Roll With It | whatonomy

The problem with Life, as opposed to Story, is that it has an obstinacy – a habit of refusing any shape we wish to give it. Mrs Whats’ grandmother would tell her, she’d say “I’ve not got long.” The only problem with that was that she had been saying it, on and off, for nigh … Continue reading Roll With It

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Michael Benzine: An Ed-Tech Pow-wow with Whatonomy | whatonomy

In this special, one-off wepisode, Whatonomy has graciously agreed to ‘digitally step aside’ (like a space invader) and give me (me, Michael Benzine – thrice-time runner-up in the Texas Texmex Tech-Teach-Teachathon Teach-all-you-can-teach Buffet TedX Talkathon) some ‘space’ to ‘invade’ his ‘space’ by way of granting me an interview. Whilst my own education vlog is down … Continue reading Michael Benzine: An Ed-Tech Pow-wow with Whatonomy

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