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Recent report by Tom Bennett on what it means to be the school research lead:


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How should students revise? A brief guide | timlegg

One of the biggest lessons from research is that many students don’t really know how to study. Various studies have shown that students rate re-reading and highlighting as the most effective ways of revising when in reality they are often a waste of time giving an illusion of competence in the short term at the expense of long term gains.

Students may spend large amounts of additional time studying despite no gain in later memory for the items, a phenomenon called ‘‘labour-in-vain’’ during learning (Nelson & Leonesio,1988). Recent research with educationally relevant materials has…

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Are you up to date? | timlegg

These are the current top research papers and edu books – have you read them all?


Principles of Instruction – Barak Rosenshine

What makes great teaching? A review of the underpinning research – The Sutton Trust

What will improve a student’s memory? – Daniel Willingham

The science of learning – Deans for Impact

Improving students’ learning with effective learning techniques – Dunlosky et al

EEF Metacognition and self-regulated learning guidance report

Putting students on the path to learning – Clark, Kirschner & Sweller



Making every lesson…

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On what a research-informed classroom actually looks like #EducationFest | timlegg

By @TLPMrsFJune 21, 2018June 24, 2018
6 Comments on On what a research-informed classroom actually looks like #EducationFest

Today I had the pleasure of presenting with Claire Hill on what a research-informed classroom actually looks like. Both Claire and I share a vision of using research to guide effective classroom practice in our departments but also as a way to reduce unnecessary workload by focusing on the things that are more likely to really make a difference. Link to the PowerPoint slides here.

I started by talking about the fact that in the first years of my…

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Feedback | timlegg

A good blog on a schools move away from strict marking guidlines – quite like our own…
Low Cost, High Impact Feedback
June 16, 2018June 16, 2018 ~ Phil Stock

When we changed our feedback policy a few years ago, we were quite pleased with it – we’d looked at all the evidence around what makes good feedback, and thought we’d come up with something sensible and fair.

We established several key principles of effective feedback for each department to contextualise, such as providing time for students to do something with the feedback, highlighting the importance of using feedback to…

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New Year 7 – what to do… | timlegg

A great blog from class teaching on what to do with our new Year 7 students:

When we are not daydreaming of sun-kissed vacations in La Rochelle and Tuscany, June and July is the time that we begin turning our attention towards the next academic year. This year, I am aiming to place more attention than ever before on my opening lessons with Year 7. The start of secondary school is a critical time and it is important that our new recruits get off to a flying start.

There is a well-described dip in performance and progress between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. This dip is not fully…

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