Metacognition training boosts gen chem exam scores | UKEdChat Editorial

It’s a lesson in scholastic humility: You waltz into an exam, confident that you’ve got a good enough grip on the class material to swing an 80 percent or so, maybe a 90 if some of the questions go your way.
Then you get your results: 60 percent. Your grade and your stomach both sink. What went wrong?
Students, and people in general, can tend to overestimate their own abilities. But University of Utah research shows that students who overcome this tendency score better on final exams. The boost is strongest for students in the lower 25 percent of the class. By thinking about their thinking,…

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More teens than ever aren’t getting enough sleep | UKEdChat Editorial

A new study finds young people are likely sacrificing sleep to spend more time on their phones and tablets.
If you’re a young person who can’t seem to get enough sleep, you’re not alone: A new study led by San Diego State University Professor of Psychology Jean Twenge finds that adolescents today are sleeping fewer hours per night than older generations. One possible reason? Young people are trading their sleep for smartphone time.
Most sleep experts agree that adolescents need 9 hours of sleep each night to be engaged and productive students; less than 7 hours is considered to be…

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Teenage girls more likely to self-harm than boys | UKEdChat Editorial

Urgent action required to tackle sharp rise and prevent self-harm and suicide in young people
There has been a sharp rise in self-harm reported in general practices for girls aged between 13-16 years from 2011 to 2014, compared with boys of the same age. In socially deprived areas, referrals to mental health specialist services were fewer, although self-harm rates were higher, finds a study published by The BMJ .
Self-harm in children and adolescents is a major public health problem in many countries. It is the strongest risk factor for subsequent suicide, with suicide being the second most…

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Metacognition | UKEdChat Editorial

#UKEdChat Session 376 – Thursday 19th October 2017
Developing metacognition in schools is seen as a crucial learning opportunity for pupils, in helping them expand their thinking to a higher-order involving active control over the cognitive processes engaged in the completion of a task. Metacognition is not the end in itself, but a bridge to a higher domain of knowledge and understanding and with self-regulation pupils can focus on the subject matter when learning to gain deeper comprehension.
Following a closely fought UKEdChat online poll, this session will explore strategies, theories,…

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#UKEdConf17 Speakers Timetable Released | UKEdChat Editorial

UKEdChat today has released the speaker timetable for the upcoming UKEd Online conference at the end of October 2017. Eight sessions will are spread over three days on the 24-26 October, with an impressive list of global educators contributing to a worldwide audience who have secured their delegate ticket for the conference.
Tickets are available by clicking here, or get access by ordering via Eventbrite

Full details of the speakers, and how the conference works can be found by visiting our Conference page here.

The schedule is as following…
Click to view slideshow.

You need to Login…

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Parents want more life skills to be taught in school | UKEdChat Editorial

Parents want teachers to do more when it comes to teaching their children about social and life skills inside the classroom, according to a new report.
The joint study between Monash University researchers and the Australian Scholarship Group (ASG) is the only one of its kind to investigate the state of education in Australia from parents’ perspective.
Undertaken by Monash Faculty of Education associate professors Sivanes and Shane N. Phillipson, the report said Australian parents want their children to have access to a “holistic education”.
According to the study, 69 percent of parents…

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Teaching Creative Thinking | UKEdChat Editorial

#UKEdChat Session 375 – Thursday 12th October 2017
Too often, our students don’t get the chance to think beyond the narrow constraints of a curriculum. The focus can be purely on developing the pupils to pass their exams, and not to creatively think how they can overcome challenges that they may soon be faced with. Teaching creative thinking is now, more than ever, crucial to prepare young people for future jobs, societal changes, and life situations which we cannot predict accurately. One thing is for sure, being able to creatively think is a life skill that will support them through the…

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