019?
There are some really interesting and thought-provoking responses. As you’d expect, funding (or the lack of it) looms large as one of the challenges, and artificial intelligence is something that’s being thought about.
Anyway, make a cup of tea or coffee and have a good…

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What I’ve been reading: Living in a Digital World | Terry Freedman

The author, Mark Baker, has achieved something rather extraordinary with this book: he has made it both useful and readable. 
It’s useful for several reasons. First, it covers a lot of ground, delving into the mysteries of such things as what algorithms are, how programs work as expressed in pseudocode and flowcharts, computer networks, the internet, barcodes, qr codes, even satnavs.
Secondly, it is easy to find the information you want because as well as a summary table of contents there is also a much more detailed one. This is just as well, considering that one of the chapters bears the…

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A random name picker | Terry Freedman

Random Name Picker, from Classroom Tools.

I’ve just pulled four names out of a hat. The names were people who had entered the prize draw I ran in the most recent issue of my newsletter, Digital Education. (There’s information about the books on offer as prizes here: Prize draw: win an ed tech book.)
Except, of course, it wasn’t a hat at all, but a random name picker. I used to use Excel for this task, but some time ago I decided to use a tool that was already set up for the task, to save me a bit of time.
I think also as…

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Prize draw: win an ed tech book | Terry Freedman

Photo from pixabay.com CC0

Subscribers to the Digital Education newsletter have the opportunity to win a copy of one of the books listed below. I’ve reviewed both very positively. Teachers’ Guide to Tech 2018
I reviewed this in October 2018: Teacher’s Guide to TechLiving in the Digital World
I reviewed this in the current issue of Digital Education.
The prize draw closes tonight (2nd December 2018) at midnight, London (England) time. There are two copies of each book to be won. To be in with a chance, subscribe to Digital…

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Competition: Win an IT Upgrade! | Terry Freedman

Photo by Maico Amorim on Unsplash

ICT Direct and Edugeek have teamed up to present a great competition. According to the Edugeek website:
“We’ll be offering lucky winners upgrades to their current hardware which should, in theory, give you a little more respectability in the personal office tech stakes.
There will be a grand prize to be won in week six in addition. A lovely HP Z420 workstation for one lucky winner to show off all their technical prowess on.”
The competition ends on 21 December 2019. For details and rules,…

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What are your ed tech predictions for 2019? | Terry Freedman

Start polishing your crystal ball! Photo by Garidy Sanders on Unsplash

Last year I invited companies to reflect on what might be coming up in education technology during the year 2018, and what the challenges might be. I received quite a good response, which I compiled into a useful resource on my website at Ed Tech Predictions 2018 — https://www.ictineducation.org/edtech2018#/introduction/ .  Astonishingly (well, to me at least) nearly a year later, it’s still one of the most-visited areas of my website, with hundreds of…

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