Wales school cash reserves drop ‘should ring alarm bells’ | BBC News | toomanysusans

Cash reserves held by schools in Wales have dropped by 28% since last year which “should ring alarm bells”, a teaching union has warned.

A new report showed schools have total reserves of £46m, equivalent to £102 per pupil – down from £64m in 2016.

The National Association of Head Teachers Cymru said schools are using reserves to “plug” funding shortfalls.

The Welsh Government said it has ‘challenged’ councils to ensure schools are making good use of their funding.

Last year, Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said she was “shocked” by how high some schools’ financial reserves were….

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The Teacher. Are they the only redeeming feature of the educational environment in our schools? | toomanysusans


It is fair to say not all learners thrive in the educational environment of the school.

Do we though, instead of investigating and remedying this situation, allow ourselves to believe another cause for this shortcoming?

Reflecting on my time as a teacher there has always been those students who do well in school and those who don’t but then go on to have great success in learning once they leave. We may say, and many have, that they eventually wake up to the necessity of a good education and knuckle down to it. Whilst this may be true along with other reasons such as those…

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Visualizing 21st-Century Classroom Design | Edutopia | toomanysusans

These five steps are essential in creating a 21st-century classroom: establishing zones, ensuring resource accessibility, encouraging mobility, igniting inspiration, and fostering respect.

Source: Visualizing 21st-Century Classroom Design | Edutopia
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