The Toddler and the Telescreen | whatonomy

In a previous life, I worked as a content developer for an international telephone network. It was my role to source and publish education content for the company’s mobile internet portal. My remit was to nurture an emerging market in mobile education services. In one of our promotional videos for our services, we showed a … Continue reading “The Toddler and the Telescreen”

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Snowglobe | whatonomy

It seems strange to be writing of snowglobes in the springtime. I took a walk around Prague, this afternoon, with no jacket on for the first time in seven months and felt my shoulders loosen, my solar plexus melt warmly into my slowly rising and falling chest. That morning, without prior warning, I took part […]

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The Cunning Instrument #1: an interview with David Didau | whatonomy

A hole: something to fill; something down which to fall. A place to suffer in the emptying or filling of; or at the depths of which to suffer in silent, wasted waiting for some god in the machine. The Cunning Instrument was conceived in a hole. The Cunning Instrument was born to fulfil my selfish … Continue reading “The Cunning Instrument #1: an interview with David Didau”

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