Encouraging other teachers to use education technology | Terry Freedman

A daunting prospect, so what’s your motivation? Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

When I was being interviewed for the post of Head of ICT and Computing and ICT Co-ordinator at a school some years ago, we eventually came to the part where the chair of Governors says:
“So, do you have any questions for us?”
In response, I asked the headteacher what he would count as an indicator of my success in the job should it be offered to me and should I accept.
“I want teachers banging on the doors of the computer labs demanding to be…

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The trouble with government education technology initiatives | Terry Freedman

My (somewhat jaded) view of most high-profile Government ed tech initiatives

Having had experience, both direct and indirect, of high-profile Government education technology initiatives, I have my doubts as to their efficacy over the long term, or even in some cases the short term.
They all seem to follow the trajectory I’ve outlined in the cartoon above. First, a new initiative with a whizzo new name is created and tons of money thrown at it. It fits the current thinking (at least by government officials and their…

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When it comes to ed tech, trust is better than control | Terry Freedman

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

7 mistakes I made as an ed tech co-ordinator #3: Using a checklist
I’m a great believer in checklists. They can help you standardise a proceedure between colleagues, and are a very good way of guarding against forgetting a crucial step or component. But if the checklist is being used in the service of something that is inherently flawed, my experience suggests that it’s best to abandon it altogether.Information and communications technology across the curriculum
One of the official…

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What I’ve been reading: The Teacher’s Guide to Tech 2018 | Terry Freedman

research reading, by Terry Freedman

Among the mountain of books I’ve been reading over the last couple of months, one in particular stood out as being potentially extremely useful for teachers. That one is the 2018 edition of The Teacher’s Guide to Tech. Compiled by Jennifer Gonzalez, the voice behind the Cult of Pedagogy podcast that I featured in a round-up of useful podcasts, this PDF manual features over 200 apps, websites and so on over the course of 329 pages.
It contains advice for those who might be a little scared…

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14 ways to keep on being a learner | Terry Freedman

There’s nothing like a good book — except maybe several good books! Photo by Elijah Hail on Unsplash Licence: CC0

We must all keep on striving to learn — to make us better in our jobs, for the sheer pleasure of acquiring new knowledge, and to reduce the possibility of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s. (That’s not a flippant comment, by the way. Having seen what it does to the sufferer and their family and friends, I regard minimising the likelihood of getting dementia as quite important.)
I know it’s hard to find time to…

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Blast from the past: the homework excuse management system | Terry Freedman

The Homework Excuse Management System, by Terry Freedman

Or, how I eradicated the hassle of dealing kids who don’t do their homework, without resorting to detentions or any other kind of punishment
One year, I managed to ensure that nobody handed in their homework late, or not at all. I did so by the simple expedient of handing out a list of excuses at the start of the year, and telling my classes that if they didn’t feel like doing their homework on occasion to simply let me know which number excuse they’d like to use. I…

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7 mistakes I made as an ed tech co-ordinator #2: Research | Terry Freedman

Yes, OK, I’ll try out the computers, but please leave me alone! Photo by Anh Nguyen on Unsplash

Part 1: heavy-handed or what?
“Excuse me, but would you mind sitting still while I bash you over the head with this rolled up paper containing my latest research findings?”
I didn’t really say that of course, but I might just as well have. In my eagerness to get other teachers using the computing facilities, I collated loads of research showing how much the use of education technology helped kids learn, in any subject. Fair…

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