A Case for Finger Counting | Edutopia | toomanysusans

A study published in Frontiers in Education suggests that this may be a mistake because finger counting seems to boost math learning when paired with number games.

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25 Attention-Getters to Calm A Noisy Classroom | Education to the Core | toomanysusans

As teachers, we know the value of having good attention getters to quiet noisy classrooms. I have always wanted a comprehensive list of all of the best attention getters in one spot. So, I decided to poll the Education to the Core Community to see what we could come up with. If you are in need of some great attention-getters to quiet your classroom, this list is just for you! Here is the best part: You can pin it and save it for when you need them on the fly!

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10 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids (and What to Say Instead) | toomanysusans

Current research shows that some of the most commonly used and seemingly positive phrases we use with kids are actually quite destructive. Despite our good intentions, these statements teach children to stop trusting their internal guidance system, to become deceptive, to do as little as possible, and to give up when things get hard.

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Fake news harms children’s self-esteem and trust, say MPs | BBC News | toomanysusans

Children with poor literacy skills struggle most to tell which stories are false, says a report.

A few weeks ago, Chloe, 13, shared a hoax story about the alleged death of a favourite actor, Sylvester Stallone.

“I thought it was real and shared it with family members. A lot of people were quite upset,” she says.

When the truth emerged that Sylvester Stallone was alive and well, Chloe says she felt stupid.

“I should have looked into it a bit more before posting,” she adds.

Chloe is not alone, according to a report from a group of MPs which says that falling for fake news can harm…

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