Early intervention is better for children overcoming reading difficulties | UKEdChat Editorial

A University of Alberta education researcher who achieved dramatic results with early assessment and intervention to help Grade 1 and 2 students with reading difficulties says there’s still a chance to help these students in Grade 3.

George Georgiou, a professor in the Department of Educational Psychology, along with his collaborators Rauno Parrila at Macquarie University and Robert Savage from the University College of London, started working with 290 Grade 1 students from 11 Edmonton public schools in 2015-16.

The group trained undergraduate and graduate students to assess students’…

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Microsoft updates tools supporting dyslexia | UKEdChat Editorial

Microsoft has announced a range of learning tools products, training and research updates designed as part of a pledge to build a better future for those with dyslexia, so that every dyslexic child is understood and given the right support to realise their potential.

It is estimated that one in five students has dyslexia, yet there are likely far more who have not yet been diagnosed in today’s classrooms. These students, who see the written word differently, are often mistakenly labelled as having a learning disability and, as such, make up approximately 70 to 85 percent of today’s special…

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Focus change for OfSTED inspections announced | UKEdChat Editorial

Amanda Spielman, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector for England schools, today announced details of planned changes to the way Ofsted inspects schools, colleges, further education institutions and early years settings from September 2019. These changes will move Ofsted’s focus away from headline data to look instead at how schools are achieving these results, and whether they are offering a curriculum that is broad, rich and deep, or simply teaching to the test.

The changes will be designed to allow teachers and leaders to focus more of their time on the real substance of education.


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Airtame launches new product, @Airtame 2 | UKEdChat Editorial

In the past 4 years, Danish startup Airtame has marked itself as a frontrunner in the world of wireless HDMI. Now they’re launching a new hardware product – Airtame 2.

The new product will deliver much more than a cable-free solution by tapping into digital signage and app integrations. Whereas the first generation Airtame was mostly a screen mirroring solution, Airtame 2 is re-imagining how to turn blank screens into smart, collaborative displays.

The main differences between Airtame’s first product and Airtame 2:
Better components: Four times the amount of RAM for speedy firmware and…

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Busting the myths of AI in education | UKEdChat Editorial

Jayne Mullane of Mersey Vale Primary School believes AI (artificial intelligence) has a place in the classroom

When you mention Artificial Intelligence (AI), you’re likely to get a variety of responses ranging from the fear that robots will take over our jobs – and our lives – to the conviction that it will transform our future for the better. Now that AI is becoming an integral part of organisations such as NASA, the NHS and even your local council, is it time for education to embrace the power of AI?

I believe that it is. While algorithms will never be a substitute for a good teacher,…

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Stop teaching kids how to be happy, says education expert | UKEdChat Editorial

A leading educational psychologist is urging schools to stop thinking of wellbeing as another subject to be taught. Instead, she is urging them to create healthier schools where students naturally develop wellbeing and a love of learning.

Dr. Helen Street, an Honorary Research Fellow with The University of Western Australia’s Graduate School of Education, has released a new book, Contextual Wellbeing: creating positive schools from the inside out, which offers a practical framework for building a healthy, equitable social context in schools.

Dr. Street said schools and colleges around the…

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Grab a free annual license to the @nightzookeeper school literacy programme, thanks to @Colt_Technology | UKEdChat Editorial

Colt Technology Services has today announced that it’s working with social enterprise Night Zookeeper, to provide grants to UK schools that are looking to benefit from digital education.

As part of this partnership, Colt will support education specialists Night Zookeeper, who have developed a world-leading literacy platform that emphasises creativity and self-expression, all the while teaching children core English skills from the UK’s National Curricula.
Scroll down to apply through the online application.

To support Night Zookeeper, Colt will sponsor annual licenses to the…

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