How to get the most out of ISTE17 (and other conferences) | Terry Freedman

I was recently interviewed by Vicki Davis, aka Cool Cat Teacher, for her 10 minute teacher podcast series. We discussed how to get the most out of #iste17 or any other conference you might be attending.
Find out the ‘killer question’ that you must ask while you’re at a conference.
Here’s the blog post:
Or listen to it here:
Here’s the 10 Minute Teacher podcast on iTunes:
For the duration of ISTE, ie until midnight BST on 28th June 2017, the price of the book has…

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Today’s ed tech to-do list | Terry Freedman

I don’t usually share my diary online, but sometimes people ask me what I do, so here ya go. If you wish to know more details then you can read my CV/Resumé if you like.
Main item on my to-do list: don’t die from the heat. My most-looking forward to item? Writing the latest issue of my newsletter.

Photo by Bohed CC0 licence

Write article for client
Read BESA research report again
Arrange to meet a potential client
Go swimming — it helps me…

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Deciding what ed tech to buy: who ya gonna call? | Terry Freedman

A report hot off the press — well, lukewarm, as it came out last week under an embargo — is a report on the state of ICT or education technology, from the British Educational Suppliers Association.
There are lots of interesting things to mull over in the report, but one that has struck me and several other people is who schools take notice of when it comes to product recommendations.
For primary (elementary) schools, 44% said they go by the opinions of other teachers at their school, and 22% said they would follow the recommendations of their headteacher (principal). That all sounds a bit…

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Where’s the ed tech action? Maybe under your nose! | Terry Freedman

I live in the east of London, and from an ed tech point of view it’s great — or, as my American friends would say, awesome.

Hub Central, photo by Terry Freedman

A short train ride away there’s silicon roundabout, which is like silicon valley only smaller. Even closer, my local library is doing some great things, with a new Hub Central for business, especially start-ups, and a Lab Central where kids can learn coding skills and borrow a…

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Why and how to become a teacher researcher | Terry Freedman

The classroom is a great place to conduct some research. Picture by Jordan Dreyer

In my opinion, every teacher should be a researcher, and I think that especially applies to teachers who have some degree of influence of what education technology is bought and used.Why?It’s important to know what’s going on in your field. Imagine going to a doctor who last updated his knowledge ten years ago, or even one year ago. If you hope to convince the powers-that-be to spend more money on technology, you have to be able to prove that…

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8 conferences in the latest issue of Digital Education — and a 50% discount! | Terry Freedman

Photo by Abel Tan Jun Yang CC0

Here’s a quick note. The most recent issue of my newsletter, Digital Education, was sent out just a couple of days ago and features information about 8 conferences coming up. All of them look good.
I’ve also obtained a 50% discount for my subscribers on the price of EdTech X Europe conference, as I said recently.
For more info, and to bag that 50% discount, subscribe now. It’s free!


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EdTechX Europe Conference: special discounts | Terry Freedman

Photo by Keem1201 CC0

The EdtechX Europe conference is taking place on 20th and 21st June 2017. I attended last year and found it to be really good. There wasn’t much in the way of an exhibition, but lots of networking opportunities and discussion panels.
What I especially liked was the fact that the sessions were short, and that you could mix and match between strands.
The conference takes place in  London EdTech Week running from 19-23 June, which will see the launch of the British Educational Suppliers Association’s…

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